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Inner Awakening For Real Success

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Inner Awakening
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People are in search of something special in life, they want some magic in life, they want satisfaction in life, they want real love in life, they want real peace, a smooth life, a healthy body and mind to enjoy the materialistic world but very few are lucky. 

A very bitter truth is that this is a evanescent world, nothing is immortal in this world so until we make our self attach with the eternal energy we will not get the real peace, real success, real satisfaction. Every one is running behind a mirage and it is not possible to attain it is a fact. So now what to do to get this real knowledge of real success. Here the inner awakening is necessary. It is very necessary for every human being to do some process to awaken the inner energy to know the reality of this world and birth too. In this article we will see how inner awakening is done, what to do awaken the kundalinishakti, Impacts of inner awakening in life etc.  

What is Inner awakening?
It is a special process within the body in which the spiritual energy which is also known as 'Kundalini shakti' starts it's journey from 'Mooladhar Chakra' To 'Shastradhaar Chakra'. Inner awakening means the flow of energy in a divine vein known as 'sushumnaa Naadi'. It is so thin that no sensors can felt this. The only way to know this sushumna nadi is meditation. This is a divine way where miracles happens and the practitioner felt every changes within. 

Benefits of Inner awakening:
Inner awakening is the key to success in this life. It is necessary for the over all development of a person. Only after this the person is able to free from the unwanted materialistic desires. Lets see some core benefits point by point-
1. Inner awakening purified the whole body.
2. Inner awakening is a makes the person mind subtle so as to feel the subtle divine world of energies. 
3. Person is able to get rid off from many chronic diseases not only of this birth or of last births too. 
4. Person is able to feel the presence of divine energies.
5. Inner awakening makes a person able to see the great saints which were present physically in past. 
6. Astral travelling is possible only after inner awakening. 
7. If any one want to see the siddhis i.e. the divine powers within the body to do the things happens with just thinking of that then it is also possible through inner awakening. 
8. The journey towards salvation starts only after inner awakening. 
9. If you want to see the divine world within you then also it is necessary to work for inner awakening. 

How to Awaken spiritual energy?
This is the most important question that how to awaken inner energy. In this context i want to say that there are various methods to awaken inner energies like as-
1. Shaktipat process- in this a spiritual master with his or her power awakens the inner energy.

2. Hat Yoga- In this some special asans are there and some process through which the inner energy is awaken.

3. Deep Meditation- This is an another powerful way to awaken the inner energy but it is done in a very systematic way under keen guidance of master then success is yours. 

4. some also uses mantras to awaken kundalini.

I suggest everyone to start meditation if you want to awaken the inner enegy. Read my articles on naada yoga, third eye activation and kundlinishakti for more details. 

If a person do the process of inner awakening then during the process also the person feels different type of experiences. 

Every person has got different type of experiences. These experiences are beyond our thinking so don't worry about all that just take a step ahead and you will find the way automatically. 
Great rishi munis(sages) shows path to the persons who want to move on this spiritual path. If you have the passion and will then no doubt you will find a way. But don't waste your time just start meditation where ever you are, in whatever state you are. No matter who are you, no matter what do you eat, no matter what is your circle, just start meditation and feel the power within.

Astrology and Inner awakening:
Now a very important question is that- can astrology helps a person to awaken the inner spiritual energy. In this context i want to share my own experiences.
Astrology is said to be the eyes of vedas so from this subject it is possible to know the hurdles in the life of a person and thus it is possible to find the ways to over come it. Since spiritual path is not so simple. It is path in which we have to walk on the edge of sword. Spiritual path is not so easy. Astrology helps very much. There are many person who are practicing inner awakening practices under my guidance and i have guided them through astrology too. I have found that a strong will power and passion is needed to move on this path also malefic planets creates many problems during spiritual practices too.

So through astrology we come to know all this happening easily and then use the right way to control many of the problems through right pooja or anusthaans or rituals, Gems stones, daana etc.
So my experiences tells that if you are a truth seeker then you have to seek guidance from an experienced astrologer too who can make your way easy.
best tips to awaken kundlini, best consultancy to awaken kundalini energy
How to Awaken Kundlini Energy

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Inner awakening, meditation for transformation, The real success way, Kundalini awakening process, Benefit of inner awakening, tips for inner awakening, Power of guru in inner awakening, spiritual awakening, Astrology and Inner awakening.

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