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Surya Grahan What To Do For Success As per Astrology?

When is Surya grahan in December 2021,सूर्य ग्रहण कब है दिसम्बर 2021 में और क्या महत्त्व है, importance as per astrology, what to do for success, impact on different zodiacs, planetary positions at surya grahan time. The last solar eclipse of the year 2021 will be on 4th of December, Saturday. Generally people, fear of eclipse and it is right because if we go outside during surya grahan time then we may face different types of health issues. surya grahan in December  2021 Solar eclipse is an astronomical event in which moon comes in between earth and sun and so the rays of sun is unable to reach earth. हिंदी में पढ़िए दिसम्बर 2021 में सूर्य ग्रहण कब है ? Where this solar eclipse will be visible? This surya grahan will be visible in south Africa, south Australia, south area of Antarctic ocean and Indian ocean. Will this surya grahan visible in india? No, this will not visible in india so not to worry and sutak will also not applicable in india.  Watch video here: Wha

Remedies For Unmatched Kundli or Horoscope

Remedies For Unmatched Kundli, Why there is need of remedies of unmatched kundli or horoscope?,  Astrologer for relationships problems, successful marriage without horoscope match, love marriage kundli not matching, if gun milan is less than, 18 remedies for kundali. This is a very important question about life specially for those who are in love, who want inter-caste marriage or who don't want to leave his or her partner in any case. It has also often been seen that just by matching horoscope on the computer, people reject or accept proposal, which is not at all good. Many good relationships don't happen because of incomplete knowledge.  And in many cases, it has also been seen that even after getting good match-matching point, some couples are not satisfied. so only matching the horoscope is not enough, a deep study of the individual horoscope is also necessary.  Unmatched kundli Solutions Why There is a Need of Remedies For Unmatched Kundli or Horoscope? In

9 Harmful Yoga In Horoscope

9 harmful yogas that create obstacles in life,  know how these yogas are formed in the horoscope. Chandala Yoga, Surya grahan Yoga, Chandra graham Yoga, Pitra Dosha, Nag Dosha, Angaraka Yoga, Pishcha Yoga, Kemdrum Yoga, Vish Yoga, जानिए ज्योतिष में 9 हानिकारक योगो के बारे में | 9 Harmful Yoga In Horoscope In Vedic astrology, when the horoscope is studied, then auspicious and inauspicious yogas are also seen. Where auspicious yoga gives a good life to the native, due to inauspicious yoga, the person has to face a lot of trouble, obstacles in love life, career, in family, business, social status etc. Native live in fear due to harmful yogas in birth chart.  Let us know about 9 such yogas according to Vedic astrology which create struggle in the life: Watch Video here: Chandala Yoga: When Rahu or Ketu sits with Jupiter in any house in the horoscope, then Chandal Yoga is form. This yoga is very harmful for the person and due to this the debt increases, the financial loss increas

Bhairav Astmi Celebration In Ujjain

Who is lord Bhairav , what are the benefits of worshiping Kaal Bhairav, Ashta-Bhairava present in Ujjain, importance of Bhairav Ashtami, how Kaal Bhairav Ashtami is celebrated in Ujjain, problem solving with Bhairav worship. According to Hindu calendar, Ashtami of Krishna Paksha of Aghan month is celebrated as Bhairav Ashtami. According to the belief, Bhairav ji was born on this day. Bhairav Ashtami is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Ujjain. On this day, Kaal Bhairav temple and Ashta Bhairav temples are decorated a lot and special worship is done. Baba's aarti is performed at midnight. Bhairav Astmi Celebration हिंदी में पढ़िए काल भैरव के बारे में   Who is Kaal Bhairav? Kaal Bhairav is worshiped as the Rudra avatar of Lord Shiva. This is the fierce form of Shiva and worshiping him gives relief from all kinds of fears. Those who want to enter in Tantra also get success as soon as possible by worshiping lord bhiarav. Lord Shiva has given the responsibility of protecting all

How To Treat Depression Through Astrology And Occult Sciences?

What is depression, how a person enter in depression, impacts in life, horoscope reading for depression, remedies in astrology. Depression is a state of mind in which a person feels totally negative about own self. It is in fact the culmination of inferiority complex. It is the feeling which comes due to continuous failure in different segment of life or in a particular subject which is very important for the person. In the state of depression person become fatal for own self. So it is very necessary to save our self and our acquainted from this deadly feeling. depression impact and remedies How Depression comes? A person enter in depression zone due to many reasons like as due to fear of something like as fear of loosing something, fear of loosing some one special in life, fear of loosing status, monetary power, social power etc.  Another reason is regular failure in life.  Some also enter in depression due to not getting the expected results in personal and professio

transit of mercury in scorpio on 21 nov 2021 predictions

transit of mercury in scorpio predictions as per vedic astrology, बुध ग्रह का वृश्चिक राशि में प्रभाव 2021, date and time of mercury transit in scorpio in 2021. Mercury will enter Scorpio on 21st November 2021 at 4:36 am and will remain till 5:53 am on 10th December. Along with the transit of Mercury in Scorpio on 21st, Raja Yoga named Budhaditya will also be formed in the transit horoscope, which will prove to be very beneficial for everyone. According to Vedic astrology, Mercury is related to intelligence, concentration, speech, skin, beauty, friends, speech-hearing power, fragrance etc. transit of mercury in scorpio on 21 nov 2021 predictions हिंदी में पढ़िए 21 नवम्बर को बुध के वृश्चिक राशी में प्रवेश का राशिफल   Let us know what changes can happen in the life of the people of 12 zodiac? watch video here: Aries Horoscope prediction: If your zodiac sign is Aries , , then the transit of Mercury in Scorpio on November 21 will open the way for your foreign travel, you will feel

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Which planets will change their zodiac in July 2021, 4 planets will change zodiac in july 2021- know predictions, जुलाई मे कौन से ग्रह बदलेंगे अपनी राशि , July horoscope, business, marriage, love life, illness, weather according to vedic astrology. In July 2021, 4 planets will change their zodiac, whose effects will be seen everywhere. In this article, we are going to know the effect of planetary transits. 3 Planets will change zodiac in July 2021 predictions According to astrology, July 2021 is going to be very important because 4 planets are going to change their zodiac which can bring big changes in the life of people. Let us know which are the planets which will change the zodiac in july 2021: The first planet is Mercury, which will change its zodiac on Wednesday, July 7 and will enter Gemini from Taurus. The second planet is the Sun, which will leave Gemini and enter Cancer on Friday, July 16 . The third planet is Venus, which will leave Cancer on Saturday, July 17, 2021