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Astroshree is the best online astrology service provider, it is one of the best online consultancy, people from around the world are taking services of astroshree. Every case is personally analyzed by Dr. Om Prakash Bhatnagar who is a Real Astrologer,Consultant, Spiritual Healer, Motivator and Researcher. His Research on Remedies of different types of problems like family problem, husband and wife problems, Black Magic Problems,  Business problems, Health problems, debt problems, kaalsarp yoga problems, pitra dosha problems, love problems are extra ordinary. With the use different occult sciences he is giving solution all around the world. This is one of the best online astrology and vashikaran consultancy in a very positive way. 

Although we maintain privacy in disclosing the name of our clients but some of our clients has requested to share their experiences on the web to increase the trust of people and for social welfare. So with their consent in this page some experiences of our honorable clients are published which will show how effective processes are done in Sai Shree  Parascience Research Center for the betterment of life.

You can also share your experiences through our comment systems if you think your comment will help others.
You can also send your experiences to to publish

Respected Sir,
After ur three upaay suggestions, i have done all three and due to faith on you sir, on friday night, my mother and my wife were crying to get admission in hospital. As u told me about not to share the upaay of yours, i have done the same. But due to family i have taken the admission.
I have heart infection which haven't found for last 50 days after having lot of test with the help of advance machine.
But just after doing ur upaay, the next day i admitted in hospital and the same doctor found the disease and treatment at same night.
So sir u can now think about the level of trust and faith which make me believe this.
From Sumit Vasist, Delhi
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Astrologer For Success

2. Experience of a lady. For the Privacy Reasons Name is not publishing. But experiences is given in the words of lady who is living her life successfully by using the vashikaran process.
Case: Just couple of months after the love marriage a familiar lady came to me and said his husband is changed completely and he is not giving me attention as earlier and some times it seems that some other energy works on him. Please help me sir.

Analysis report: After complete analysis of birth chart and analysis from paranormal ways it is found that the husband of Mrs. Kushwah was in impact of black magic and earlier he was an affair with a girl and she was using some black magic on him.
When this was known surely by asking them. Proper utara and shanti process is done and to control the mind vashikaran process is used safely and the result came in 2 month. Here is the experience of that lady.

I am thankful to you for you kind support. Later on I was very upset and due to social and family pressure i was unable to face the people around me. By adopting your ways and pooja and by your grace my family problem is resolved and now i am living a wonderful life with my husband. He has become like my earlier beloved. I will definitely continue with your process to live better life. Thanks a lot for helping me in my negative time. Now i believe that Astrology ways definitely work.
Mrs. Kushwah From Indore.........

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Life Enjoyment Ways From

3. I Piyush Kaothekar working as a Program Manager in Commins Turbo Technology wants to share some experiences with Dr. Om prakash Bhatnagar.
I used to spend some time with him in doing spiritual discussions which helps me a lot in taking decisions in my personal and professional life.
This not only motivates me but helps to be in positive aura in my life.
His analysis way is great and predictions are perfect. I have seen the results of his poojas which he did in the absence of me. Actually he has proved the distance healing.

4. Rajat Sinha A Bank Officer From Bangalore Wants to say that--
Believing in being yourself a soul with a power to communicate with God, and ability to create an aura of yourself is beneficial, along with having a guidance of someone capable like Shri Om Prakash Bhatnagar is an added benefit, Om namah shivay...

5. A Black Magic Case of Delhi and the result which a person felt with 3 days of  doing the remedies. For Privacy reasons Name is not given.

Case: I am suffering from black magic from last 3 years. A strange smell comes from my body. The smell is like something is burning or like the smell which comes near sewer. When I inhale / exhale I can smell that bad odor  even in my shit and nose cleaning I find the same smell. My shit is always blackish and if a pass gas the smell is very bad, a smell similar to like a sewer. I can not put any deodorant as this increases the smell. I am sure this is done by my ex-wife as she is after my life. Please help to overcome this bad smell and become normal.
After Remedies what he felt is given in his words here:

