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Anafa Yoga In Vedic Astrology

Anafa Yoga In Vedic Astrology, how this yoga form in kundli, advantages of anafa yoga, astrologer for kundli reading. Anafa Yoga In Vedic Astrology If 12 th house of kundli from Moon is having planets then ANAFA YOGA form in horoscope. In this yoga also sun is kept apart i.e. sun must not be present in 12 house from moon. If sun will be there then no anafa yoga will form. Advantages of Anafa yoga In Kundli: This is also a good yoga and give good phusique to a person.  Person having anafa yoga have a good face cut and so is very attractive.  The person is fond of self respect.  Anafa yoga attract fame in life.  The person enjoy the life.  But at the end person detach himself or herself from worldly desire and live a spiritual life.  The impacts may differ because of the power of planets. Contact for Horoscope analysis and solutions of problems through astrology anafa yoga in kundli अनफा योग क्या होता है ज्योतिष मे ? Anafa Yoga In Vedic Astrology, how t

Adhi Yoga In Astrology

Adhi Yoga In Astrology, how adhi yoga form in kundli, benefits of adhee yoga in horoscope, astrologer for horoscope reading. Adhi Yoga In Astrology If good planets are present in 6th, 7th and 8th house from Moon then "ADHEE YOGA" form in kundli Or If good planets are present in any of the above houses then Adhiyoga form in horoscope. This adhi yoga is a very good yoga and make life successful. Impact of adhi yoga in life: This adhi yoga makes a person humble. This yoga gives a self confidence which is necessary for success in life. The person get luxurious life. This adhi yoga makes a person enemy dominating. This yoga also make person healthy. So overall adhee yoga is a very good yoga and make the person successful in life. So if this yoga is in horoscope then definitely person will get success in life. If planets are not so strong then by using gems stone, prayers one can make this yoga stronger and make life successful. Click Here For Best Astrolog

Sunafa Yoga In Astrology

Sunafa yoga in astrology, effect of sunafa yoga in horoscope how to enhance power of this yoga in kundli, astrologer for birth chart analysis.  Sunafa Yoga In Astrology If the 2nd house from moon in kundli has any planet then sunafa yoga form in kundli, but here Sun is not allowed. So except sun, if any planet is present here then no doubt the person will get advantages of sunafa yoga.  Advantages Of Sunafa Yoga: The person having this yoga is a self motivating and is a hard worker.  This yoga help the person to save money of his own hard work.  Sunafa yoga makes the person intelligent.  Sunafa yoga makes the person wealthy.  It also give fame in society.  Depend upon the power of planets results may vary. If this yoga is good in horoscope but weak then do consult astrologer and know the right way to enhance theh power of this yoga. Gems Stone, Isht Pooja, mantra jap may be helpful very much in this case.  For any type of astrology consultation do click here 

Mission Success Part 2

In mission success part 1 we have already read about what is real success, how to attract real success, In this article we are moving further to know some more points related to attract success in life. If you have not read the part 1 then do read it first for clear understanding.  Free tips to attract success in life part 2 COURAGE: This is a very important part of your personality, without courage our creativity, network, money is useless. Because to do anything we need courage.For example if any one is a good singer but if he or she doesn't have courage to show performance in stage then no one will know and person will be deprived of success. Courage is the most important characteristics of personality to live life successfully.  A DECENT SMILE: We have often found that we naturally attracted towards the smile of any child, in the same way we keep a smile in our face then no doubt it is the open invitation for all to connect with you. It will help to develop a

Mission Success Part 1

Mystery of mission success, benefits of success, how to attract success in life, advantages of successful life, obstacles in the way of success.  If success is your aim, if you are passionate to achieve your ambition then this article "Mission Success" will help you a lot.  Ways to attract success in life part 1 Tips To Attract Success In Life: In this article we will know about - How one can get powerful personality?........................ How one can get good status in society ?........................ How one can attract name, fame , money in life? ........................ How one can live a successful life ? ........................ Who don't want success ? , Do we not want to get success in life, do our friends not want success in life, do our brothers and sisters not want success, do our neighbours not want to attain the success, did our ancestors not want to get success in life and will our coming generation don't want to get succ

9 Ways to Boost Mental Energy Level

9 Ways to Boost Mental Energy Level, Best ways to develop mind power, benefits of good mental energy, astrologer for best solutions to develop a magnetic mental power, Free Encyclopaedia. Mental energy boosting ways Do you know that mind is the source of every type of energy. Body is a automatic energy generating system as per our thoughts we develop energy therefore we have been told to think positive always. Here in this article we will see the best ways of developing mental energy.  Whatever we feel i.e. happiness, griefs, confidence, motivation, creativity is all because of the game of mind. So we can say that this mental energy is the base of physical energy too.  Through astrology it is also possible to find the mind power of any one and also it is possible to find the ways to boost the mental energy level. But deep analysis is needed and it is also necessary to follow the guidelines suggested by best and experienced astrologer. Now let's see best ways to deve