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Questions answers Related to Meditation

Meditation benefits, music for meditation, benefits of dhyan, ध्यान से सम्बन्धी प्रश्न उत्तर, some important questions and answers related to meditation. 

Questions answers Related to Meditation
Questions answers Related to Meditation

Meditation is a very interesting subject and who ever do meditation definitely feel some special within. There are many people who leave meditation after sometime; some don’t start due to some fear of something abnormal. 

There are different types of views present in mind of people for meditation like as this is done by saints only, this is not for common men, meditation make you acetic, it makes a person mad and so on. 

But this is not the reality, so in this article we will try to know some important information about meditation. Before proceeding I want to clear that I am going to share my views as per my experience.  

What is meditation or dhyan?

Meditation is a practice to attain a stable state of mind. It is a fact that a stable mind is very powerful. In our normal state our mind flows here and there continuously and so don’t able to complete any work perfectly but when mind become stable , it is able to do impossible and it is proved by great yogis of India like Vivekananda, Paramhansa yogananda, baba nityananda etc. So meditation is a practice to attain the stable state of mind to use it in a perfect way. 

Watch this video here:

What to think while meditating?

This is a very important question that what to think while doing meditation and as per my experience it is not possible to stop the mind to not think anything so it is necessary to give a subject to mind and the subject which is important for mind is the “the importance of breathe”. So just think that – my breathe is very important and it is giving energy to me and so why to not find the place where the breathe is going within and from where it is coming out. 

By thinking this, our mind will focus on 1 subject and later it will attain the stability. 

Is it true that meditation is dangerous?

Truth is always bitter and meditation shows the truth. So if you want to realize the truth of life then it is not dangerous for you.

Next important point to keep in mind is that during meditation many people start hallucinate and enter in doubt zone, this is dangerous for person, so it is always good to clear doubts from master or a senior person who do meditation for years. 

Can I meditate in bed?

There is no problem in doing meditation in bed but it must be kept in mind that comfort more than required makes you dull and inactive. So if you are able to control your mind to not sleep in bed then you can do meditation in bed too. 

Is it good to listen music while meditating?

Meditation is a process to attain a stable mind and it is not as easy as it sounds so to start this process some use musics  because music has the power to calm the mind and change the mood at-once. So there is no problem to use musics for meditation which are prepared after great research to relax mind. 

How long to meditate ?

The answer of this question vary with person to person and the aim of practitioner. 

Student and others can start with 15 minutes of meditation and extend upto 45 minutes daily. 

If anyone want to activate chakra and want to feel the subtle world which is beyond the materialistic world then 3 to 6 hour meditation is required with disciplined life. 

Can I do meditation with open eye?

Yes open eye meditation is a very good technique for some people who face too many difficulties in focusing mind. 

To do this it is good to make a dot on a plain paper and fix it in front of you on wall and look it continuously for sometime and then close your eyes. This is a very useful technique. You can also use candle. 

But don’t do this for long because it affect your eyesight, special guidance is necessary to perform long time practice and it is done under expert supervision. 

How do I know that I am meditating?

Stillness in mind and unaware of time is the sign of true meditation. While practicing meditation, we definitely pass through this state when we don’t know about anything and this is the real meditation and when you get up, you will feel full of energy within you. 

So actual meditation make you fresh and powerful but it needs time and practice. 

I don’t know how to meditate, what to do ?

If you are a beginner then don’t worry, follow these steps and you will sure feel something special soon:

  1. Try to find out a sound free place at your home. 
  2. Use a woolen blanket to sit, white color is preferable.
  3. Fix a time for your meditation practice when no one can disturb you. 
  4. Sit on blanket and do pray to subtle energies to help you to meditate. 
  5. Breathe-in and breath-out long 7 times atleast. 
  6. Utter the sound of OM 7 times. 
  7. You can also use meditation music given below by using headphones and utter OM with this music. 
  8. After sometime when music stop just focus on your breathe, see your breathing coming in and going out. 
  9. Focus on your breathe only. 

Follow these steps and you will feel the power yourself. 

How does meditation music affect the brain?

Music has great power to enhance the level of dopamine in brain which is necessary to live happy. So it helps greatly to relax and enter in deep meditation. 

How to start meditation without music?

This is a good question and many people don’t want to use any music. So here is a good exercise and i.e. Naada Yoga meditation. Start your session with nada yoga and this will surely help you to enter in deep meditation soon. 

Read more about nada yoga meditation here………

Does the position of the planets in the horoscope also affect meditation?

Astrology lovers often ask this question whether through the horoscope we can know whether we will be successful in meditation. So the answer is yes because the planets affect every event in our life for example the strong ascendant gives the person strong will power due to which person put all the efforts to achieve aim, similarly the presence of strong positive planets in the horoscope also gives strength to the person to grow in the path of meditation successfully.

So hopefully this article will definitely help everyone to clear doubts related to meditation. Please share your comment about this article and share your experience in comment section. 

If you have any doubt then you can ask through comment.

If you want any astrology consultation then do visit the contact us page for consulting process. 

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Meditation benefits, music for meditation, benefits of dhyan, ध्यान से सम्बन्धी प्रश्न उत्तर, some important questions and answers related to meditation. 


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