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  1. Smooth Roads Never Make Good Drivers,Smooth Sea Never Makes Good Sailors, Clear skies Never Makes Good Pilots, Problem Free Life Never Makes a Strong Person,So Be strong Enough To Accept The Challenges Of Life. Don't Ask Life," Why Me ?" Instead Say , " Try Me !"
  2. 7 Lovely Logic : 1) Make peace with your past so it doesn't spoil your present.2) What others think of you is none of your business. 3) Time Heals almost everything, give the time, sometime. 4) No one is the reason of your happiness except yourself. 5) Don't compare your life with others, you have no idea what their journey is all about. Stop thinking too much, Its alright not to know all the answers. 7) Smile, you don't own all the problems in the world.
  3. Simple Lines great meaning : " Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you. Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you".
  4. Opportunities are equal for all. But the difference is that Successful person gives results and unsuccessful person gives Reasons.
  5. There are Million of people in the world, So Why Are you born? The Reason is God is expecting something from you,Which is not possible by million.........
  6. Earning a relation is the reward of your trust, maintaining the same is the result of your sacrifice,and strengthening the same is the result of your care.
  7. Life is very complicated so don't try to find the answers because when you find answers life changes the questions. Enjoy your life.
  8. Main Difference between Attitude and Ego is Attitude makes you different from others, While Ego makes you alone from others.
  9. Time is always with the people who tries and have the courage to fly, Not with the people who stand on the ground and watch the sky. Keep up the spirit of life.
  10. Happiness is crazy mathematics. It multiplies when you start dividing it.

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  12. If you manage to smile at any situation. You are the winner of Highest number of hearts in this world.
  13. Storming message : When you lift the phone you say HELLO. Do you know what is the real meaning of HELLO? It is the name of a girl! Yes and do you know who that girl ? Margaret Hello...She is the girlfriend of Grahmbell who invented the telephone. One can forget the name of Grahmbell but no this girlfriend.!That's true love.
  14. Nice Saying " Every one has a best friend during each stage of life but only lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of life.
  15. Written at the reception of a corporate Company : We don't pay you for having Brains, We only reward you for using it intelligently.
  16. When time is never ready to wait for us, then why should we always wait for the right time ? No time is wrong to do the right thing.
  17. Never worry about the delay of your success compared to others because Construction of TAJMAHAL takes more time than an ordinary building.
  18. Every struggle of your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times they can only make you stronger.
  19. A smile can open a heart faster than a Key can open a door, smiles are free. don't save them, brighten the world with your smile.
  20. Live life like a pair of walking legs,the foot that's forward has no pride and foot behind has no shame, because they both know there situation will change.
  21. Best Om is Hariom, Best Age is Courage, best Mile is Smile , Best Stand is understand, Best End is Friend, Best Day is today. so enjoy today.
  22. Do Good to everyone without any expectation.As an old proverb says " Fragrance always remains in the hands of those who distribute Roses."
  23. Ants crawl up the wall, No matter how busy they are they still stop and communicate with each other let's be like them, busy but in touch always.
  24. Life is very similar to Boxing Game. Defeat is not declared when you fall down. It is declared, when you refuse to get up.
  25. A successful person is one who can lay a  firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her.
  26. Some one asked god, What is difference between God, Allah, Ishwar and Waheguru? He replied the same as in Mom, Maa and Babe .
  27. It feels good to stand on the ground and watch up high t your aim. But it feels great when you stand up high and others watch you as their aim.
  28. Excellent Lines from Dr. Abdulkalam: What is Success ? In simple words when your Signature changes to Autograph, That's the real success.
  29. A lesson taught in IIm : " Start working to fulfill your dreams otherwise some day someone will put you in world to fulfill his dreams".
  30. 6 Things are god gifted - 1- Mother love, 2- Father advice, 3- Brother Care, 4- Sister Fights, 5-True Love and  Me.
  31. Amazing Facts: Masjid = 6 words, Church = 6 words, Mandir = 6 words and Quran = 5 words, Bible = 5 Words, Geeta = 5 words, They all say the same 6-5= 1, God is One.
  32. Two Things are difficult : 1- To plant your idea in someones's head. 2- to plant someones's money in your pocket. the one who succeeds in both is called WIFE.
  33. The 4 Looks of Life : 1- Look back and get experience, 2- Look forward and see Hope.3- Look around and see reality,4- Look within and feel confidence.
  34.  Two Wise Advises  1- Never laugh at your wife's choices, you are one of them.2- Never Be proud of your choices, your wife is one of them.
  35. Reality of Life - When you give importance to people they think that you are always free, but they don't understand that you make yourself available for them every time.
  36. A good heart and a good nature are 2 different issues. A good heart can win many relationships, bu a good nature can win many good hearts.
  37. Simple but superb thought by Bill Gates - " In life and in business if you want to go fast , Go alone,And If you want to go FAR then Go together."
  38. Never Hate those people who are jealous of You but respect their jealousy because they are the once who think that you are better than them.
  39. Thousands of Happiness can't remove one pain in heart. But One pain can remove thousands of Happiness in Heart.
  40. All Successful and unsuccessful people have 1 thing in common 24 hours a day. It's how you use them that makes the Difference.