Following changes are being felt after the Utara:
a) The smell of something burning or sometimes similar almost like rusted food or like dustbin which I felt during inhale and exhale of air or in my potty / nose cleaning has stopped. I would say that 80 to 90% of the smell is gone. But I can sense that there is still some smell coming when I inhale and exhale. Yesterday there was no smell the whole day and I even used deodorant on my clothes and I could smell the deo also (just like 3 years back when I was not affected by this smell).
b) In my dreams yesterday I had much pleasant sleep and felt fresh today morning. Before the Utara I used to get lot of dreams where I find my clothes lost and I am naked, other times I am searching for some direction or to get out of something but could not get out and was lost. Sometimes I used to get dreams like there is a party and food items are kept, I find people and they are eating, sometimes some dish I am searching for self or for someone is there but I could not get it.
In last few days since Saturday the dreams have reduced. Also I am feeling positive in every thing - weather it is work, food, meeting people.
c) I am feeling light in my mind after the Utara.

kmk mahesh July 5, 2013 at 5:48 AM
Awesome piece of information, I had come to know about your website from my friend vinod, indore,i have read at least seven posts of yours by now, and let me tell you, your blog gives the best and the most interesting information. This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for, i'm already your rss reader now and i would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you!
Thanks a ton once again, Regards, plug and play office from Kukatpally

7. Vernon Rodriguez Says :
Om Prakash sir,
You have given me such a easy remedy i just can not believe i will  do it every day. sir should i do it  when i get up from sleep or early in the morning because sir i sleep late and get up around 10:30 am latest. . sir from the time i got your web address i am just getting addicted to it, Sir from the time i came to understand about Indian astrology i wanted to get in touch with Indian astrologer to get help for my self but i could not get it and now you started helping me i am very grateful to you. Sir i have never got any site like yours that gives so much information in details, i just can keep on reading, it is so interesting, sir i am so desperate to get rid of my loans that i wanted to get mantras and start chanting  it, but after i read all that you wrote i will leave the great job be done by you educated people in this field. thank you. Sir please remember me in your prayer. and i need a lot more of your help.

8. 22 July 2013
Barun Kumar Ghosh
12:28 AM
u r really great..I am just astonished to ur prediction..I used to do
theater and for my acting got chance for a foreign cud u
know? just awesome..
but den i missed d after getting your suggestion I WILL JOIN

mmahessh keerthiAugust 12, 2013 at 9:51 PM
You are so cool! I don’t suppose Love read anything like this before. So nice to find any individual with some authentic ideas on this subject. really thanks for beginning this up. this website is something that’s needed on the web, somebody with somewhat originality. Helpful job for bringing one thing new to the web!

What Clients Says About Us | Experiences of Clients, Experiences of clients with, What are the benefits clients felt with Dr.Om Prakash Bhatnagar, Power of

Shri Om Prakash Bhatnagarji
Thanks for your advice during pitra dosha and got full satisfaction.  Now we are slowing getting effect which we are suppose to get it. In this matter if you find suitable advice or progressive thing for me then please mail us.
Thanking you,
 b b godam
Navi Mumbai

Dear Sir,
 How are you ?
 I am very happy to let you know that I am getting positive effects from your suggestions/mantras. I am regularly using these.Thanks a lot for guiding me.
Sachin Sahu


  1. Namaskar Sir,
    I'm happy to share my experience with other people so that they can get benefit of magical remedies provided by you. Once i was searching for a trusted Astrologer in India with which I can communicate and explain my problems clearly. Then i found Dr. Om Prakash Sir through his amazing website I explained all my problems and gave my Kundli birth details. Within one day, He sent me an email after reviewing my Kundli etc. with all the remedies (Gemstones) and gave 2 mantras. I'm following all the remedies given by you and seeing the changes coming in my life. Thanks a lot. I recommend him to others after getting magical change in my personal life.
    From- Yogendra Sharma (Greater Noida,India)

    1. Thank You for publishing my experience with you. By Profession, I'm a Freelancer (Software Developer) and Professional Blogger (

    2. Dear Yogendra, I have seen your many blogs and i must say you will rock in the web world. My best wishes are with you always.

    3. Thank You Sir for your best wishes. I am following your success mantras and always grateful of you.


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