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Second Marriage Problems and Solutions

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Second Marriage Astrology

Need of second Marriage, 2nd marriage possibilities as per horoscope, Problems in second marriage, What to do to open the way of second marriage, Best astrology solutions for 2nd marriage.

2nd marriage in life is not as easy as it seems. Because too much compromise is needed to live a life 2nd time with an unknown person. But to fulfil some basic need of life it become necessary to proceed for  2nd marriage.

Need of 2nd Marriage:
If we consider the points which compel a person to do 2nd marriage then we come to know that it is not a bad thing but it makes life interesting if proper measures are taken. Let's see some important factors which insist a person to do 2nd marriage.
1. Need of companion in the journey of life- This is very important factor. It is very difficult to live a life of ascetic so every one want a partner who will live with him or her and with whom he or she may share feelings, views etc. 

2. Unmatched Marriage- There are many cases in this society happens daily that just after marriage one of the partner detach from relation due to different type of reasons. In this case 2nd marriage is not a wrong decision for the victim.

3. Divorce- After divorce also person try to proceed for the 2nd marriage so as to live life with some one happily.

4. To Share Responsibilities- This is again a very important reason. Some time due to death of a partner or divorce it is difficult for the male person to take care of the ageing parents or children and due to this also Male proceed for 2nd marriage.

5. Dissatisfaction From Ist Marriage- Many times it happens that due to no support from the partner, another one is compelled to move for the 2nd marriage.

So there are various reasons for the 2nd marriage. 

Causes of The Failure of 2nd Marriage:
1. Unmatched horoscope is a very important reason of failure of 2nd marriage.
2. Decision in excitement also become a reason of problem in 2nd marriage.
3. Hiding truth from the partner is also an important reasons. Some person hide about the financial position, children, parents nature and health which creates problems after marriage.
4. Violence with the partner due to drug intake also creates problem.
5. Sexual impotency also creates problem in 2nd marriage too.
6. Children from previous relationship also become a problem sometime.

How To Find The Possibilities of 2nd Marriage in Horoscope?
1. If the 7th house is badly affected but if it is viewd by positive planets then there is chance of 2nd marriage.

2. As per a rule lagna, Second house, Seventh house, eleventh house are minutely studied to know about the 2nd marriage. 7th house is the house of Ist marriage, 2nd house is the house of family too, 11th house also shows the 2nd marriage. 

3. If a person has positive planets in happiness place and destiny is also supporting then there is a possibility of 2nd marriage.

4. If the Venus is supporting and the happiness place, lagna and destiny is also in support then also there is a good chance of second marriage.

How To Make 2nd marriage Successful?
As planets are continuously affecting our life so we have to use the astrology ways to make our life better. Here i am providing some ways which can be adopted to make 2nd marriage life successful.
1. If due to malefic effects of planet person is unable to live satisfactory marriage life then it is good to proceed for grah shanti process.
2. If any kaalsarp dosha, pitra dosha or grahan dosha etc. is creting problem then also it is good to proceed for pooja to minimize the impact of negativity in life.
3. Ghat vivah, kumbh vivah etc are also process to remove the hurdles of marriage life. 
4. Wearing powerful gems stone is also helpful.
5. Special anusthan to increase power of positive planets are also done.

But it is very necessary to consult before proceeding for any remedies as it is a question of whole life. So it is better to discuss every matter related to marriage with a good astrologer. 

Get solutions of second marriage problems now through astrology, occult sciences.
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Tips for 2nd marriage

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Need of second Marriage, 2nd marriage possibilities as per horoscope, Problems in second marriage, What to do to open the way of second marriage, Best astrology solutions for 2nd marriage.

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