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How To Know Misfortune?

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Misfortune And Astrology
How to know misfortune, what is misfortune, how to handle trouble time, what happens during the time period of malefic planets, Astrology ways to handle misfortune, Occult sciences to solve problems due to misfortune.

The time period in life in which person get problems from all direction is called the trouble period, the misfortune, the difficult period of life. Every person try to avoid this period but it is not possible to remove this time as it comes due to our own past deeds. 

This is the period in which person learn to believe on destiny, the supreme power, the invisible energy which is controlling our life. The period of difficulties teach a person to bow before others, it breaks the conceit of a person. It also teach a person to not do wrong with others. 

The fact is that misfortune will not remain for ever but it comes for a period of time to teach a person the real lessons of life. 

Now let's see What a person faces during this problematic period:

Many types of unwanted things starts happening in real life and sometime it is unbearable. Let's see some disasters which come due to misfortune-

1. Person lost the job due to malefic effects of palnets in horoscope. 

2. Accidents happens again and again.

3. Some times person loose the very dearest person in life. 

4. Sudden death of pet animals also happens due to misfortune.

5. Person suffers from chronic diseases.

6. Break up in relations like love, marriage, friendship etc. 

7. Loss of appetite.

8. Conflicts among the members of family.

9. Financial loss due to wrong decision. 

10. Loss of social status due to wrong steps.

11. Business loss suddenly.

12. Problems in marriage. 

13. Student is unable to clear the Exams.

14. Life become a burden.

15. Negative thinking surrounds the person.

Let me explain a misfortune case which came to me before some time. A good businessman of Delhi called me once and told that he has got business loss and to fulfill the debt he had sold his bungalow. Now they are living in a rented room. i asked him to send the birth details of both husband and wife and after analyzing the details i came to know that Rahu is descendant in his kundli and in mahadasha and antar dasha rahu has come and it generated the misfortune in his life due to which negative energies entered in his mind and all the decisions got wrong which lead to heavy loss. 
The same thing was happened with her wife too. Saturn was malefic in her kundli and in that period Saturn came in antar dasha. 

So i told him every thing and ask to perform some pooja and rituals in some different manner and asked him to keep patience, you will get your status again. And it happened after 6 month they developed their business again and now they are living a satisfactory life.

So this was misfortune, in this period some persons make suicide attempt. Loss of money, defame, mental pressure, social pressure every thing comes from all direction. 

What To Do At The Time Of Misfortune Time or Trouble Time?

When you feel that the wrong time started then do the following steps-
1. Don't take any rapid decision.
2. Consult someone whom you can trust.
3. Try to keep in silence and observe every situations deeply.
4. Don't invest any where in any case.
5. Don't enter in any negative area.
6. Don't try to debate with any one. 
7. Ask some one elder to handle your situation and to guide you. 
8. Keep patience, don't hurry in doing any thing.

Astrology and Occult Science Ways To Handle Misfortune:
1. Start worshiping kuldevi(home goddess) or kuldevta(home god).
2. Consult an experienced astrologer at once.
3. Try to visit any temple daily 2 times morning and evening and also spent some time there. 
4. Sprinkle holy water of temple on body.
5. Try to spend some time daily in any satsang.
6. Proceed for grah shanti and other shanti after consulting the astrologer.
7. There are some powerful totkay which you can use only under keen guidance of an experienced astrologer.

So don't worry about misfortune, if you are facing any problem due to malefic effects of planets or black magic or evil eye effects then don't worry just consult once and follow the instructions. Get the way of success.
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Perfect Remedies of Misfortune
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How to know misfortune, what is misfortune, how to handle trouble time, what happens during the time period of malefic planets, Astrology ways to handle misfortune, Occult sciences to solve problems due to misfortune.

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