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Jupiter Transit in Aquarius on 5th april 2021 Predictions

Transit of Jupiter in Aquarius predictions, When will guru enter in Aquarius sign, what will be the effect on 12 zodiac signs, know Rashifal. Jupiter planet will leave the enemy zodiac Capricorn and enter the  Aquarius zodiac sign on April 5, 2021, at around 6 in the evening. This transit will bring very good changes because Guru was debilitated in Capricorn due to which very bad conditions were arising. Jupiter Transit in Aquarius on 5th april 2021 Predictions Now from 5th of april to 15 September 2021, Guru will stay in Kumbh raashi , which will reduce the problems in the life of the people. After that, it will again enter Capricorn due to retrograde effect, which will last till 20 November. Let us know what will be the effect on the life of 12 zodiacs people: Wartch video here: According to Vedic astrology, what will happen in the life of Aries people due to the transit of Jupiter in Aquarius:  On April 5, the Guru will enter in 11th house from Aries, due to which your sour

Mahamrityunjay Pooja Benefits

What is Maha Mrityunjaya mantra?  महामृत्युंजय पूजा के फायदे , Benefits of chanting this powerful spell, Jaap Cost – Mantra, Online Booking. One of the best spell which is able to protect person from dangerous time, untimed death, accidents, diseases.  Yes I am talking about the powerful mantra of lord shiva i.e. MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA.  Mahamrityunjay Pooja Benefits Now the question is what is Mahamrityunjay mantra ? It is known as rudra mantra or tryambak mantra or Moksha mantra, Sanjivani mantra. This detail of this spell is given in Rigveda and yajurveda. The name mahamrityunjay itself reveal that this mantra is able to conquer death and save from chronic diseases. So if any needed person use this spell then no doubt better results will be seen in life.  If you are not able to perform this jaap by yourself then you can HIRE pandit who can perform this chanting on behalf of you.  Watch video here: Let’s know Some Major Benefits of Mahamrityunjay Mantra: We can get the

Holi Totke In English

Holi totke for success, Totke for health, totke for money, totka for business, totkay for business development in Holi, black magic removal totke in holi, tips for better relationship. As per Tantra the night of holi is very auspicious for performing any type of totke, Now a question arise general in our mind is what is totka, So let me clear that Totka is a special short ritual which is done by special things in special time and the results of these processes seen very soon and sometime immediately. Holi Totke In English Holi is the sacred night and is very powerful in terms of performing spiritual practices, puja, sadhna, totka etc. and so scholars, saints, tantrik etc wait for this night whole the year. This is the night to make our life hurdle free through special worship, this holi night is the time to over come from any type of black magic, this is the time to over come from any type of health problems, we can charge yantras, we can activate mantra, we can perfor

Astrology significance of 2021 Holi

Holi festival and astrology in 2021, know the Holika Dahan importance,  what to do to make life happy. Holi is a festival of colors, everyone forgets their sorrow and tries to fill life with happiness. According to astrology, Holika Dahan night is the best time to do meditation, on this night Tantra is practiced, Mantra is practiced, Yantra is also practiced. Scholars do some special rituals to remove the obstacles of life.  Astrology significance of 2021 Holi There is no end to success and there is no end to thinking. This is the reason people keep searching for new ways to attract success. If we include astrology ways while doing rituals in holi night then no doubt, we can get the best in life. Read more about what to do in Holika dahan to make life successful. Let us know what kind of practices take place on the night of Holika Dahan? This night is special to perform grah shanty pooja.  This night is considered auspicious for mantra awakening. One can perform practice to plea

Significance of 2021 Mahashivratri As Per Astrology

Astrological significance of 2021 Shivaratri, what to do to please Lord Shiva, how to worship Shiva according to the zodiacs. Every year Shivaratri falls on the 14th day of Phalgun Krishna paksh as per hindu panchang.  it is believed that Shiva and Parvati were married on this night. That is why devotees celebrate this day with fasting, chanting Shiva mantra, performing kirtan, distributing Prasad etc. MAHASHIVRATRI is on 11th March 2021, Thursday. Significance of 2021 Mahashivratri As Per Astrology Shivaratri is considered Maharatri when people perform various tantric practices to fulfill their desires, tantric practice whole night for siddhi, those who seek spiritual advancement also take full advantage of this night. This night is beneficial for all. There are different ways to worship lord shiva to fulfill wishes as per shivpuran. As per astrology, we can do worship of lord shiva by using different things as per zodiac.  Let us know that for which type of problems, we can wor

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