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Astrological Remedies To Improve Husband Wife Relationship

Astrological Remedies To Improve Husband Wife Relationship, remedy for removing conflict between husband and wife,  how to improve marriage life through astrology ways, Which planets are responsible for husband and wife relationship?.

Marriage is a divine bonding between husband and wife for whole life and so is very important. Every one has some dreams related to marriage but it is a very common thinking that after marriage everyone has to suffer a lot which is not at all true for everyone. But some couple face problems in relationship with time, some husband and wife face too many challenges to move smoothly in life together due to various reasons. 

Astrological Remedies To Improve Husband Wife Relationship, remedy for removing conflict between husband and wife
Astrological Remedies To Improve Husband Wife Relationship

To maintain the bonding in relationship, efforts are needed from both side and sometime one become weak and relationship start collapsing. It is necessary to take care of various points to rejuvenate the relationship so as to enjoy every moments together life long. 

हिंदी में पढ़िए पति और पत्नी के बीच प्रेम संबंधो को बढाने के ज्योतिषीय उपाय 

In these days due to over expectations conflicts are seen commonly between husband and wife, sometime it cools down within period of time but sometime situation become complicated and then we need to take help of astrologer, counselors etc.  

ASTROLOGY is a great tool which helps in finding the planetary reasons of conflicts in relationship and then to take necessary steps to maintain bonding in relationship.

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How astrology predicts about bonding between husband and wife?

  • If the 4th house of both couple are generating good powers then it helps in bonding. 
  • If the partnership house i.e. 7th house is free from any malefic planet then it helps in intimate relationship.
  • If Parivartan yoga forms between 5th and 7th house then it helps in bonding between husband and wife. 
  • If the lord of marriage house is powerful and positive in horoscope then also it helps in healthy relationship.
  • If venus and mars planets are in good position and power in birth chart then also it helps in enjoying personal relationship.
  • The impact of powerful positive moon on 7th house and 4th house is also helpful in intimate relationship between husband and wife.

While MATCH-MAKING, astrologer check every factor minutely to know that will couple have bonding after marriage or not. 

So there are many factors which are checked to find bonding in relationship.

Success in marriage life depends upon bonding but it is seen that with time relationship become dull and both engage in their works and lust start decreasing from life, this is not the sign of healthy relationship. When partner lost interest in each other then it push to make extra marital affairs which in long run become the reason of conflicts and break up. So it is necessary to work continuously to maintain relationship water the relationship. 

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Let’s know the some signs of decreasing bonding between husband and wife:

  1. lack of mutual understanding seen. 
  2.  lack of mutual respect is seen. 
  3. Feelings of sympathy begin to diminish for each other.
  4. Husband and wife begin to care less for each other.
  5. Both start doubting each other.

The above all are sign of missing love in relationship. If it happens then it is necessary to work on relationship and rejuvenate it to enjoy life. 

Why love starts decreasing between husband and wife?

  • If any malefic planet enter in mahadasha or antardasha then it affect the personal and professional life. 
  • Sometimes due to impact maleic planets in transit horoscope also makes the life hell. 
  • Sometimes it is observed that couple suffer from negative energies or BLACK MAGIC done by enemies and relationship start diminishing.
  • If any malefic planet is present in 5th house, 7th house and 4th house and it comes in mahadasha or antardasha then also couple start facing problems in relationship.

Astrological Remedies To Improve Husband Wife Relationship: 

If the love is decreasing in couple then first of all do show your horoscope and know the reasons then it is good to follow remedies as per. Here some remedies are given for everyone to enhance bonding.

  1. Worship radha and Krishna together and pray for life full of love. 
  2. One can also worship lord shiva and parvati and do recite spell – om hreem namah shivay.
  3. Make a swastika with hanumanji temple sindoor above the door of bedroom and main entrance of house on any auspicious time. 
  4. Do invite happy couples in lunch or dinner on Friday specially and also give them gifts.
  5. If any malefic planet is disturbing relationship then do the GRAH SHANTI POOJA by consulting astrologer. 
  6. Wipe the floor with salt water on Tuesday and Saturday specially. 
  7. Buy a pair of golden swan and install it in your bedroom in auspicious time. 
  8. Wearing charged Gauri Shankar rudraksh is also a good way to enhance bonding between husband and wife. 
  9. Sometime diamond is also very helpful in enhancing love but do consult astrologer before wearing it. 
  10. Use the flowers design bed sheets as per both interest.
  11. Before going to bed do sprinkle camphor in room. 
  12. If you have mirror in your room then do put any cloth over it before going to bed.
  13. Do not keep any photo of god or goddess in bed room. 

Vedic astrology reading is the best way to find problems in love life, marriage and then it is possible to find the best remedies of problems. So never hesitate to consult an EXPERIENCED ASTROLOGER to make life wonderful. 

It is necessary that both husband and wife work together to rejuvenate relationship then no doubt again life will be happier, full of love. 

Astrological Remedies To Improve Husband Wife Relationship, remedy for removing conflict between husband and wife, how to improve marriage life through astrology ways, Which planets are responsible for husband and wife relationship?.


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