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Paya Calculation Tips For New Born Baby

What is Paya in astrology?, how to calculate PAYA on the birth of a child?, what are the types of paya?, Remedies for good life. 

When a child is born, his character of name is taken out as per zodiac sign and Nakshatra. With this Mool and PAYA Calculation is also done. 

Some children are born and the conditions of their family change positively, some children are very lucky for themselves and for their parents, some are very lucky for the maternal family, some  are lucky for Grandfather, grandmother etc. On the other hand some children face too many problems just after birth with their parents. 

What is Paya in astrology?, how to calculate PAYA on the birth of a child?, what are the types of paya?, Remedies for good life.
Paya Calculation Tips For New Born Baby

हिंदी में पढ़िए जन्म के समय पाए का विचार कैसे करें ?

So first of all the horoscope of the born child is made and its name, zodiac sign, Mool calculation and paya calculation are done so that if any special remedies are required then it can be done at the same time.

According to Vedic astrology, there are twelve houses in the birth chart, which are divided into four parts. Each part is related to a PAAYA which we associate with 4 types of metals and on the basis of this auspicious or inauspicious results are experienced. These four metals are silver/चाँदी, gold/सोना, copper/ताम्बा  and iron/लोहा.

We have often heard that whenever a child is born, elders ask the first question "What is the Paya of child".

Let us now know How to Find PAYA of a born child?

There are 2 ways to find the Payat of the born baby -

  1. The first is based on the moon and
  2. The second is on the basis of birth constellation/Nakshatra.

Read how to find out the name zodiac

Rules for finding the PAYA  :

Paya is determined on the basis of the house in which the Moon is present in the birth chart, such as –

  • If there is Moon in 1st, 6th or 11th house then it is considered to be born in a golden Paya/सोने का पाया .
  • If there is Moon in 2, 5 or 9th house then it is considered to be born in silver Paya/चांदी का पाया .
  • If there is Moon in 3, 7 or 10 house then it is considered to be born in a copper Paya/ताम्बे का पाया .
  • If Moon is in 4, 8, 12 houses then it is considered to be born in iron Paya/लोहे का पाया .

Let us now know that how Paya is calculated as per constellation/nakshatra?

  • When there is Revati, Ashwini or Bharani Nakshatra at the time of child birth then then the birth of the child is considered to be in the golden paya.
  • When a child is born in Kritika, Rohini or Mrigashira Nakshatra, then the birth is considered to be in iron Paya.
  • When a child is born in Ardra, Punarvasu, Pushya, Ashlesha, Magha, Purvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni, Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Vishakha and Anuradha Nakshatras, it is considered to be born in Rajat Paya/Silver Paaya.
  • When a child is born in Jyeshtha, Moola, Purvashada, Uttarashada, Shravan, Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha, Purvabhadrapada or Uttarabhadrapada, it is considered to be born in a copper paaya.

Now let us know How the paya affect our lives?

Here it is also appropriate to know that the impacts is more or less according to the position of the planets present in the birth chart, so do not reach any decision at all just by seeing paya.

  1. Silver Paya: Considered the best.
  2. Copper Paya: considered auspicious.
  3. Gold found: considered normal.
  4. Iron found: Gives struggle.

Which Method is best to find paya through Moon placement or through Birth Nakshatra ?

There are different views in different traditions, like some people think of getting from the moon and some people consider the constellation to be correct.

Let us now know in detail the Impacts of Paya On our lives:

Impact of Silver Paya/चांदी का पाया :

This is also known as Rajat Paya and is considered auspicious for all. Such people are lucky, move forward while struggling but also keep on achieving success. Such people are also very emotional. Such people move forward by learning something or the other from every mistake in life. If the moon is auspicious and powerful in the horoscope, then the person gets a lot of benefits, the person's fortune is near water, traveling is beneficial, the person's name is also in the country and abroad. The wishes of such people also get fulfilled due to which there is happiness in life. The person gives happiness to his parents and gets respect and prestige in the society.

Tips For Better Life:To increase the auspiciousness in life, you should keep the water of pilgrimage in your house and worship Shiva.

Impact of Gold Paya/स्वर्ण का पाया :

The impacts of golden paya is different in male and female child. If a girl child is born in a gold paya then it is considered to be auspicious whereas if a boy is born in a golden paaya then it creates struggle in life.

A person born in a gold paya goes through a lot of struggle in life like parents over discipline creates problems, when he grows up he has to struggle a lot for his career, he has to work very hard for name and prestige in the society. Desired success is not achieved. There can be estrangement from the family. Such people can easily get trapped in wrong company, so care should be taken.

But such people never give up and keep working hard, due to which they create a different image in the society.

Tips For Better Life: If you are born in a golden paya and you are struggling a lot in life, then you should feed jaggery and chapati to red cow on Sundays and offer ardhya to Sun God daily.

Impact of Copper Paya/ताम्बा का पाया :

If someone is born in a copper paya, then such a person is disciplined, intelligent, practical. There is no shortage of money, such people win the trust of others by their good behavior. Such people are also very good in taking responsibility. They are kind, full of sympathy. Such people earn a lot of name in the society, but their struggle remains in family and personal life.

Tips For Better Life: Worship Hanumanji regularly, don't eat spicy and oily food. Keep giving gifts to younger brothers and sisters.

Impact of Iron Paya/लोहे का पाया :

If someone is born in iron paya then there is a lot of struggle in life, the person moves forward only by his hard work. If Saturn is bad or weak in the birth chart, then the person faces problems at every step, may suffer from diseases. The qualities of laziness are also seen in the Native. Dissatisfaction can also be seen in married life.

Such people should stay away from wrong company otherwise life gets ruined.

Such people have a lot of power to work hard, so if such people sincerely dedicate themselves to their work, then there is no doubt that they achieve great success in their life on the basis of hard work.

Tips For Better Life: For success in life, donate things of Shani and worship ancestors along with your Kuldevi daily, stay away from any kind of intoxication.

If you want to get your birth chart analyzed, want to know the position of the planets in your Kundli, the right worship for you, the right gemstone according to your birth chart, then contact ASTROLOGER.

What is Paya in astrology?, how to calculate PAYA on the birth of a child?, what are the types of paya?, Remedies for good life. 


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