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Career as per the lord of 10th house or Dashmesh

Career as per the lord of 10th house or dashmesh, Online consultancy for carrier.

Career is very important and the decision of career is not as easy as it seems. An experienced astrologer analysed every aspect of kundli and then suggest best career option for the person. 10 house is very important and in my previous article i have already cleared the effects of planets in Career. Now here in this article i am going to clear that how career is affected when the lord of 10th place present in different place of kundli or horoscope. 
learn about career as per astrology
Career As Per  Lord of Carrier House

Let's see career as per the 10th house in Horoscope:

  1. When lord of 10th House reside in 1st House then- Person become hard worker and get success in life by his own efforts. He or she may start business and become financially independent. 
  2.  When lord of 10th House reside in 2nd House then- The person become lucky and get success in every profession which he choose. Person may inherit the family profession or business. Person get wealth successfully due to this combination. 
  3. When lord of 10th House reside in 3rd House then- The person get assistance from the brothers or sisters to grow business or career. This makes a person orator or spokesman and a good traveller too. 
  4. When lord of 10th House reside in 4th House then- Person become very fortunate and get name and fame due to his works. This combination may push the person in politics, agriculture field, property business, Vehicle business etc. 
  5. When lord of 10th House reside in 5th House then- Speculation business may give benefit to the person. Financial business or trading sector is also beneficial for the person. This type of person lead a good life and engage in good activities. 
  6. When lord of 10th House reside in 6th House then- Person may engage in Hospital, judiciary or prison related work. Business is not good for this type of person and Service is advisable only for this type of persons. 
  7. When lord of 10th House reside in 7th House then- Partnership business is successful for this types of persons. Wife will bring luck for this person. He may be like to travel in abroad. 
  8. When lord of 10th House reside in 8th House then- This combination just increase struggle in life. Obstacles ruins the persons life. He has to work a lot for the upliftment. 
  9. When lord of 10th House reside in 9th House then- The person become a good consultant and has spiritual powers to guide others. His blessings can change the life of others. 
  10. When lord of 10th House reside in 10th House then- No doubt if this combination form then the individual will rock in the world of business or job. 
  11. When lord of 10th House reside in 11th House then- Person become an Industrialist or business tycoon and get respect every where due to his behaviour, knowledge and work. 
  12. When lord of 10th House reside in 12th House then-This is also a not good combination and person has to struggle more to make his career stable. Misfortune makes the life complicated. But person can make change with his hard work. 
So this is the power of Vedic astrology which clear every thing with the help of Nakshatra, Lord, zodiac signs etc.

Career as per the lord of 10th house or dashmesh

astrology tips for career making
Online consultancy for Carrier
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Get the best guidance for career, know the way to increase hypnotic power for career growth, know the best pooja for you for career growth, know the best gems for your career growth.

Choosing right career is one of the most difficult task in life, one wrong decision changes our whole life and so people take the help of ASTROLOGER before choosing

career as per the Horoscope.
Our life moves as per planetary influence and so if we try to move in opposite direction in comparison to our planetary powers then struggle arise in life. Through astrology,

astrologer check the planetary powers and then guide person to choose the right career to make life successful.
Every house in horoscope is related with different field and so while choosing career, astrologer also analyse the different houses before suggesting any career.
Read about Career As Per Planetary Combinations in 10th House

Career As Per Houses of Kundli:

  1. Ist House Of Horoscope:The first house of kundli is also called lagna or ascendant and the power and positions of master or Lagnesh is very important. This is also related with person's mind and so powerful lagnesh is very important to live a successful life and successful CAREER. Powerful Lagnesh make the person self employed, successful politician, successful counsellor, teacher etc. 
  2. 2nd House Of Horoscope and Career:This is a profit house and if this is powerful or if it's master is powerful then person make successful career in consultancy industry, Accounting and investment, Banking sector, copywriting sector etc. 
  3. 3rd and House Of Horoscope and Career:Powerful third house help the person to make successful career in creative work like as arts, sales, advertising etc. 
  4. 4th House Of Horoscope and Career:This house is related with happiness and luxuries and if this house is good or if the master of 4th house is in good position and power then person can make successful career in real estate, vehicle industry, agriculture, water related industry etc. 
  5. 5h House Of Horoscope and Career:This house is related with knowledge and if this house is good or if the master of this house is powerful then person can make career in teaching industry, consulting industry, politics etc. 
  6. 6th House Of Horoscope and Career:A good sixth house makes the person successful in defence sector like military, police, navy etc., health industry, food industry, under garments industry etc. Career as per the lord of 10th house or dashmesh,, Online consultancy for carrier, best astrologer for carrier consultancy, Career As Per Houses of Kundli:, Power of Planets In Choosing Career, star astrology for carrier, Carrier house in astrology
  7. 7th House Of Horoscope and Career:As per astrology If this house of kundli is powerful or if the master of seventh house is powerful then person get success in partnership business, trading, import or export business etc. 
  8. 8th House Of Horoscope and Career: If in horoscope, the master of 8th house is poweful or if this house is generating good power then person can make career in insurance industry, health industry, adult industry etc. 
  9. 9th House Of Horoscope and Career: Powerful 9th house help the person to settle in foreign countries, make career in spiritual field, teaching industry etc. 
  10. 10th House Of Horoscope and Career: This house or the master of 10th house help to make career in government sector, administration, politics etc. 
  11. 11th House Of Horoscope and Career: As per astrology 11th house help to make career in trading industry, financial industry, business industry etc.
  12. 12th House Of Horoscope and Career: As per astrology this house helps to make career in foreign countries, travelling industry, spy industry, charity industry etc. 
So birth chart analysis is very important to take decision about career from the point of view of Astrology. Read about Career As Per Lord in 10th House

Similarly ANALYSIS OF PLANETS  is also necessary before choosing right career.

Power of Planets In Choosing Career:

  1. As per astrology sun helps to make  career in administration, politics, government sector, health sector, travelling sector etc. 
  2. Moon helps person to make career in Travelling sector, Marine sector, Import and export segment etc. 
  3. Mars in horoscope help to make career in defense sector, metal sector, real estate, weapon industry, surgery, engineering etc. 
  4.  Mercury in horoscope make person author, teacher, accountant, consultants etc. 
  5. Jupiter help to make career in financial sector, religious sector, politics, social segments etc. 
  6. Venus if powerful in kundli then help to make career in entertainment industry, glamour industry, adult industry, hotel industry, art industry etc. 
  7. Saturn in horoscope is related with Labour work, real estate, agriculture, metal, oil etc. 
  8. Rahu in kundli is related with Research and development, magician, speculation, electricity, waste, mysterious work, spy etc. 
  9. Ketu is kundli is related with mysterious career, religious sector, tantra, mantra etc. 
Career As Per Nakshatra or Birth Star

Career as per the lord of 10th house or dashmesh, Online consultancy for carrier.


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