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What is Numerology?, Table of Numbers And Planets, Table of Weak Day And Number, Effects Of Different Numbers.
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Numerology For All
Numerology is a science of numbers, Every number represent a particular planet and thus have different types of qualities as per the planet.In Numerology we complete date of birth is important to predict a person also to get the complete analysis complete date of birth with name is needed. In numerology science .
we can also check the name wheather it is good for us or not.
There is a question arises in everyone minds that is numerology work ? Is it correct ? Is it good to use the numerology principle in life ?

Numerology For You 
let's understand the answer of this question with an e.g. of our life. We have many times seen that a particular date and day is good for us. some says that on 6th, 15th and 24th of every month is good for me, some says that 1st of every month is good  for me etc.So the question is that why a particular day and date is good, the answer is simple, Researches proved that numerology works. We have also seen that many persons are changing names as per the numerology and success comes in their life,it also prove that numerology works. 
Before moving further lets study which number represents which planets and day of week.

Table of Numbers and Planets :

Planets Numbers
Sun or Surya 1
Moon or chandra 2
Jupiter or guru 3
Dragon's Head or Rahu 4
Mercury or Budh 5
Venus or shukra 6
Dragon's Tail or ketu 7
Saturn or Shani 8
Mars or Mangal 9

Table of Week Day and Numbers

Week Day Numbers
Sunday or Ravivar 1
Monday or Somwar 2
Tuesday or Mangalwar 9
Wednesday or Budhwar 5
Thursday or Guruwar 3
Friday or Shukrawar 6
Saturday or Shaniwar 8

Effects of Numbers :

There us no doubts that the universe is mainly affected by 9 planets therefore our calculations are also depends upon 9 numbers. All other numbers are combinations of these 9 numbers. We can get any number by adding combination of number and that is called the basic number(mool ank) in numerology. for e.g. if we

have no. 90102 then by adding all the numbers 9+0+1+0+2we get 3.

Now Lets' study about all the 9 Numbers in Detail.

Number 1(ONE):

Number one represent sun. This number is the basis of all the number and life. This number represent the 
person originality and positive works. The person who have impact of number 1 in their life are very real 
and positive, they always want to discover something in their life.these persons are determined and persistent.
Person take birth in 1, 10, 19, 28 have the above quality.These persons are very ambitious, they don't like 
any hurdle in their work, they always want to be at the top no matters which type of work they are doing or 
we can say that they want to be the head always, they want to have respect in society and people obey them.
  • Auspicious Day - Sunday and Monday.
  • Auspicious Color - Golden, yellow, copper color.
  • Auspicious Gems - Topaz or yellow sapphire.
  • Auspicious Metal - Gold and copper.

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Watch video on Power of Number 1:

Number 2(TWO):

The master of number two is moon and represent the soft nature. Number 1 and 2 are opposite in nature but their impact suits each other that's why they become good associate of each other. 

Person having impact of number 2 are Gentle, imaginative, artistic, romantic, mentally strong but not physically.
  • Auspicious Day : Sunday , Monday and Friday
  • Auspicious Dates : 2,11,20,29
  • Auspicious color : light colors, cream color
  • Auspicious Gems : Pearl, white hakik
  • Lucky metal is silver.
  • Due to the impact of moon these persons re fickle in nature and emotional too. 
  • They found difficulty in doing a single work for long and this is the main reason of failure sometimes. 
  • If moon in horoscope is strong then no doubt people of number 2 enjoy the life. 
  • With changes in position of moon, these people find changes in there life.
  • Water nearby places are very good for luck for number 2 people. 
  • Watch video on power of number 2:

Number 3(THREE):

The master of number 3 is jupiter. Jupiter is very important planet in astrology and numerology. They are
ambitious don't like to work under anyone, their ambition is success and wish that other work under them.
They obey the orders of senior by their own wish but also want from others to obey them. They are very reliable and have the administrative power.
The loop whole of their nature is that they become dictator sometime to follow their rules and regulations even they don't like quarrel. They are very conscious of self-respect.
  • Auspicious day - Thursday, Tuesday
  • Auspicious Dates - 3,12,21,30, are better and 6,9,15, 18,24 and 27 are good.
  • Auspicious color - Yellow, Red
  • Auspicious Gems - yellow Sapphire
  • Watch video here on power of number 3:

Number 4(FOUR) :

The master of number 4 is Uranus or rahu. this number makes a person different from other, their views are different from other persons, they are affected by hidden enemies in life due to their nature of discussion.

