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Shivji ke totke by astrologer

shivji ke totke. How to make shiv bhagwan happy?, ways to please shiv bhagwan?, how to getrid of badluck in astrology?.

The glory of Lord Shiva is immense, devotees call him by different names like Bholenath, Bhootnath, Shiva-Shambhu, Mahakal etc. Most easily pleased, Shiva is very dear to the devotees and that is why we can see the temple of Lord Shiva in every corner of the country.
shivji ke totke by best astrologer, how to please shiv bhagwan as per astrology?
Shivji ke totke by astrologer

Before we move forward, one thing we must keep in mind is that it is mentioned in the system that keep Totko secret as much as possible, do not discuss it with anyone else, otherwise they do not work. If they are done with reverence and faith, then there is no doubt that the desired fruit is obtained.
“ ॐ नमः शिवाय ”
Worshiping Lord Shiva brings happiness and prosperity to the house, creates an atmosphere of peace, it becomes easy to attain spiritual and material happiness.
By the way, it has been said that there is nothing in this universe that is not Shiva, so all the days, all the days, all the months are auspicious for their worship, but according to astrology, the day for special worship of Shiva is Monday and the month is Sawan / Shravan.

shivji ke totke. How to make shiv bhagwan happy?, ways to please shiv bhagwan?, how to getrid of badluck in astrology?.

Let’s know some totkey of lord shiva to get shiva grace:

  1. If you have a Shiva temple in you, then for about 40 days every day, if you take 21 bel leaves and offer 'Om Namah Shivaya' mantra with red sandal on it, then the desire is fulfilled.
  2. If someone is facing money problem, then do the abhishek of Shivling for 21 days with rice donations.
  3. If someone is facing a lot of difficulty in marriage, then worshiping Shiva and Parvati together removes this obstacle.
  4. If your life is getting disturbed by enemy, then try this. Offer cannabis/bhaang on Shivling and also offer Dhatura for 60 days.
  5. If you do the abhishek of shivling with saffron milk then it help in marriage.
  6. If love life is getting interrupted then apply sandalwood perfume/itr on the Shivalinga and pray.
  7. If physical strength is decreasing due to which there is difficulty in working then serve the bull and feed green grass.
  8. If Mars in the horoscope is bad and is disturbing, then do the abhishek of shivling with jiggery water on Tuesday.
  9. If life is filled with trouble due to Pitra dosha, then do the abhishek of Shivling with black sesame will benefit.
  10. Bhole Nath is also very fond of flower of akda, Abhishek with this will eliminate troubles from your life.
  11. For the sake of happiness and prosperity, set up a mercury Shivling in the house and worship it daily.
  12. Bhootnath is fond of Bhasma, so many troubles end by offering bhasm on shivling.
  13. If the moon is bad in the horoscope or if there is a lunar eclipse yoga, then on Monday, you should make arrangements for the pyau i.e drinking water center and keep chanting "Om Anam Shivaay" while filling the water.
  14. For health and prosperity, Panchamrit abhishek is very beneficial.
  15. It is good to lit a lamp in front of the Shivling and do chant the shiv mantra to attract happiness and prosperity, and those who want spiritual progress get it.

Worshiping Lord Shiva is very easy and there is no doubt that one should worship him for quick profit. The whole world believes in Shiva and has experienced his grace.
One who worships Lord Shiva with devotion and devotion gets the power to face any problem in life, the devotee gets unlimited peace.
By performing miraculous measures related to Shiva, one can get relief from all the sufferings. In the night, Shivpuja gives much fruit.

If there are problems in life, if you want to know which planet in the horoscope is causing problems in your life, which astrological measures can give the right speed and direction to your life, then you can contact one of the best astrologer.
Know which worship will end the problems?
  • What to donate?
  • Which gemstone to wear?
  • Which mantra to chant?

Through astrology, we can make the right decision by looking at the position of the planets, what should we do and when can we get success.

shivji ke totke. How to make shiv bhagwan happy?, शिवजी के टोटके हिंदी में, ways to please shiv bhagwan?, how to getrid of badluck in astrology?.


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