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Chandra grahan 19 november 2021 predictions

When will the lunar eclipse take place in November 2021, the timing of the lunar eclipse, what will be the effect on the 12 zodiac signs, चन्द्र ग्रहण कब लगेगा नवम्बर 2021 में , know the prediction from vedic astrologer. On Friday, November 19, the longest lunar eclipse is going to take place after decades, whose duration will be about 3 hours 28 minutes 24 seconds. Chandra grahan 19  november 2021 predictions Let us know some special things about this lunar eclipse: This will be a partial lunar eclipse, which will not be visible in the whole of India, only in some parts of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, we can see it. Apart from India, this lunar eclipse will be visible in Northern Europe, East Asia, America, Australia and Pacific Ocean region. This lunar eclipse, which will take place on November 19, will start from 12:48 in the afternoon and will last till 4:17 PM, so the duration of this Chandra grahan will be approx 3 hours 28 minutes 24 seconds, which is a very long time and

What are the different names of surya

Surya mantra chanting for success, What are the different names of Lord Surya?, different names of sun in sanskrit, recitation of lord sun spells. The best and easy way to worship lord sun is to recite the different names of lord sun devotedly. The worship of surya with various names shows the various powers of god.  By reciting the names of surya one can easily attract the blessings from anywhere in the world.  What are the different names of surya When to recite the names of surya dev? The best time is the sunrise time but if you are not able to wakeup at that time then don’t worry, you can recite the names any time.  Sunday is related with lord sun and meditating with surya mantra is the best way to energize ourselves.  Feel the divine blessings of lord sun by  reciting the names of sun. हिंदी में जानिए सूर्य मन्त्र जप के फायदे क्या है ? Names of Surya – Surya namavali Listen surya mantra in video: Om bhaskaraay namah Om suryay namah Om adityaay namah Om mitraay nam

Reasons of delay in marriage as per zodiacs

Reasons of delay in marriage as per zodiacs, late marriage causes and effects, delay in marriage astrology. Marriage is a very important part of life and without marriage life seems incomplete. Many people get married on time, but there are many such boys and girls whose marriage takes a lot of time, the relationship breaks again and again, the right partner is not found etc. In today's article, we will know that according to the zodiac, how one can know the reason for delay in marriage. Reasons of delay in marriage as per zodiacs The reason for delay in marriage of every person is not the same because everyone's zodiac sign is different and the position of the planets in the horoscope is also not the same. Here we are going to look at the reasons for delay in marriage only according to the zodiac signs. हिंदी में पढ़िए राशी अनुसार विवाह में देरी के कारण   Watch video here: What are the reasons for delay in marriage of ARIES zodiac sign? If your zodiac sign is Aries

Authentic birth chart analysis by astrologer

Authentic birth chart analysis by astrologer, professional birth chart reading, best horoscope analysis,  kundli interpretation, reading with  advanced astrology chart. Vedic birth chart calculation is the best way to reveal the hidden power of personality as well as the weaknesses. Through birth chart analysis, we can know the best time of life, the best sector for livelihood, the best gems stone to enhance our personality, lucky days, etc. Authentic birth chart analysis by astrologer Birth chart helps us to understand our life in a deeper way and to reveal the life more accurately; we can detect the harmful periods of life and can find the precautions to make life hurdle-free.  Janm kundli analysis helps us to understand our life in a better way and to take decisions to make life successful.  What You Will Get In Janm kundli Analysis Report? Astrologer om prakash make the birth chart based on most ancient tool i.e. vedic astrology and then predictions are made by him as per

Navagrah Mantra for success as per vedic astrology

What are the Beej mantras of 9 planets, know which spell is best to please planets, what are the benefits of chanting Beej mantras of Navagraha, navagraha mantra lyrics, 9 navagraha mantra in Sanskrit. Navagrah Mantra for success as per vedic astrology There are descriptions of mantras related to every planet in the Vedas, by chanting the navagrah spells, we can attract success in life. Mantras can be chanted for two reasons; one is to please that planet i.e to get power and next is to remove the problems related to that planet i.e. for planetary peace. When the person is troubled due to any planet in the horoscope, then for the solution, it is suggested to do Shanti Puja related to that planet. 9 planets have influence on our whole life, according to Vedic astrology and any astrologer makes predictions by studying these planets in the horoscope. The planets give both auspicious and inauspicious results from time to time as per its state and power in horoscope. When the dasha of au

Deepawali Tantra For Successful Life

Deepawali Tantra For Successful Life- Health, Wealth, Money, Power, Love, Remedies of Black Magic, Astrologer For Solutions of problems In Diwali. In my previous article i have explained the importance of Deepawali and how to do the deepawali pooja. As i have cleared that the night of deepawali is very important from the point of view of tantra too. But tantrik puja is not possible for the common persons. Deepawali Tantra For Successful Life But there are several things which a person can do in the night of Deepawali for success. Many types of totkays are possible in this night of Amavasya which can open the way of success.  We can do totkay for Health, wealth and Prosperity. We can do totkay to get rid off from the black magic. We can do totkay to get rid off from the evil eye effects. We can do tantrik prayog to get success in love. We can do Tantrik totkay to get success in business. We can do prayog for the successful marriage life.  We can do special proc