  41. Friend is like a stapler, Its easy to attach and difficult to remove, and the worlst is when you remove it, It leaves the paper damaged. for ever.
  42. God has no blackberry but he is my favorite contact, He is not on facebook but he is my best friend, He is not on Twitter but I still follow him.
  43. Don't Expect anything from life, Because Expectations Hurt and When we don't expect , every Moment is a surprise and every surprise brings happiness.
  44. Cute Lines: If you can't find the right words to certain situations, just give a smile. Words may confuse ,but a smile always convinces.Loud Voice of Aarti in Temple, namaz in Maszid,Prayer in Church is herd by people not by God. God hears the silent voice which comes from core of heart.
  45. A Compromise is the art of dividing a cake in such away that everyone believes that they have the biggest piece, that's Life.
  46. Participation is more important than winning.When you win you don't learn but when miss out you learn a lesson bigger than a win.
  47. Our Capabilities may be limited, like seeds in an Apple. But our potential is unlimited like apples in a single seed.
  48. A Very Nice observation : The world's happiest couples never have the same nature, they just have the best understanding of their differences.
  49. Loud Voice of aarti in temple , namaz in maszid , prayer in church is herd by people not by god. god hears the silent voice which comes from the core of heart.
  50. Expectations is a gift not curse, When people expect something decent from u, it means u have given them reasons to believe In you.
  51. True People never go out from your life easily, But when it happens , they always comeback at right time without expectation.
  52. There are thousands of languages around this world but smile can beat them all because smile is the language even a baby can speak !
  53. Living in the favorable and unfavorable situation is called part of life, But smiling in all those situations is called Art of Life.
  54. One who wins in First Effort wins the life. But who fails in first effort, can win the world because wounded mind is more powerful than a normal mind.
  55. It's common 2 ask - How are you ? How is your Life going ? Let me ask U something different  - Did U smile today? If not do it now. If yes do it again!
  56. If you miss anything don't fill your eyes with tears, it may hide yet another beautiful thing standing in front of you.
  57. Be strong when you lose and be calm when you win. Changing the ace can change nothing but facing the change can change everything.
  58. Very sensitive message : Minimum Love is friendship and maximum friendship is love.
  59. Never conclude a person by his present status, because time has immaculate power to change an invaluable coal into a valuable diamond.
  60. Think on this thought : Power does not mean that you can treat people way you like but it means people cannot treat you the way they like.
  61. True Fact : We can save many relations if we understand a simple fact that , people aren't difficult , they are just different.
  62. A quote that inspired me to work hard and realize the value of time. Every drop of sweat at young age will reduce my 10 drops of tears in old age.
  63. The weakest part of relation comes when one of the person has to give explanation to prove trust.
  64. Life is like playing chess with god, after every move he makes the next move. your moves are called choices and his moves are called challenges.
  65. Don't be so much emotional in your life that it hurts you and don't be too much practical in life that it hurts others.
  66. Anger or smile anything in this universe gives life long result but anger separates u from every one and smile makes u closer to everyone. So always keep smiling.
  67. Trust is like an eraser. It can erase all type of doubt inour mind but don't forget, It gets smaller after each mistake.
  68. Very touching line by Shakespear from hi snovel : I am MAD for her......but why I am not MADE for her.
  69. 3 hard realities of life : 1) you think a lot about the person you are trying to forget. 2) You hurt people the most you love the most.. 3) You usually fight with people from whom you expect a lot.
  70. The longer you stare at phone b4 picking up the call, Bigger the lie you tell after picking it up.
  71. Just 3 keys to enjoy life : Ctrl , Alt, Del. Control your self, look for alternative and delete the situation which gives you tension.
  72. Relationship with good persons like u is like a sugarcane. U break it crush it squeeze it even beat it or grind it Still u will get only sweetness.
  73. Great Truth - " Tears doesn't come when u miss a person, it comes when u don't want 2 miss a person"
  74. Sometimes in life it's difficult 2 decide what's wrong? " A lie that draws a smile on our face or the truth that brings tears in our eyes.
  75. Fantastic Answer by Abdul Kalam to a question asked in BC.... Define Birth Day, kalam: The only day in your life your mother smiled when you cried.
  76. Time and Smile are 2 critical things in life, Sometimes time makes you forget how to smile . Some times Smile makes us forget time.
  77. A Saint was asked, What did you Gain by Prayer and meditation?
  78. He said "Nothing but I lost Anger, Depression, Jealousy, Irritation , Insecurity and Fear".
  79. "Don't Be Afraid Of Change. You May Lose Something Good, But You Will Gain Something EVEN BETTER."
  80. "You will never know the power of yourself until someone hurts you badly."
  81. "Every Struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times., they have made you Stronger."

Quotes In Hinglish :

  • Kishmat Pehle hi likhi ja chuki hai to koshish karne se kya milega? Best Answer Ever : " Kya pata kismat me likha ho ki KOSHISH SE HI MILEGA" So Always Try .....
