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Success And Super Intelligence Part 1

Our Desire, Success and Super intelligence,As We Thinketh, so we becometh, We CAN TOO DO THE WONDERS, Why we Need Super Intelligence, Astrology And Super Intelligence ......

Have you ever dreamt of being a Super Intelligent, Super Star, Super Person, Eminent Person? Of Course, yes. Are you trying to achieve this feat Certainly Yes.
I know that this positive reply will come from your end because you have a staunch(pakka) beliefin brighter achievements and Super Intelligence. This Article testifies your this will that you are one of those wonderful chaps(person)who wish to steal teh lime light and those who blend into backgrounds to complete a beautiful picture that called an incandescence(uddipt or bright career) career.
Do you know that you are what you think? Virtually you are what you think. This is one of the most important facts about you. So Think vividly to acquire super intelligence and bright your future. If you don't think about it, you can not have it.
You have vast potenttialities to alter your life by altering only your attitude of mind, and then you can even endeavour(achieve) to touch the glowing stars.
Therefore, get rid of your worn out thoughts. Fill your mind with fresh, new creative thoughts and be ready to adopt the effective parameters those are absolutely capable to increase your intelligence. Your this improved intelligence is the only parasol(small umbrella used by females) to give you shelter from the fierce(prachand) competitive world. If you really wish to be a successful in your life, then don't try to quench your thirst of being a super intelligent, and keep it never ending. Perhaps you are not aware that everyone of us always longs for extra-ordinary intelligence, and a minute irresponsibility in creating super intelligence can lead you to great despair. This is the era of tough competition. Particularly last two decades have witnessed the inflammation of competition in every sphere of existence. Every where, there is a flamboyat tangle of people for a few openings. Only one is successful in this battle-field who is able to withstand the severe shocks of competition. And you can be well equipped to cushion this shock wave by providing the shock-absorbers of your super intelligence.
In fact, success and super intelligence are the two faces of same coin. I reiterate(repeat) your thoughts and it is true in rare cases that extra ordinary intelligence may be hierarchical or God gifted, but it is equally true too that the super intelligence can also be crafted. And no one is better creator of your super intelligence than YOU.
You are really master of your unique existence which have immense capabilities to create the super intelligence. Because you are one of the best possessors of wonderful instrument, the Mindthat prompts always to transform your intelligence into super intelligence.

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What you are is the nature's gift to you and what you make yourself is your gift to thenature. The nature endowed you this versatile existence not merely to play a dream but to create and aura of glaring personality. 
By creating your extra ordinary individuality you not only please your friends, but the mother nature as well. Your family, your society, your country all derive great happiness and joy from your transformed personality. 
Perhaps you are not aware that the Almighty, God has gifted you such a finest piece of its kind filled with extra ordinary powers to brighten your existence. You are a possessor of bonzer(uttam) excellent mind having great lust to develop its friendship with you and to see you as a super intelligent. Equipped with not less than 12,00,00,00,000 neurons, Your brain and mind virtually weeps sometimes on your heedlessness and negligence towards it, It is absolutely true that you are not paying proper attention to your brain. And You are not accompanying it properly in your endeavors to get your desired success.
Due to your carelessness, almost 90% neurons of your brain are lying empty, and unused . That's why your brain has severe passion to get these cells utilized by you. But strangely you are so harsh towards your brain that you don't try to enhance the utilization of brain cells more than 10%. Now your brain, the mind appeals you to ensure objective use of the remaining brain cell's capacity so USE IT. 
Just consider, while merely 10% of brain cells are capable to furnish you in such afine personality, then what can not be achieved by a little more use of these brainy neurons. 
And it is not impossible that you too could succeed to transform your existence into glowing stars like Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, Abraham Lincoln, William Shakespeare, jamshedji Tata, Aditya Birla, Bill Gates, Ambani etc.

Actually you have achieved only a small fraction of what you could. As you start to think about proper use of your neuronal cells, you tend to do so. As well as you think to satisfy your desire to succeed, you can dot it excellently. Because " What a piece of work is a man !moving, how express and admirable !In action, how like an angel ! In apprehension, how like a god!" 

