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Politics and Astrology,Ways To Get Success In Politics

Politics and Astrology Politics and Astrology,Ways To Get Success In Politics, horoscope analysis for politicians, Birth chart study to be a politician. Politics and Astrology Astrology has shown its importance in every aspects of life. You can't ignore astrology advice in any field. Astrology shows the reality of your personality and also provide you the right solutions to overcome from your problems. Politics is a field which is very important from the point of view of persons who want to make it as a career. But not every person gets success in politics. The question is why every person do not get success in politics?.  The answer is present in astrology. There are certain planets which helps to gets success in politics, if they are not strong in horoscope person will be unable to achieve the expected position. In this article we will find which planet and houses or horoscope are important for the political career and how to gain power to be a successful politicia

Shani Sade Sati Effects and Remedies

Solutions of Shani Sade Sati Shani Sade sati Effects and Remedies Are you affected by shani or sturn?, Are you facing problems due to Saturn or shani in your personal and professional life?, Are you suffering from chronic diseases due to shani sade sati? Don't worry here is the solutions of your problems related with shani or saturn. Shani the lord of justice, Shani the lord of giving the results of good and bad karmas done by us.  People are often fear of by hearing the name of shani dev. Every one think that during sade sati shani dev will create problems in our life. But this is not true. We get whatever we sow. So there is a need to understand the concept of shani sade sati and then we are able to get rid off from the bad effects of shani deva in our life which is really the effects of our own karmas. shani dev or saturn planet related with death, discipline, restriction, misery, sorrows etc. Saturn or shani is the master of 2 planet capricorn and Aquarius. Shan

18 World Famous Visiting Places of Ujjain

18 World Famous Visiting Places of Ujjain, Teh city of Mahakaal, Distance of Visiting places of Ujjain from Mahakal temple. Mahakaleshwar of Ujjain All the visiting places are around the Temple of Mahakaleshwar Here in Astroshree you will get all the places with their distance from Mahakal temple.  Mahakaleshwar Chintaman Temple 4.5 km from Mahakal temple. Navgrah Temple at Triveni Ghat 5 km from Mahakal temple. KaalBhairav Temple 5 km from Mahakal temple. Siddhwat 6 km from Mahakal temple. Mangalnath Temple 6 km from Mahakal temple. Gopal mandir 1 km from Mahakal temple. Harsiddhi Temple 0.5 km from Mahakal temple. Kaliyadeh Palace 8 km from Mahakal temple. Chardhaam Temple 0.75 km from Mahakal temple. Ramghat(River kshipra) 1 km from Mahakal temple. Manchaman Temple of Ganesha 2.5 km from Mahakal temple. Gadkalika Temple 4 km from Mahakal temple. Ramjanardan Temple 3.50 km from Mahakal temple. Sandipani Asharm 3.50 km from Mahakal temple. Srinath Temple 1

Ujjain ! The Holy City | The City of Mahakaal

Ujjain ! The Holy City | The City of Mahakaal, Important Places of Ujjain, Important Information of Ujjain/Ujjaini/Awantika Nagri, How to reach Ujjain, 18 World Famous Visiting Places of Ujjain, Where To Stay In Ujjain Ujjain, The city of Mahakaleshwar In ancient time Ujjaini was also known as 'Awantika Nagri'. We can't imagine Ujjain without the lord of Time or kaal 'The Mahakaal'. Ujjain is considered as a very pilgrim city and in the world map it is situated at the bank of river Kshipra 23.11 latitude (North)and 75.43 Longitude(East). Ujjain is also considered as the cultural heritage of India. It is a place to get salvation. It is a place where Yogis, saints, Tantrik come to perform their spiritual practices. It is being the land of many eminent saints like Rishi Sandipani, mahakatyayan, Bhruthari, Mahakavi kalidas, Varahmihir, PUshpdant, shankaracharya etc. In ujjain there are many powerful places where 12 month special types of rituals takes p

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