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How To Make A Positive Impact On Other Instantly Part-1

Motivator and astrologer for positive life
How To Make Positive Impact On
Instantly Make Positive Impact On Others - Skills For Success,How We Learn, How we Remember,Steps to Increase Skills,Points  of How To Make People Feel Important Instantly? Importance of astrology to Know the Personality.
Skill with people is the most rewarding of all human talents. Your skill with people determines the quality of your Social life,Business life,Family life etc. So it is very necessary to be a successful person to develop your interpersonal skills and for that it is also necessary to know the human psychology. Now we will see how we can get success by using interesting formula.

Let's see what research says about How We Learn :

We Learn 83% Through SIGHT
We Learn 11% Through Hearing
We Learn 3 and half Through SMELL
We Learn 1 and half Through Touch
We Learn 1% Through TASTE

Now Let's See How We Remember Informations :

We Remember 10% of What We Read
We Remember 20% of What We Hear
We Remember 30% of What We See
We Remember 50% of What We See and Hear
We Remember 70% of What We Say As We Talk
We Remember 90% of What We Say As We Do A Thing

Let's Study The Human Nature :
The Ist steps in increasing the skill to get success is in dealing with people i.e. to properly know and understand people nature.When you have proper understanding of human nature i.e. when you know why people do the things that they do ?, when you know why and how people will react under certain conditions then only you can become a skilful person or manger of human or people.

So lets's Study Point by Point by point the Human Natures :

1) People Are Primarily Interested in Themselves, Not In You :
You are more interested in yourself than you are in any other person in the world. Remember that mans actions are governed by self thought, self interest- this trait is so strong in man that the dominant thought in charity is the satisfaction or pleasure that the giver gets from giving, not the good the gift will do That comes 
This Knowledge, that people are primarily interested in themselves gives you the basis on which to work in your dealings with people. It also gives you power and skill in your dealings with others. So This is the Key Point.

2) How To Talk Skilfully ?
when you talk to someone try to pick out the most interesting subject in the world to them to talk about and i.e. THEMSELVES! When you talk to them about themselves they will be deeply interested and utterly. fascinated. They will think well of you for doing this.
When you talk to people about themselves, you are rubbing them the right way you are working with human nature.
Note : Get these 4 words out of your dictionary - " I,Me, My, Mine " and use the substitute i.e. "YOU". For e.g. this is for you and your family, you will get benefit, you will get this chance etc.
Most of us are not effective on others because we keep busy thinking and talking about ourselves.The thing to remember is that it is not how you like your remarks and subject, it is how your listeners like them.
So- When talking to others, talk about them. And get them talking about themselves.That is how you can become a most interesting CONVERSATIONALIST.

Read more about How To Make People Feel Important Instantly :
An important aspect of human nature is the desire to be an important, the desire to be recognized.By using this key point you can get attention of other i.e. the more important you make people feel, the more they will respond to you.

Keep in mind one thing that - to the other person he is just as important to himself as you are to yourself. The use of this trait is one of the cornerstones of successful human relations. 

Some Special points on how to recognize people and make them feel important :
1) Skilfully Listen To Them :
Listening to people is the best way to feel them important. Refusal to listen them is the way to make them feel unimportant. So try to listen people skilfully. This will also help you to extend the conversation.

2) Skilfully Give Compliment And Applaud Them :
While listening be careful to give compliment on their best says this will make a very positive impact on others.

3) Use The Names of People You Know :
Every one feel great by hearing his name so try to call them with their good names which will help you to get closer.

4) Think Before Giving Answers of Any Questions :
Don't reply to any questions immediately give pause of two to 3 sconds which will generate impression that you are thinking our their points.

5) Use The Words "YOU And YOURS" :
I  have already cleared earlier that everyone want importance and by using you and yours, you can easily make them feel Important.

6) Pay Attention To Every One :
Public dealing is very typical, some will satisfy and some will not which will create obstacle for you, so try to give attention to everyone in the group with your body gestures.

7) Acknowledge Everyone who Are Waiting To Meet You :
This will create an impression that they are special and by this your positive image will form on their mind. 

Astrology is Very Important to find the Strength and weaknesses of our personality and to boost it with some special remedies for which you must consult a good astrologer. Some special siddha gems, yantras and rituals are also very useful to open the way of success.
Astrology is Very Important to find the Strength and weaknesses of our personality and to boost it with some special remedies for which you must consult a good astrologer.

Instantly Make Positive Impact On Others - Skills For Success,How We Learn, How we Remember,Steps to Increase Skills,Points  of How To Make People Feel Important Instantly? Importance of astrology to Know the Personality.


  1. Well versed and intelligently conveyed. Superb guidance for each and everyone who are always in lime lite as well as in daily life. Agreed 100
    percent. Thanks for a good advice.
    Pawan Saxena , Delhi-95.


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