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Free Totkays | Flicks For Prosperity

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best totkay and solutions for life by best astrologer in india
Free Totkays | Flicks For Prosperity
Prosperity, Name, Fame, Money is the wish f every one but very few of us are able to get all these things in life and the person who have are in the list of successful persons. To Be a successful person is not an easy task it is a continuous process which must be continued till death. Not Only Hardworking is enough to be a successful person but your luck must be with you.


There are many person who are lucky from the birth but what about the common person so here in this article we will see how to be successful by using some simple Totkays for prosperity, for black magic protection and many more. By doing these totkays regularly with trust and confidence you will find a great positive change in your life.

Rules must be kept before doing any Totka :

  1. Keep in mind the exact time to do the totka.
  2. Do the totka alone.
  3. Don't Revela about the totka to any of your familiar.
  4. Have full trust and confidence.
  5. Don't be fear.
  6. If You are going to put any thing in chouraha aur river or any where then becareful to not turnaround when you are returning to home after leaving the things.
  7. Sprinkle some holy water after returning to home after leaving any things outside the home.
  8. Continuous pracitice with trust and confidence is the key to success.
  9. Success also depends upon the purity of the substances used in totka also siddha or charged things will assure your success. you can get the siddha yantra or other things by contacting through mail.

Totkays For Prosperity:

  1. If you want the grace of goddess mahalaxmi then do offer clove daily to any goddess temple.
  2. Take Seven gomti chakra, eleven kodis,seven sulemaani Hakik, put turmeric powder tilak on these things, in yellow cloth make potli by tying all the things and put it into your cashbox or at your temple. By this you will get the blessings of goddess laxmi.
  3. Having problem in finding job then do this take a lemon and goto chouraha where 4 roads intersecting eachother, cut it into 4 piece and throw them to 4 directions as fas as possible, do it for 7 days starting from sunday and see the result. Success will be yours.
  4. To enhance the sale of your shop do this- start making swastik on both side of your shop door by first wash it with gangajal and offer a bit of molasses(gud), 1 or 2 piece of gram and show agarbatti or stick of gugal. Gradually you find increase in sale.Do this daily.You can also do this practice in your home too for prosperity and rapid result. Read more on click here......
  5. For Maintaining good relations between husband and wife keep 11 siddha gomti chakra in sindoor in home. Happiness will come and stay in your home.
  6. If you are affected by evil eye effect then do this first take 8 siddha gomti chakra on wednesday, take 2 first and rotate it 21 times and throw it to south direction then take 2 more rotate it 21 times throw it to west direction and thus in north and east. Effect of evil eye or tantric karm  will be dissolved.
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    tone totke dwara karsiddhi
  7. In case your business is flopping or sales is getting down continuously then make a potli of 11 siddha gomti chakra in a red cloth and tie it on the main gate of will get relief.
  8. For Business Siddha Indrani Yantra, siddha kuber yantra and other SIddha business Enhancer Yantra are very beneficial. If you install a Siddha yantra at your shop you will definitely be benefited.
  9. If you are facing any legal problems then before going to court keep 5 siddha gomti chakra in your pocket and also keep that side of foot first which side of breathing is going on.chances of success increases.
  10. Those who are facing problems in promotion if offer 21 siddha gomti chakra to shiva on auspicious time shall get off from the hurdles and way of promotion will be opened. Read more simple and effective totkays.
  11. If you are suffering from nightmare then bring a branch of peepal tree by inviting him properly and wash it with gangajal and keep it in the pillow cover. your problem will solve.
  12. Mop up with whole salt(natural) water once in a weak in your home and business place.
  13. If you are facing problems in materializing the marriage proposals of any boy or girl then take 7 dry coconut worship them and rotate it 7 times around then head of boy or girl and put it in flowing river.
  14. Offering a mixture of Water, milk and sugar to a peepal tree regularly on saturday will remove many hurdles of life like pitru osha, evil eye effects etc.
  15. Government employees if want transfer then do offer water to rising sun having 21 red chilly seed in it. Soon you will get the desired result.
  16. Smoke of Neem Leafs is very beneficial to getrid off from the superficial hindrances.
  17. A specil type of mixture is also very useful to overcome from the problem of superficial hindrances i.e. mix alum, gugal, loban,whole salt(khada namak),white sandal powder and give smoke regularly in your home or affected area.
  18. To protect your business place from evil eye effect take a lemon on saturday evening and move round along the wall of your business place. cut it in 4 pieces and throw it to any chouraha i.e. where 4 roads intersect. 

Rules To Do Any Totka, Things Important In Life, Totkay For Prosperity, Best ways to increase prosperity, astrologer for prosperity problems,


  1. Can you please tell me regarding the lemon for job thing that in which direction it has to be cut? As in horizontally or vertically?


  2. What happens if i look back after doing a totka under pipal to remove ill effects of such a mistake

    1. The totka will not work and some times frightening dreams or frightening incidents happens which is inexplicable.

  3. tell me sir any remedy for making married life happyily..

    1. yes, definitely we can make our life happy but for that it is better to analyse the details of your horoscope for that do send your details in email as per the format given in the contact us page.

  4. sir, mai 3 year's se govt job ki prepration kar raha hu but kuch nhi ho raha hai am so depressed. koi exam clear v ho jata hai toh wo cancel ho jata hai ya postpond ho jata hai. iss time humare ghar mai bhi kafi problems chal rahe hai papa g ki job ko le kar unki job mai problem aa rahe hai , sab dushman ban rahe hai or mere v job nhi lag rahe hai sir please help me .....

    1. Aap upar bataaye gaye totko ka prayog kar sakte hain aur agar aap kundli dikhwana chahte hai to apko apni details mujhe email karnaa chahiye, Format ke liye kripaya contact us page par jaaye waha aapko puri jaankari milegi.


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