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Palmistry: Mounts or Parvat And Marriage Life

What Are Parwat In Palm?, What Are The Effects Of Parvat or Parwat in Marriage Life?, What is Palmistry?, Navagrah analysis through palm reading, Solutions of problems through Palm reading.
What Are Parwat In Palm?, What Are The Effects Of Parvat or Parwat in Marriage Life?, What is Palmistry?, Navagrah analysis through palm reading, Solutions of problems through Palm reading.
mounts or parwat on palm

Palmistry is a another science which is used to study the life of person, In palmistry predictions are made by studying the lines present in the palm,the parvat present in the palm, the subtle lines present in the palm. Palmist is also able to reveal the past, present and future easily. 
In this article we will study the effects of parvat or parwat in a person's marriage life. Now the question is that -

What are parwats?

Parvat are also called the mount in palms or we can say the areas just below the base of every finger is the area which is known as the parvat of a particular planet.


Let's study the effects of mounts in the marriage life of a person :

Mount of Moon(Chandra Parvat) :

If Moon mount is in excess then min is not stable and person try to follow the opposite sex always due to this marriage life is affected.

So to minimize the malefic effect of moon parvat following remedies should be followed :
  • Do worship lord Shiva and offer mixture of water and milk to shivlinga.
  • On Full Moon Night Offer mixture of Honey,milk and water to moon.
  • Donate White things and take blessings of Mother.
  • Bury rice or silver in cemetery or cremation ground.
  • Chandra shanti is also very effective.

Mount of Mars(Mangal Parvat) :

Excess mount of mars leads to anger and impatience or temerity, due to this his marriage life is affected.Marital happiness decreases.

Do the following remedies to decrease the malefic effect of Mars :
  • Offer a handful masoor daal wrapping in a red cloth to a beggar on Tuesday.
  • Mangal shanti is also very useful.
  • Recite Hanuman chalisa on tuesday and use the tilak of hanumanji feet.

Mount of Mercury(Budh Parvat) :

Due to excess mount of mercury person become playful and unstable. But if it is moderate person become very caring. So to minimize the malefic effect of mercury do the following remedies :
  • Bury a green bottle having gangajal nearby peepal tree.
  • Make fast of wednesday and offer green grasses to cow.
  • Worship lord ganesha on Wednesday and offer Laddu.

Mount of Jupiter(guru parvat):

If Jupiter mount is good and strong in palm and other symptoms of palms are creating problems then it alone is able to minimize the other planets malefic effects. Goodness comes in relationships due to good mount of Jupiter and happiness comes in personal life.

so if you are suffering from malefic effects of Jupter then do the following :
  • Offer Pulse of gram to horse on Thursday.
  • Offer Turmeric and gram wrapping in a yellow cloth in any temple on Thursday.
  • Respect Saints, Masters and take their grace.
  • Keep fast of Thursday

Mount of Venus(Shukra Parvat) :

If Venus mount is good in hand then marriage life of a person becomes very good. If venus is mounted in excess then it shows the immoral relationship of a person which effect his honour in society and it also leads to problem in marriage life.

Following remedies are useful to minimize the malefic effect of Venus :
  • Offer floor and sugar to cow and ants.
  • Time to time participate in kanyaadan.
  • Offer white sweets to girls on Friday.
  • Offer Camphor and ghee in temple on friday.

Mount of Saturn(Shani Parvat) :

Good saturn mount makes a real lover and marriage life become general. Over or less mount leads to the grief in marriage life. Immoral relationship with overage opposite sex.

To minimize the malefic effect following remedies are good :
  • Offer mixture of milk and sugar to a banyan(bargad) tree on saturday.
  • Offer piece of chapati to crow from your meal.
  • Recite sundar kand on every saturday.
  • Shani shanti is also very good.

Sun Mount(Surya Parvat) :

Good sun mount leads to honur in society and good marriage life and excess or less mount lead to defame of a person personal life.
To minimize the malefic effects do the following remedies :
  • Reciting aditya hriday daily is good.
  • Offer molasses to monkeys and bull.
  • Surya shanti is also very good.

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What Are Parwat(Mounts) In Palm?, What Are The Effects Of Mount or Parvat or Parwat in Marriage Life?, What is Palmistry?, Navagrah analysis through palm reading, Solutions of problems through Palm reading.


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