Thus spoke sir William Shakespeare of the human body and soul and certainly you. It is not hyperbolic that you are better than you think, you are brighter than you think, you are more creative than you think, and even you are more intelligent than you think. The generosity of nature makes you to believe in this fact. So think well and become well. 
"Nothing in this world is so powerful as an idea whose time has come," so said Victor Hugo. And this single idea is enough to transform your intelligence into super intelligence that can change your life completely, and can lead you to the path of great excitements, great popularity and great success. 

The flashing idea in your mind to create super intelligence is ready to trnsform you, since you are a powerful and self-directive human being. Are you really enjoying the thrill of living ? Are you getting the most out of your life? Have you become better acquainted with your secret super intelligence which can bring you everything in the world you want?
If yes , good luck to you. If not it doesn't matter at present, but be prepared to recognise your mind and getting along with its supreme capabilities. Thus understand your mind, control it and use it.
The product of your mind, the super intelligence is backed with amazing 12,00,00,00,000 cell -powered brain. It is the bare fact that nothing is important in your life than the control and constructive use of your inner power, the mind power, the brain's neuronal power. No any goldmine could pay you bigger dividends than what you can fetch by using your this tremendous mental treasure.
The bitter truth about you is this that you have so much but you use so little. You would wonder to know that out of 12,00,00,00,000 brain cells, every tiny single cell is capable of storing more than 1,000 informations in it. You have been equipped with such a tremendous power of themind that's why christ declared that "the kingdom of God is within you !" 
Hence forth, realise first the great power of your mind, your miraculous intelligence that makes you enable to do the wonders. And then everything you wnat shall be added to you. The christ also emphasized that "The things that I do you also shall do and greater things than these shall you do."Noted philosopher william james perhaps said correctly about you ," The human individual lives far within his limits. He possesses powers which he habitually fails to use ".
Some days before the death of Alva Edison, he was asked to define electricity. Edison replied, " It exists. Use it!" No one has ever been able to define the electricity and no one may ever be able to define the wonderful power of your mind. Nevertheless, it exists. use it. Do not allow it to be wasted even for a second. USE IT. the Chinese philosopher Lao -tzu said some 2 hundred fifty years ago that " He knows others is clever, but he who knows himself is enlightened. He who overcomes others is strong, but he who overcomes himself is mightier still." And when you learn to overcome your paradoxical barriers, You becomes mightier indeed to perform magnificent deeds. 
Theefore , it is very essential for you to have acquaintance with how to use the tremendous power of your super intelligence that can take you anywhere you want to go, that can give you anything you wnat in your life.

Yes, ofcourse . we are in dire(bhayanak) need of creative super intelligence because :
1) our super intelligence is an architect and builder of our brighter career.
2) our super intelligence is the master of innovation and the sumo(akhada) of career arena.
3) There is always a new world to win with the help of super intelligence because sky is not the limit.
4) The premium performance in every sphere of life is absolutely depends upon our super intelligence.
5) Fortune not favours only the brave but the craftsmen of super intelligence too , which is the real cource of turning convictions into core competency.
6) Through super intelligence We are able to get Name, fame, money and every thign which we want to be a successful person.
Surprisingly, we all have intelligence that can be transformed into super intelligence, but we do not tend to accelerate it on the right track to catch the right ambition It is the high time to create your super intelligence to thrust you towards the high altitude of career. 
Achieve, therefor, the power of super intelligence and recharge your success giving battery.

Astrology is also a very powerful tool to develop super intelligence. Because astrology reveals the secret that which planets are responsible to increase the intelligence and thus by using proper astrological way we are also able to increase it. 
Later on we will also come to know the way How to develop creative and super intelligence?

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Our Desire, Success and Super intelligence,AS YOU THINKETH, SO YOU BECOMETH,YOU CAN TOO DO THE WONDERS, Why we Need Super Intelligence, Astrology And Super Intelligence ......


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