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Mesua ferrea or Naagkeshar And Tantrik Use

What is Mesua ferrea or Naagkeshar, Importance in Tantra, Use Mesua ferrea or Naagkeshar in Tantra.
In Herbs Mesua ferrea or Naagkeshar is a very powerful and sacred herb. It is also called naageshwar. it seems like blackpepper. It's flowers looks like henna.In tantra Mesua ferrea or Naagkeshar keeps very importance, it is also offered to Mahadev or Lord Shiva to please him.

So Here Are Some Important Use Of Charged or Siddha Naagkeshar :
1) If the conflict remains in home or business place then use the paste of Mesua ferrea or Naagkeshar for tilak daily to make the environment of peace in the living area.

2) In a squared piece of Bhoj patr make a Swastik with Red sandal powder and fix naagkeshar on swastik, Dry it and put it into your cash box. Worship it daily to increase the sale.

3)In a box of silver keep Mesua ferrea or Naagkeshar with honey. Worship it in the night of deepawali and put it in your safe . It will open the way of prosperity.

4) For Prosperity put naagkeshar,turmeric,nut(supari),with a copper ina yellow cloth. Make it charged or siddha by suing siddha mantras and put it in your safe.

5) If You offer Mesua ferrea or Naagkeshar daily to Lord shiva then you will get the grace of mahadev.

6) For Money if you offer naagkeshar with milk,honey,sugar,ghee,gangajal to a siddha shivlinga, you will get tremendous result.

7) Make a paste of jasmine,Mesua ferrea or Naagkeshar,tagar, and kumkum on ravipushya or gurupushya also mix ghee in it and use this for tilak daily . It will increase your hypnotic power.

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