Generally they behave opposite from rules and regulations, if on their hand they change the culture of society. They keep the reformatory views.

They don't want to save money and also not a successful persons in life. Their main problem is that they are emotional and mind very quickly, they like to live alone, they have very less friends but these types of persons are devoted to their friends.

If the rahu is in very good position in horoscope and the personality-number/moolank is 4 then this type of person live like a king. While if the rahu is malefic then makes the life hell. In that case it is good to consult astrologer and follow remedies. 
  • Auspicious dates : 4,13,22 and 31
  • Auspicious color : Blue color and light colors.
  • Auspicious Gems : Gomed or onyx

  • Watch video on power of number4:

Number 5(FIVE):

The Number 5 is linked with mercury. It's nature is very playful, frisky. This type of persons are very active but they feel tension always. They take decision immediately, excited towards any work, don't like the works which takes much time to complete, they need result shortly, they have the caliber to earn from their innovative ideas, they may be god gambler, they are able to take business risk of any kind, they are not affected by anything for long time. Misfortune does not stay with them for long time. One very important thing is that positive minded persons of number 5 are very positive but negative minded persons are so negative that no one can change their mind easily. Frustration comes in their life easily.
  • Auspicious  Day : Wednesday and friday
  • Auspicious Dates : 5,14,23
  • Auspicious color : Bright colors, green color, light brown color
  • Auspicious Gems : Emerald

  • Watch video on number 5 power:

Number 6(SIX):

The master of number 6 is venus. persons having the effect of 6 number are very attractive, they have the art to attract other. Persons who like them also adore them. They behave like a slave whom they love. This doesn't mean that they have much sexual feeling for all but they know the real meaning of love. They love beauty, music and arts.

Rich people who have impact of number 6 in their life spend on arts and artist generously.

If any poor person have personality number 6 then also no one can judge that he is poor because this number insist the person to live like a gentleman.

These types of people are in search of real love and if they found then no doubt there relations become an ideal for others in society. 
  • Auspicious Dates: 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30
  • Auspicious Days : Tuesday, thursday, friday
  • Auspicious Gems : Diamond, Firoja

  • Watch about number 6 powers :

Number 7(SEVEN) :

The master of number 7 is neptune or ketu. This type of persons like travelling, changes. they are frustrated from themselves and are angry.they also love reading books on travelling and thus they have the knowledge of many things.

This type of persons are also good writer, artist, poet and have a special type of philosophy view in their thinking. They don't have attachment with the worldly things and are good donor.

They also have interest in paranormal science, tantra, also have intuition power. Due to these things they have good impact on other.
  • Auspicious day : 7,16,25
  • Auspicious Gems : Lehsuniya, Moon stone

  • Watch video on Number 7 :

Number 8(EIGHT) :

Saturn is the master of number 8. Because of misunderstanding this type of persons feel alone in life. They are of very determined nature and live a very important life. This type of persons are very lucky for others. They have sympathy for every one but do not reveal their feelings, so they are in nature introvert. Either they are very successful or not get success in whole life.

From one side where their life is indulge with problems, disturbances, Their thought are affected by philosophy, spiritualism, tantra. They don't get the proper rewards of their work in whole life. 
  • Auspicious Dates : 8,17,26
  • Auspicious Day : Saturday
  • Auspicious Gems : Neelam, blue sapphire

  • Watch video on power of number 8:

Number 9(NINE) :

The master of number 9 is mars. persons having effect of number 9 have full of struggle in whole life. Due to their determined nature they become successful. they are very enthusiastic, have the ability to become a good soldier, want to be a leader in their field, have lot of energy. they don't like any type of criticism, they have all the means to complete any work but due to non cooperation from the colleagues become disappointed. 
  • Auspicious Day : Tuesday
  • Auspicious Dates : 3,6,12,15,21,24 and 30
  • Auspicious Gems : Coral or munga, red garnet

  • Watch video on number 9 in numerology:

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