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Grahan Dosha Impacts and Remedies

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Grahan Dosha And Remedies
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Grahan Dosha Impacts and Remedies, How Grahan Dosha Form in a Kundli or Horoscope?, Effects of Grahan Dosha, Remedies of Grahan Dosha

Rahu is the planet which if generates any malefic effects in our kundli or horoscope then creates problems in life. Grahan dosha is the another form of rahu negative formation in kundli or horoscope. It also disturb our life and increase struggle to live a successful and satisfactory life. 

How Grahan Dosha Form in a Kundli or Horoscope?
1. when Rahu sits with sun or Moon in any place in kundli then grahan dosha form. 
2. It also form if Ketu is sitting with sun or moon with the same zodiac sign. 
3. when in mahadasha of sun and moon if rahu comes in antar and vice versa then also the effects of grahan yoga seen in the life. 
4. If a child birth takes place on grahan day then also it is recommended to go for the grahan dosh nivaran pooja. 

Effects of Grahan Dosha:
1. Due to this person faces problems in choosing right career. 
2. Problems arises in getting proper growth. 
3. Miscarriage.
4. Chronic diseases surrounds a person.
5. Frustration and depression ruin the life of a person.
6. It affects the hypnotic power of a person due to this he or she is unable to make positive impact on others.

Remedies of Grahan Dosha:
1. Siddha Grahan shanti process.
2. By offering the proper things in a proper guidance.
3. By doing some special totkay for upliftment.
4. By wearing Siddha Tabij to minimize the effects of chandal yoga.
5. By installing siddha yantra in house and business place. 
6. By wearing a charge or siddha gems stone.
7. By using a siddha kawach you cand also minimize the effect of guru chandal yoga. 

Before going for any remedies it is good to consult an experienced astrologer or know-er who can guide you better to overcome from the problem of guru chandal yoga. 

Start making success by adopting proper way to get success in life.
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