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Effect of West Defect in Vastu And Remedies

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West Direction
In Vastu
Effect of West Defect in Vastu And Remedies, Vastu and West Direction,

Vastu and West Direction.
West direction represent the monetary power, personal relationship, foreign travels,political career,etc. 

Lets see some defects of West Direction-
1. Extension in west direction is a defect.
2. More open area in west than east is a problem.
3. pit or hollow in the west side is very dangerous.
4. Basement in west is also not good.
5. Underground water tank, septic tank is also not good for health and prosperity.
6. Lower floor level is also very dangerous for the owner.

Remedies of the West Vastu Defects:
The lord of west direction is shani and also the direction of goddess laxmi is west. So this direction is very important if we want to get success in life.
1. Installing a siddha shani yantra on west side is good.

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