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Rahu !! It's Effects on a Person life

Rahu And It's Effect in Life, Yogas Made By Rahu, Problems Created by Rahu, Remedies of Rahu Problems, Astrologer for solutions of rahu problems.

Tantra, mantra and yantra to overcome from rahu negative impacts
Rahu Impacts and Remedies
How Rahu(Dragon Head) effects a person's Life and different yogas of Rahu ? 

Rahu is very important in a person's life if it is placed in good condition then it will give very positive effect but in case of rahu is in adverse condition in a person's horoscope it will create obstacles in life  and increase struggle. It also represent Negative energy and there fore a person also affected by negative energy.
It is proved in research that positive rahu can makes a person successful in every segment and also bless with paranormal powers whereas malefic rahu ruin the life of a person from all the direction. So it is very important to take suitable astrology measures by consulting an experience astrologer to make our life smooth and perfect.
Rahu when sits with different types of planets generate different types of harmful yoga. Now i am going to clear those dangerous yogas of rahu.

Lets's see some important types of yogas form due to Rahu(Dragon Head) :
1)  Guru Chandaal yoga :
 When rahu sit with Guru(Jupiter) then guru chandal yoga forms, this yoga is responsible for non prosperity, obstacles in education, social status etc.

2) Grahan Yoga : 
When sun or moon sit with rahu(Dragon Head) then surya grahan yoga or chandra grahan yoga is formed.

3) kapti yoga :
when rahu(Dragon Head) sit with shani(saturn) or mangal(mars) then this yoga forms.

4) kaalsarp yoga :
wehn all planets comes in between Rahu and ketu then this yoga forms.

5) Pisaach peeda yoga :
In some special case when rahu sit with it's enemy planet in a specific place then this type of yoga forms.

6) Angaarak yoga:
this yoga forms when rahu sits with Mangal(mars) and is responsible for accidents in life, loss in property etc.

these yoga are very dangerous and create adverse effect on a person's life. it is good to show the  horoscope to a good consultant and get the remedy of these yoga if it persist in Horoscope.

Remedies of these problems :
There are many ways through which we can get rid of these problems :
1) Through (Siddha)charged Yantras.
2) Through Mantra anusthaan
3) Through Bhairav Worship
4) Through Special Hawan(holy fire)
5) Through Flicks(Totke)
Before go for any anusthaan do consult any good Consultant for better Result.

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Rahu And It's Effect in Life, Yogas Made By Rahu, Problems Created by Rahu, Remedies of Rahu Problems, Astrologer for solutions of rahu problems.

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