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Formula For Better Studies

Planning For Studies, How to remain self disciplined? How To Arrange Study Room?, Why Need suitable Chair ?, Power Points for Studies, How Astrology helps in better studies?

Systematic and judicious management of studies can raise it to new heights and the following points would be immensely helpful in coordinating your approaches and planning :

  1. Suitable arrangements for study.
  2. Optimum utilisation of time in hand and with resolve to dedicate yourself fully into studies, eliminate all unnecessary elements from your routine. Try to set maximum possible early morning timings for studies. Timings are the only element of your  routine on which you have fullest dominance, that is your own and so you should extract and devote its maximum on your studies. 
  3. Fully exploit and channelise the facilites available for ooptimising and streamlining your studies.
  4. Reference literature- Besides handling course materials from testbooks, always go on compiling notes from relevant items in newspapers and periodicals and use them as additional material so that they can enhance quality of your answers at examinations.
  5. Analysis and Solutions of Difficulties : The difficulties arising in the course must be dealt with then and there with a pragmatic and judicious approach.
How To Remain  Self disciplined ?
Generally the student is less inclined to be disciplined at this age and so it is o extreme importance that they abide with it fully, especially while with both the teachers and the parents, and fully devote and dedicate himself towards the studies. 
Selection Of a Good friends : At this tender age one is introduced to many but with little of knowing the other and undue show don't extend closeness or proximity and therefore, better to remain formal only. Make friendship with one better than you in habits and hobbies and from good families.

Maintain Proximity With Good Teachers : Good teachers and better friends are guides to agood future or rather the destiny makers. So it should always be your endeavor to cultivate such ones. They are your well wishers.

Participate in the institutional Cultural Functions :
There are number of opportunities coming up during studies at college where you can sharpen your talent and abilites. So wheat ever it may be like cultural functions or associations like science,arts photography, fine arts, environmental and literary forums, don't miss but just jump into the grand wagon andtrend of the day as they will help you in redefining yourself and giving a new dimension to your personality.

Better utilization of college Library :
During the busy college schedule, whenever you find some time to spare then instead of spending less into gossiping better utilize it in being at library. Read good authored books, take down notes, gofor newspapers and worthy magazines to be in constant touch with day to day affairs and latest developments. make better usage of the college life and cultivate good habits to realize your lifetime objectives. 

How To Arrange Study Room ?
The study -room located in East, in north-west corner or in the North, but facing east has been considered auspicious. It has also been considered best to locate it alongside worshiping place inthe North-East corner but better to locate it east facing at the middle of eastern wall.
these arrangemetns will help immensely in generating interest in studies, making their natural energies much beneficial so that the children may exclusively concentrate on their studies and objectives fruitfully.

Why Need suitable Chair For Study ?
Intensive studies inform us that our body adopts to the shape of any chair easily and so it has to be right one because with wrongly shaped chair the body also takes wrong shape and becomes unworthy.
According to specialists, the back of the body is power-house of the whole. It is responsible for correct motion of hands and feet. It is, therefore of utmost importance that the chair should be correctly shaped suitable to your physical entity so that it is comfortable during studies.

  1. The seat should be little higher to your knees and be atleast an inch higher than the upper portion of your knees. Arms be at level with the table top and soles of the feet comfortably resting on the floor.
  2. The back of the chair should be perpendicular, making a good posture for spine and making it comfortable.
  3. Inclination/spread of the rear surface should be so that half of the body weight may be transferred over the same.
  4. The suitably shaped rear surface provides comfort to lumber spine. It's shaped perpendicular assists in maintaining the spine in its natural shape. 
  5. Handles should be padded so that it may be comfortable at the elbows. It will be helpful in releasing the tension from the shoulder downward towards the arms.
Power Points for Studies :
  • East, North-east and north are the scholarly directions and while studying the student must be facing one of these.
  • While reading the table-chair be so placed that these may be facing east, north-east or north. Effort be made to ensure  east facing position.
  • The books be kept in southern or western portion of the study room.
  • No mirror be placed right in front of the reading table. 
  • The table should not be in physical contact with the wall but about an inch gap be maintained. 
  • Place the picture of Goddess Saraswati in front.
  • Place portrait  of Om. It energizes the genius of student. Everytiem before commencing study, pray to god.
  • Place suitably inspiring portraits of great ones and their inspiring words in study room.
  • Atleast a gap of an inch be left between the cot and the wall.
  • Placement of the dressing table or the mirror should be so that while studying your shadow should not fall over it.
How Astrology helps in better studies?

Astrology is a miraculous subject which reveal the mystry of our personality and thus it also helps to clear that how we can use the gems and other formulas of astrology to get success in our studies. For this horoscope is needed. A good astrologer can guide you better.

Planning For Studies, How to remain selfdisciplined? How To Arrange Study Room?, Why Need suitable Chair ?, Power Points for Studies, How Astrology helps in better studies?


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