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Secrets of Gun Metal Stone As Per Astrology

Secrets of gun metal stone, what is gun metal, how to use gun metal stone for success, Benefits of Haematite.
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Secrets of Haematite

There is a very wonderful gem stone available which has great qualities and effects are miraculous. This stone is called Gun metal and also known as haematite. A very well 

known stone which is used in jewellery, A very fascinating stone which shines and black in colour. 

Magnetic property also present in gun metal stone and so used to enhance different types of powers in life. As per research there are many benefits felt by users of haematite like as-

It controls the fickle mind, control the heart beats, gives a deep understanding of any subject, enhance spiritual powers, enhance will power, protects from evil eye effects. It is very good for making internal organs healthy so is used for the decades by scholars. 

In astrology it is used to enhance the power of Saturn or shani because it is of black colour which represent Saturn. 

Iron content found in haematite and because of this it is also beneficial for the persons who are suffering form anaemia. As per the information found in different books Egyptians were master in using this haematite for different purpose. They fulfil there wishes by using this gem stone in different ways. 

Spiritual healers use this gun metal stone to balance energy of chakras in body. 

Where Haematite is Beneficial ?
Secrets of gun metal stone, what is gun metal, how to use gun metal stone for success, Benefits of Haematite.

It can be worn in many cases as per the quality found in it -
1. If any one want to increase haemoglobin then it is useful. 
2. If any one want to enhance there calibre then also gun metal is useful. 
3. If any one is suffering from evil eye effects then the pendent of haematite is good. 
4. It regulates the blood transmission in body. 
5. It is also helpful in controlling blood pressure because of its magnetic property.
6. Haematite is also used to get peace of mind.
7. In astrology also it is used in various ways. 

It is found in abundance in Brazil. 

The metallic lusture of gun metal enhance the importace of this stone and is used world wide in jewellery. 

Gun metal In jewellery:
In jewellery it is used in various ways like as -
1. Antique necklaces are made with gun metal stones. 
2. Pendent are made with haematite.
3. Rings are also made with this gem stone. 
4. People also like to wear Bracelet of Gun metal. 

Use of Gun Metal In Astrology:
Since it is related with Saturn planet and so it can be used to enhance the power of Saturn in life, If shani is weak in horoscope then gun metal stone can be the best alternative to enhance power and to attract success in life. 

The persons who are in work related with Saturn can also use Gun metal ring or pendent to enhance there power.

Black Magic Protection:
The special qualities of Gun metal is also good for the people who are suffering from black magic but in that case it is energized with specific mantra. Shield is made with gun metal if properly charged and thus protect the person from negative energies and black magic effects. 

Do you want to know whether gun metal is favourable for you or not then do contact ASTROLOGER ASTROSHREE and know the best gems stone for you. 

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Secrets of gun metal stone, what is gun metal, how to use gun metal stone for success, Benefits of Haematite.

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