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Navagraha Vatika, Navagraha Plants, Navagraha Van

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Navagrah Vatika Information
What is Navagraha Vatika or garden, Importance of navagraha Vatika or garden, Plants Related to Navagraha And Directions, Photos of Navagraha Plants.

What is Navagraha Vatika ?
Navagraha Vatika means garden of 9 planets represented by the plants or trees or bushes or grasses which have the forces of 9 planets. These plants and trees of 9 planets are planted in a particular direction to get the benefit of 9 planets and then it is called the Navagraha Vatika.

Navagraha Vatika For Health, Wealth And Prosperous Life

Importance Of Navagraha Vatika ?
Navagrah Vatika is very important and source of energy if planted any where. As these plants rpresent different planets i.e. represents different celestial forces so this vatika is used to get the power of navagraha. Lets's see the benefits in points :
1) Navagraha Vatika or garden is used to get the power of Navagraha.
2) It protects the vastu from the malefic effects of 9 planets.
3) It energizes the vastu where the plants are planted.
4) It Gives the person Healthy and Wealthy life.
5) It Protects from various Diseases.
6) Navagraha Vatika gives a new look to the vastu.
7) If planted Heartly in auspicious time and in well directions then it attracts the power of divine energies.
8) Removes Vastu Dosha. 

Where To Make This Navagraha Vatika :
It will not increase the beauty of  your vastu but also increase the energy of your vastu.
1) In Hotel 
2) Industrial Area
3) Bungalows
4) Farm House
5) On The Terrace Of House

Navagraha Plants With Its Directions :

1) Swetharka or Calotropis : Represent Sun or surya and planted at the middle or center.

2) Palash or Butea Monosperma : Represent Moon or chandra planted in south east direction.

3) Kadhira or Nalla sandra or Acacia Catechu : Represent Mars or Mangal and planted in south Direction.

4) Apamarg or Achyranthus Aspera : Represent Mercury or Budh and planted in North Direction.

5) Peepal or Ashwathha or Ficus Religiosa : Represent Guru or Jupiter and planted in the North - East Direction.

6) Anjeer or Fig or Ficus Racemosa : Represent Venus or shukra and planted at East Direction.

7) Sami or Khari or Prosopis Cenneraria : Represent Saturn or Shani and planted in West Direction.

8) Durva or Cynodon Dactylon : Represent Rahu or Dragon's Head and planted in South West Direction.

9) Darbha or Imperata Cylindrica or Thatch Grass : Represent Ketu or Dragon's Tail and planted in North West Direction.

Navagraha Plants Photos :
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Navagrah Vatika Photos

Very Important Tip :
If you are going to make navagraha vatika then I also request to use siddha yantras with them and also do Anusthaan regularly which will show you the real impact of Navagraha Vatika.

You can Contact to Get Siddha Yantras For Your Navagraha Vatika

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What is Navagraha Vatika or garden, Importance of navagraha Vatika or garden, Plants Related to Navagraha And Directions, Photos of Navagraha Plants

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