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How To Make A Positive Impact On Other Instantly Part-2

How to Agree Skilfully, Why to Learn the Art of Being Agreeable ?, Steps To Learn the Mysterious Art, How To Listen People Skilfully How To skilfully Influence People? How To Convince People Smartly?

The very important step to make a human relations is to master in the art of being agreeable. A Very important question is why to learn the art of being agreeable? So the Answer is that -

  1. People like those who agree with them.
  2. eople dislike those who disagree with them.

So to get mastery in this art you have to go through the following steps :

  1. Learn to be agreeable, to agree with people :et your self into a frame of mind, and attitude of being agreeable. Develop an agreeable nature. Be a naturally agreeable person.
  2. Tell people when you agree with them :It is not enough to be agreeable with people. Let people know that you agree with them i.e. your gestures are very important while you are communicating with others.
  3. Do not tell people you disagree with them unless it is absolutely necessary.
  4. Admit it when you are wrong
  5. Avoid arguing

  • Handle Fighters Properly:Remember fighter want one thing a fight. The better technique to handle them is to refuse to fight with them. They will sputter, fume and them look silly.

  • How To Listen People Skillfully:

    The more listening you do the smarter you will become, the better you will be liked, and the better conversationalist you will be.
    A good listener always winds up far ahead of a good talker in the affections of people. This is because a good listener always allows people to hear their favorite speakers, them selves.

    Following guidelines will help you to become a good listener :

    1. Look at the person who is talking.
    2. Lean towards the speaker and listen intently.
    3. Ask questions.
    4. Stick to speaker's subject and don't interrupt.
    5. Use the Words You and Your.
    You will also find one thing on the above rules that these are only a courtesy nothing else but are very effective to make a positive impact.

    How To skillfully Influence People? :

    The Ist very important step in getting people to do what you want them to do is to find out what will make them do it i.e what they want.
    When you know what will move them, you then know how to move them.All of us are different, We like different things, we place different values on different things, Don't Make the mistake of assuming that other people like what you like or are after what you are after.Find out what they are after , what they like.
    Then you can move them by telling them what they want to hear. You simply show them how they can get what they want by doing what you want them to do.
    This is the big secret of influencing people. it means hitting the target with what you say but naturally you must know where the target is. The method of finding out what people want is by asking , watching and listening to them. Plus the effort on your part to find out.

    How To Convince People Smartly? :

    It is human nature for people to be skeptical of you and of what you say when you are saying things that are to your own advantage.You can eliminate much of this scepticism when you make self-serving statements (statements that are to your own interest ) by going at it in a different way.
    The better way is for you not to make the statement directly but to quote somebody.Let somebody else make the statement for you even if that somebody else isn't even present.
    So- Speak Through 3rd Person.

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    How to Agree Skilfully, Why to Learn the Art of Being Agreeable ?, Steps To Learn the Mysterious Art, How To Listen People Skilfully How To skilfully Influence People? How To Convince People Smartly?


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