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Success And Super Intelligence Part2 - How To Develop

Importance of Brain, Creative Ways Of Learning, Points To Develop  Creative Intelligence.
What is the success of students or persons who are able to achieve marvellous feats inspite of their participation in other activities too? The answers is "The brain is not only answer of such achievements. It is not necessary that brilliant sudents always get best marks. The researches conclude that it is more important to use yur natural capacities effectively and creatively upto the maximum extend, definitely extensive infinitely." Researches proved that sometimes the students with high I.Q. fail to secure comparatively good marks than their colleagues having low I.Q. Because such students learn with proper interest and make learning easy. That is why they never bother for hard studies. They believe in learning creatively and do Labour Under Correct knowledge to fetch better results. A quite reasonable number of intelligent students told me that " It doesn't matter to keep open your book in front of your eyes, but important point is this that what are you doing at that moment." Surprisingly, in those students, there were so many students who put lesser time in their home studies in comparison to those students who secured lesser marks than those high achievers. These high achievrs. These high achievers opined that "Sometimes hardworking alone does not help in achieveing desired results." The high-flier students are in fact expert in certain basic techniques for scoring high marks. You can also join their league by grasping those basixc trends and can make your performance as well as results brighter. The studies reveal that these trendsetters are creative intelligent. That is the secret of their success. 
Read About How To Develop Super Intelligence 
Come, Let us Know the Points or path which is followed by creators of creative Intelligence :  

 1) DEFINE YOUR PREFERENCES : Everyone of us have so many assignments, and one who arranges them priority wise creatively can dispose off them effectively. defining tha preferences shapes up creative intelligence and makes you successful in your endeavour. the believers of best results do not permit any disturbance during their studies. Once they open their books or start practising maths, they are not inclined to divert their attention, whether it is a call for break fast or for something else. Such students do not even prone to viewing television or other entertainmetn programmes during study period. For them, study is the most important task. Hence, to create creative intellience, define your preferences transparently. 

 2) PROPER PLANNING PAYS PERFECTLY : Keeping necessary study material arranged properly on study table is best aid to learning process. During an interaction with students, I came to know about few such students too who had no separate study rooms. but they were also following the proper arrangement regime. And to utilize even their single moment, they were keeping all their necessary study material collectively in a drawer of table, or in abag. Thus, they had no compulsion "to lose their watch in search of their study." 

 3) STUDY ANYWHERE, ANYTIME : Want of proper place or lack of proper time for study is not a valid excuse for the best result seekers. They train their mood accordingly and do not perster about such mis conceptions like place of study, time of study etc. Whenever their moods with to engage themselves, they can be seen in their studies. Once I got an opportunity to teach a failure of last years High School examination. His vocabulary was extreme poor. I advisesd him to enrich the vocabulary and assigned a lesson for practice. And also instructed him to learn to word-meanings and spellings thereof. To make use of his time effectively, he pasted the list of word meanings even his bathroom , and at the time of brushing this teeth, he was succeeded in learning 3-4 new words daily.

 4) HOW TO READ, HOW TO LEARN : Time is the most valuable property. Enjoy this precious factor before its vanish. To make use of time judiciously, investing innovative ideas in study always of a great help. Technique of fast reading -"eye Fixation Technique" is one of the innovative ideas. It is Your wisdom to adopt the useful methods to improve your study skill and those are helpful in time saving as well as effective in learning. Mind map method is also very useful method in which notes are made with the help of any image. Asking questions regularly is also very great technique. As You can easily grasp the answers easily by hearing the answers. 

 5) ENSURE EFFECTIVE USE OF TIME TABLE : Heavy load of assignments and long topics for apprehension can cuse irritation and can harass a peson or student. Making time table easily subject-wise and topic wise is very good way to manage this type of problems. By dividing in bits and pieces, even most boring topics are easy to accomplish. Heavy assignments then do not seem like giants, but like the golgappas. And you can gulp down them with ease. It is always mandatory to complete any given assignment within pre-planned time frame to achieve desired results. Hence, prepare not only the time table, but use it properly. 

 6) THE PROPER NOTES, YOUR BEST COMPANION : Your Notes,are your best companions, hence prepare proper notes anduse them effectively and positively. It is true that reading text books is important, but it is also equally important to concentrate on what is being taught by your teachers in the classes. Remember your teachers put utmost stress on those points which have pre-impressions of subject matter in the mind of teachers.And in most cases they examine you in the purview of those imprints. Try to make notes during reading, hearing and thinking regarding any subjects. 

 7) WRITE CLEANLY AND LEGIBLY : You don't get marks on what you write in your examination, butalso on hwo you write. Good hand writing is a great assent to get better marks. Contrary to this, writings in dirty manner and illegibility create confusion and irritaion to the reader. Definitely good writing fetches better scores in comparison to dirty and illegible handwriting. 

 8) ASK,ASK,ASK : it is not always good to keep silent. In case of any doubt one should open one's mouth and ask question, counter-question to get required clarifications. It is more important to put your doubt before the teacher and ask question than merely attending the class like a dumb-person. Asking question shows that how much you are aware towards your study, and your this tendency tends the good teacher to assist you in your educational efforts. Remember, better marks are the result of better grasping and better grasping is the result of better asking. 

 9) GET ALONGWITH YOUR COLLEAGUES TO STUDY TOGETHER : During a group discussion session, it was revealed that the students who were studying in aleague with their fellow-students who were studying in aleague with their fellow-students succeeded in secruing better marks in comparison to those students who were not interested in exchanging their notes with other class-fellows. This experiment concluded that students engaged in group studies, group discussions and group eforts cultivated better compreshension and fetched better results than the students who studied in camera and were not prompt to assist their colleagues. Such students were virtually depriving themselves of benefits those could be received from other studentss' experiences. When such aberrant students were instructed to study in collaboration with other students, they improved not only their grasping and understanding power tremendously, butimproved their examination results too. So take a trial of study in league with your colleagues and may you wonder to see your enhanced success. 

 10) ARRANGE EXAMINATIONS AT YOUR HOME : It is very effective weapon to face your school or board examinations. Before your school/board examinations, arrange your home examinations. Conduct your home examinations in strict accordance with the norms of school or board examinations.

 11) DO MORE THAN ASK FOR : If you do more than advised, if you exercise more than what is asked for, you endeavour certainly better to achieve good marks. One who creates interest in one's study crates creative intelligence that plays an imprtant role in forming one as a best student. Remember " Chance favours only the prepared mind". So prompt vigorously to arm your mind with facts and figures to get favourable chances. Why should you be alaggard, while you have vast potentialities within you to glow like a star in examination sky. You achieve according to what you believe, hence set a high standard for yourself, motivate yourself and get commendable feats. Believe yourself, and believe that yo have latet powers those can enable you to show to the world,that you too can fly high. 

 ASTROLOGY AND SUPER INTELLIGENCE : Astrology is also a very powerful tool to develop super intelligence. Because astrology reveals the secret that which planets are responsible to increase the intelligence and thus by using proper astrological guidance we are also able to increase it. 

Importance of Brain, Creative Ways Of Learning, Points To Develop  Creative Intelligence. 


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