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Power of Black Pepper And Astrology

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Black Pepper Power
Power of Black Pepper And Astrology, What is Black Pepper?, Advantages Of Black Pepper, Percentage of Nutrients, Black Pepper powerful use in Astrology, Astrologer for health problems analysis.

Black pepper is very common thing available in almost every kitchens but very few of us know the benefits of black peeper. It is used to treat various diseases,it is very good for the digestive system also increase the immunity power of body, it also helps to remove toxins from the body.

Lets see the advantages of black peeper point by point :

1) Black pepper helps in digestion and very good for the metabolism.

2) Sweating from the body starts by eating pepper which cools the body and helps in fever.
Black Pepper !! Source of Energy, Antioxidant, Good for Metabolic Activities, Good for Health
3) Blood circulation gets better if we take black pepper.

4) Black pepper is good for Brain too.

5) Tea of Black pepper is very good in cold and cough, viral infections etc.

6) Black pepper gives relief in acidity problem.

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7) Black pepper is a very good antioxidant.

8) Black pepper acts as an antibacterial.

9) Black pepper is a very good source of Iron and Manganese which is very beneficial for the body.

10) Black pepper helps to overcome from sore throat problems.

11) If Black pepper is taken with meals then the body easily absorbs the nutrients from the food and thus
      body get all the necessary nutrients properly.

12) Black pepper helps to overcome from tiredness.

13) Black pepper increases the apetite and thus it is very useful for the persons suffering from eating

14) Tea of spearmint(pudina) and Black pepperis very beneficial for lungs and resperatory grooves it
      helps to remove infections.

15) If 2-3 mashed Black pepper is taken with a spoon of honey with a pinch of turmeric powder, very
      beneficial in cough.

As per yunaani thought black peeper is very useful in abdominal pain, afara, eye diseases,stroke,toothache.

16) In Common cold take milk with black pepper, If you are suffering from regular cold then do this- start taking black pepper from 1 piece and increase it up to 15 and then also decrease it up to 1, in One month you will get relief very much.

17) If you are suffering from cough then then take half spoon of black pepper powder and honey and take it 3-4 times in a day.

18) If You are suffering from Gas problem then in a glass of lemon juice mix half spoon of black pepper powder and black salt and take it for a few days , you will get relief.

19) If your voice is not clear due to some problem then take black peeper with ghee, vocal cord will open also gargle with boil water of black pepper.

20) In skin problem mix black pepper powder with ghee and make paste, Now use this paste to cover the shingles, boil, pimples, you will get relief at once.

21) To Increase the eye sight take half spoon of ghee, half spoon of black pepper powder and half spoon sugar-candy(Mishri) make paste and take it in the morning daily. You will get relief.

22) If you are suffering from gum swelling then boil black pepper in water and gargle or rinse with that water.

23) To Increase Memory take 3-4 gram of brahmi leaf and boil it in ghee then mix powder of black pepper and sugar in it and take it daily.

Astrology Importance of Black Pepper:
1. You can't believe that black pepper is used to dominate the enemies.
2. It is used to destroy black magic effects.
3. It is used in totkay.
4. Black Pepper if charged with spells then it can do different kinds of work.
5. In astrology it is used very much to perform subtle activities.
6. It also saves from negative energies.
So black pepper is used in a good way in astrology too. It provides solutions of many complicated problems but it is used under only proper guidance.

Now See the percentage of Nutrients presents in Black pepper :

Sno.    Nutrients Percentage

1. Manganese 12.0 %

2. Vitamin -K 8.6 %

3. Iron          6.7 %

4. Fibers 4.4 %

5. Copper 2.5 %

6. Calorie 0.0 %

So the conclusion is that Black pepper is a very good antioxidant,antibacterial,antiviral etc. so it is very beneficial from every point of view so start using black pepper in meal and get yourself Healthy and wealthy.
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Power of Black Pepper And Astrology, What is Black Pepper?, Advantages Of Black Pepper, Percentage of Nutrients, Astrologer for health problems analysis.


  1. Dear Sir,

    You have said that pepper is used in Astrology to protect from Black magic and negative energies , kindly elaborate on the same on how to use it
    with regards

  2. black pepper is used in special hawan with special mantras, It is also used in tabij for protection from negative energies. Use it only under guidance of expert.