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Power Of Tulsi Plant In Astrology

Astrologer for solutions of problems through various uses of tulsi
Tulsi For Success
Tulsi plant in Astrology, best uses of tulsi plant, importance of tulsi plant, Health from use of Tulsi, Astrologer for best on line astrology services.

Tulsi plant is one of the auspicious plant in India. Tulsi is also known as Basil in English. Some also called it Ocimum Sanctum. This is a very powerful plant and have many magical characteristics in itself. Every part of tulasi has tremendous healing power. Because of this Saints of great India has written many things about this plant in the scriptures.

Tulsi or basil is used in various ways -

1. In medical field it is used to make many powerful medicines.
2. In astrology and vastu it is used to remove negative energies. 
3. In tantra healing it is used to make kawach.
4. It is also used in karma kanda too.
5. Tulsi plant is full of positive powers and no other plant can has the power like tulsi. 
6. It has the power to cure fever.
7. Tulsi has the power in stress management.
8. It can also provide the solution of stone problems.
9. Tulsi is a great detoxifier.
10. It is also used to cure headache, irascible nature.

With the changing seasons if we include the use of tulsi in daily life then no doubt we can save ourselves from many diseases. Tulsi plant is a very powerful plant and has the great power to treat any disease. There is no side effects of Basil or tulsi so no need to worry in any case.

Let's see some easy use of Tulsi:
1. It is good in treating any kind of cough and cold, pain in body, smell in body, eyes problems, vomiting, etc.
2. If anyone is suffering from digestion problem then make paste of tulsi leaves and mix with water and then drink. It will give relief from digestion problems.
3. In case of facing itching problem it is good to massage with juice of tulsi leaves and to take 2 spoon tulsi juice. Patient will get relief in skin problem and itching too.
4. In case of pyorrhoea mix original camphor in tulsi juice and then take it in cotton and put it in the infected area, it will kill the germs and minimize the pain too.
5. Kada of black pepper and tulsi is very good to treat malaria.
6. Tulsi is good for increasing the beauty too. Make paste of tulsi and use it as a face-pace. You will find a good change in your beauty.
Tulsi has great spiritual and astrology significance:

1. Tulsi plant is favourite of lord vishnu.
2. Tulsi mala is generally used by vaishnav.
3. The chanting of vishnu mantra in tulsi mala gives tremendous results.
4. Tulsi is used to remove vastu dosha.
5. The pooja of tulsi remove the blockage of marriage.
6. It is also used to attract the blessings of lord Vasudev.
7. Pitra dosha can be minimized to roping tulsi on south-west direction.
8. Vastu can be energized by roping tulsi plant.
9. It is good to give dhoop of gugal daily in the morning and evening.
10. If tulsi seeds and leaves are put in a tabij and worn by any one then it protects from negative energies.
11. If we meditate near tulsi then it will help to attract good fortune.

Types of Tulsi:
Generally two main tulsi are available in abundance-
1. Ram tulsi 
2. Shyam tulsi 

Both has great healing power and is used by scholars every where. So if you are ill, if you are suffering from any chronic diseases then use tulsi. If you are suffering from any planetary problems then also use tulsi. This is power plant, this is a medicinal plant, tulsi is a spiritual plant, Tulsi plant is the best healer. 

If nothing is helping in life then tulsi will help you. Worship tulsi, offer a deepak and bhoga and pray for the prosperous life. 

From the ancient times ladies worship tulsi plant present in the courtyard and also take round of it and pray to fulfil wishes. So give some space to tulsi plant in your house and attract good luck, prosperity, health, wealth etc. 

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  1. Nice points are here thanks for posting.

  2. According to Vastu, where should Shyam tulsi be placed specifically? Also, can it be placed with Ram tulsi in the north-east of the house?

    1. yes you can place it, Tulsi is source of positive energies, there are many medical benefits also.