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Shani Sade Sati Effects and Remedies

Powerful shani remedies, easy totkay for shani remedies
Solutions of Shani Sade Sati

Shani Sade sati Effects and Remedies

Are you affected by shani or sturn?, Are you facing problems due to Saturn or shani in your personal and professional life?, Are you suffering from chronic diseases due to shani sade sati?
Don't worry here is the solutions of your problems related with shani or saturn.
Shani the lord of justice, Shani the lord of giving the results of good and bad karmas done by us. 
People are often fear of by hearing the name of shani dev. Every one think that during sade sati shani dev will create problems in our life. But this is not true. We get whatever we sow. So there is a need to understand the concept of shani sade sati and then we are able to get rid off from the bad effects of shani deva in our life which is really the effects of our own karmas.
shani dev or saturn planet related with death, discipline, restriction, misery, sorrows etc. Saturn or shani is the master of 2 planet capricorn and Aquarius. Shani or saturn is exalted or uchh in Libra(tula) and is of neech in Aries(mesh).

What is shani Sadesati or saturn sadesati?

It is the time period of shani or saturn of seven and half years(7.5) in any Raashi or zodiac sign. During this period person may get good and bad result as per the karmas of past.

3 Stages of Shani Sade Sati:

Sade sati effects the life of any person in 3 steps-
a) 1 Stage or pratham charan of shani sade sati-
In the first step of sade sati, shani affects on monetary power of person. It increases the expenses, unwanted problems surrounded the person affected by shani sade sati. Person may suffer from diseases like insomia, mental stress may increase.
b) 2nd Stage or Dwitiya charan of Shani Sade Sati:
In this period family and business problem may arise. Relation with relatives may falls, person has to go for long jouney and due to this expenses increases, support from friends and relatives may not get in time, person has to work more to get the desired result. 
c) 3rd Stage or Tritiya Charan of Shani Sade Sati:
There is decrease in luxory in persons life in tritiya charan of shani sade sati. Expenses increases unusually, Good work affected in home, contradiction arises with progeny, chances of debate arises too much in this period.
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Powerful remedies of shani sadesati

Some common Effects of Shani sade sati or saturn sade sati-

  1. Financial problem
  2. Persoanal problem
  3. Health Problem
  4. Official problem
  5. Career problem

Benefits of shani sade sati or saturn sade sati-

  1. Increase of patience power.
  2. Improvement in survival techniques.
  3. Improvement in Earning sources.
  4. Improvement in Social Status. 

Remedies of Shani Sade Sati or Saturn Sade Sati-

To handle the problems of life is not an easy task so every one try to do something special to get away from the malefic effects of planets. Here I am giving you some easy way to come up from the bad effects of shani sade sati. 
Note: It is good to consult any astrolger before going for remedies So that you may get the right remedies for you.
shani affects the zodiac signs differently. So there are different remedies for different types of person. But for that it is necessary to analyze the horoscope or kundli.
Important Note: Do Not wear ring of iron or neelam without proper guidance. It may disturb your whole life.
Remedies for Aries people,Remedies for Taurus people, Remedies for Gemini people, Remedies for Cancer people,Remedies for Leo people, Remedies for Virgo people, Remedies for Libra People, Remedies for Scorpio people, Remedies for Sagittarius people, Remedies for Capricorn people,Remedies for Aquarius people, Remedies for Pisces people.
  • Visit hanuman temple regularly and offer prasad there.
  • Offers things of shani in temple or the needed persons.
  • Donate mustard oil by seeing your shadow on it. 
  • Donate black til, coconut as per your capacity.
  • Offer a mustard oil deepak under the peepal tree on sturdays.
  • Make round of peepal tree atleast 8. 
  • Use of Neelam with proper consultancy may provide good results.
  • Chanting of shani chalisa is also good.
  • Offer chappatis to black dog on saturday.
  • Installing siddha shani yantra will also give relief from shani pida or shani sade sati bad effects. 
  • Fast of saturday is also good.
  • Special shani shanti prayog is very good for which you can conctact. 
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Shani Sade sati Effects and Remedies
Are you affected by shani or sturn?, Are you facing problems due to Saturn or shani in your personal and professional life?, Are you suffering from chronic diseases due to shani sade sati? 
Don't worry here is the solutions of your problems related with shani or saturn.


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