  • Read Slowly and Think About It ; Kiski Samjhu Keemat- Ae Khuda Tere Is Jahan Mein..Tu Mitti Se Insan Banata hai or Wo Mitti se Tujhe .!!!!
  • Sach hi kaha hai kisi ne ki waqt ke saath har koi badal jata hai, Galti uski nahi jo badalta hai , Galti uski hai jo pehle jaisa reh jata hai.
  • Dukh bhi bahut hai pareshaniyan bhi bahut hai,Zindgi me laabh hai to haaniyan bhi bahut hai,kya hua jo rab ne koi jakhm de diya, uski hum par mehrbaniyan bhi bahut hai.
  • Insaniyat insan ko insan bana deti hai, Lagan har ushkil ko aasan bana deti hai,Log yuhi nahi jate mandiron me puja karne, Aastha hi to patthar ko bhagwaan bana deti hai.
  • Parwah Nahi kuch bhi chahe dunia, raasta wahi chunna jo sachha aur saaph ho.
  • Agar tamam baatein Taqdeer me likhi hoti to khuda apne bando ko kabhi dua maangnaa na sikhata.
  • Zindgi jab kisi dorahe par aati hai, Ek ajib si kashmakash me pad jaati hai, Chunte hain hum kisi ek rah ko, par dusri rah zingi bhar yaad aati hai.
  • Wo Insaan is dunia me sabse jyada dukhi rahta hai jo dunia ko to badalna chahta hai par khud ko nahi.
  • Karni hai khuda se ek gujarish ki teri dosti ke siwa koi bhi bandgi na mile, har janm me mile dost tere jaise yaa phir kabhi zindgi na mile.
  • Just Feel the lines :  Bus ke conductor jaisi ho gai hai zindgi yaaro, safar B roz ka hai aur jana bhi kahi nahi hai.
  • Zindgi jab kisi dorahe par aati hai, Ek ajib si kashmakash me pad jaati hai, chunte hain hum kisi ek rah ko, par dusri rah zindgi bhar yaad aati hai.
  • Golden Words : Tazurba insaan ko Galat Faisle se Bachata hai .........magar Tazurba Bahut se galat faisle lene ke Bad hi ata hai.
  • Ek Lafz hai Mohabbat isse karke dekho tum tadap naa jao to kehna. Ek lafz hai Muqaddar Isse ladke dekho tum haar na jao toh kehna ! El Lafz hai wafa Zamane mein nahin milt. kahin dhoond pao to kehna. Ek Lafz hai Aansu Dil mein shhupa kar dekho .Tumhari aankhon se na nikle to kehna . Ek Lafz hai judaai isse seh kar toh dekho tum toot ke bikhar na jao to kehna. Ek lafz hai bhagwan usse pukaar kar to dekho sab kuch paa na jao to kehna.
  • Beautiful Prayer : He Ishwar agar hum wo na kar sake jo aap chahte ho . to itni samajh jaroor dena ki hum wo bhi na kare jo aap nahi chahte .
  • Why a group of friends is called friend circle? Because A square has 4 ends , A triangle has 3 ends, A line has 2 ends, only circle has No End. Just Think.
  • Chehre par Ashko ki lakir ban gai, Jo na chaha tha wo taqdir ban gai, Humne to chali thi ret par ungli, Gaur se dekha to unki Tasveer ban gai.
  • Jinhe sapne dekhna achha lagta hai, unhe raat chooti lagti hai aur jinhe spne pure karna achha lagta hai unhe din chhota lagta hai.
  • Kisi gumnam shyar ne kya khoob kaha hai ki Tanhaai is kadar raas aa gai hai ki --------------apna saaya bhi sath ho to bheed si lagti hai.
  • Tere is jahan me kiski keemat samjhu ae khuda. tu mitti se insaan ko banata hai aur insaan mitti se tujhe .
  • Itna sajo mere janaze ko yaro, ki unki ankho se ansu na aye. sari uamar to nafrat thi unhe humsekam se kam janze se to mohabbat ho jaye.
  • Hamara achha samay duniya ko batata he ki hum kya hai aur Bura samy hume batata hai ki kunia kya he.
  • agar pana hai manjil to apna rehnuma khud bano qki..wo aksar bhatak jate hain jinhe sahaare mil jate hai.
  • Behtareen Insaan apni Mithi Jubaan se jana Jata hai ......Varna Achhi Batein to Deevaro par bhi likhi Hoti hai..........
  • Galib ye kya raz hai ki -Zindgi ki uljhane shararaton ko kam kar deti hain ..Aur log samajhte hai ki hum samajhdar ho gaye .
  • Ek Bahut Achchhi baat jo zindgi bhar yaad Rakhiye ---" Aap ka khush Rahna hi Aapke Dushman ke iye sabse badi saja hai.
  • The real definition of Yaad : Yaad wo nahi jo akelay tanhai mai aye, Yaad to wo hai jo mehfil me aye or tanha kar jaye.
  • Pearl for the life time: I don't have an attitude problem, but i believe "Jhuko wahi jaha kisi k dil mein kisi ko jhukane ki Jidd na ho"

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