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Marriage and Concerned Issues

Marriage predictions and related issues, Which house is responsible for marriage, how to know about the successful marriage life, what to do to make the marriage life better, Problems in life due to manglik dosha, Match making necessity, when separation and divorce takes place, astrologer for marriage astrology.

Marriage life is a very compromising life. Here 2 different personalities agree to live together for complete life and thus adjustment is needed in every step. Trifles are common in marriage life but sometimes due to misconceptions many big issues arises which ends in divorce.

solutions of marriage life issues by best astrologer
Marriage and Concerned Issues

Ups and downs are not only present in marriage relationships but in every relationships we can find that some types of small problems arises time to time but it is better to understand the root cause of problems to over come from it rather then to break any relationship.

Here in this article I am going to focus on marriage related issues and there reasons and also some easy tactics will be given to solve problems. If any one is facing problems in marriage life then I do believe that this article will guide to make life better.

Here we can know about the importance of marriage life, types of problems arises in marriage life, cause of any relationship breakup, astrology reasons of problems in shaadi/marriage etc. As an astrologer I got several types of problems time to time from different part of the world from the persons who are suffering from relationships problems and want to solve it.

During the talk I have many times observed that misunderstanding and obstinate behavior are root cause of breakup in marriage life/love life etc. In astrology we easily predict that what type of problems the person (male/female) will face in life by reading the birth chart/kundli/horoscope. Reading of stars reveals the secrets of life.

This article will work as an eye opener for the couples who really want to save there relationships any how. I wish that every couple may live a good and smooth life.

Importance Shaadi/Marriage Life:

Shaadi is a very sacred process and is done when 2 person(male/female) decided to live together for life long. As an human being it is a necessity of every one to share feelings, thoughts, time etc with some one whom he or she love. And here the necessity of having a partner arises. Partner is a person who lives with other in every case,
every time. In shaadi both persons commit to take care of each other life long that's why it is a truth that marriage life runs on two wheels and if any wheel perform badly then accidents takes place.

So first of all understand that what are the benefits we are getting through a good marriage:
  1. We get a partner who take care of us during our grief, sufferings.
  2. We get a person with whom we can share our feeling, thoughts, body etc and keep our self cool.
  3. We can spend our spare time with a person of our interest which is not possible in general.
  4. Having someone with us also gives strength to our power, security.
  5. Remember that 1 and 1 combines to make eleven so we become eleven after marriage and so in every field we can get success if a good partner is with us. 

Marriage/Shaadi and Cocerned Issues With Solutions:

  1. A Feeling Of BOND which makes us uncomfortable, aggressive, short-tempered, uneasy etc.  It is a fact that no one want to live life in any type of bond and from the beginning it is taught to us that marriage is a binding. So first of all just come out from this traditional thinking and just give freeness to each other to live life freely. Understand the real power of marriage which means to double your power not to dominate any one's power. By this we can easily make our marriage/shaadi life fruitful and smooth.
  2. Incompetent to make any physical relation with partner. It is many times happened that due to certain reasons some persons are not able to satisfy the biological need of partner. So just clear your situations to partner to avoid any type of misconception. It may be possible that you are ill, you are passing through official tension or any other families issues. So don't hide this type of issues and share it with partner so that you will get real support.
  3. Unable To Communicate Freely With Partner: This is the most dangerous problem and the root cause of any other unwanted issues in relationships. Always remember that clear communication is the best and true way to make life like heaven. Don't fail in this otherwise marriage life will suffer a lot. Don't arise doubt in relationships because there is no remedy of doubt/shak.
  4. Problem in family planning is another concerned issue which create disturbances in marriage life. Having a baby is the wish of every one but sometime due to some personal and other issues one of the partner is not ready to have a child so don't stretch this issue, talk on this matter freely and understand the thought of other then move further. Don't do hurry in taking any decision otherwise in long run burden will be felt by couple. Nurturing a new one is not an easy task, so move only when both are ready. Remember that don't take any decision due to family pressure or social pressure, It is only rubbish to take decisions because of others, the reality resides within you so both are responsible for any decision.
  5. Third Person Problem is another important issues which are becoming popular in this electronic age. Actually it is becoming a fashion to keep extra affairs in spite of having a good partner which is a major cause of separation. It is not at all good to cheat our partner so don't ruin other's life and also don't make your own life hell by making extra affairs. If you want a good behavior from another one than do behave accordingly.
  6. If your relationship has reached to divorce level then also it is possible to solve it by mutual understanding. Just think on above matters and talk with each other to clear your issues.
Remember no one is a complete person so understand each other and live life happily.

Astrology Reasons Of Marriage Problems:

As per the jyotish/astrology stars are the core reasons of happenings in life so it is necessary to understand this concept too that how planets are responsible for creating problems in life. 

  1. Seventh house of horoscope/kundli/birth chart is related to marriage. If this house is generating bad impacts i.e. if it is viewed by malefic planet, bitter planet then disturbances arises in marriage life. If any debilitated planet or enemy zodiac planet is sitting here then also the marriage life suffers.
  2. If the 4th house which is also called the happiness place is also suffering then also the personal life of person become disturbed.
  3. If Venus which is the base of personal life become malefic, debilitated in kundli/horoscope then also person suffers in relationships.
  4. Suppose if 6th or 8th house is generating bad impacts then also marriage life suffers due to enemy or disease problems. Due to this sometimes due to bad energies or negative energies life become hell.
Before using any astrology remedy it is necessary to analyze the horoscope/kundli/birth chart. So do consult astrologer always to know the exact reason of marriage problems and then only go further.

Think healthy, do healthy and live a healthy marriage life by adopting right ways.

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