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Angarak Yoga Effects and Remedies

What is Angarak yoga, know the effects and remedies, Vedic solution of angarak dosha, best astrologer to read kundli, best ways and totke to remove this problem , Powerful ways of astrology and occult sciences to minimize angarak dosha in horoscope.

Many times when I say some one that there is a angarka yoga in your horoscope or kundli and therefore you are facing such problem person ask what is this. I am heard this first time. Is it really affect my life how to overcome from this dosha. So to clarify all this things i am writing this article hope this will help you to understand this yoga properly and after that you will be able to take step to rectify this problem.
angarak dosha effects and solution by best astrologer in india
angarak yoga in horoscope and solution

What is Angarak Yoga or Dosha?

Angarak yoga is formed when rahu and Mangal sits together in kundli or horoscope. This is sometimes shows very dangerous effects in person life.
There are some other combination through which we can find the impact of angarak yoga too. By proper analysis only we can find this yoga.

Mars and Rahu both are related with aggression and so there meeting also generate aggressive effects in life.

The impact of angarak yoga in life depends upon in which house it is form in horoscope. For example if it is formed in 5th house then the native may face problems in having baby or baby health. Read details of effects of angarak yoga in different houses here>>.

In my life coincidentally my 3 friends passes from accidents in which one has got injury in hand and other has injury in leg.

They were in bed for about 3 months. When they came to me and showed their horoscope i was surprised that both have angarak yoga in horoscope and in their kundli Mars was in power at that time.

One more case has came to me which makes me confident that yes angarak yoga has impact. A person came to me before me and shows his horoscope, he told me that 2 month later he had an accident. He and his wife were coming from a place and on the way suddenly their bike crashed and both were in the state of unconsciousness for about half an hour. When they got up they were in hospital. He just want to know that why it has happened? How it has happened?

After minute analysis what i have found is that at that period Mangal was in his mahadasha and Rahu came in pratyantar. His gan was also rakshas. Strong angarak yoga was formed in that period and due to negative rahu they came in contact with negative energy and they suffered.

I asked him to go to that place ask some person about that place. He went and found that there many persons got down without any reason. some negative energy resides their as per localized.
After that I gave him some utara and ask him to wear a kawach. After that he is ok and never faced such type of accident again.

Due to this yoga native may face relationship problem due to nature and bad luck. Females may face the delay in marriage problem, happiness in life, progeny problem. Native may also face problem in having peace in life and inauspicious happenings in life, unhappy married life, struggling life etc.

So Many types of impacts are seen by me if person has angarak yoga Some of them are:

Angarak Yoga Effects and Remedies, What is Angarak yoga, How it disturbs our life, why it is dangerous, Vedic remedies of angarak yoga or dosha, Powerful tantrik remedies of angarak dosha.
  1. Anagarak yoga is responsible for the accident.
  2. It is also causes chronic diseases.
  3. Due to this dosha person suffers from evil eye effects.
  4. Black magic also makes impact on the person easily having angarak yoga in kundli or horoscope.
  5. Some time this yoga make impact on business. A healthy business get collapsed due to negative impact of this yoga.
  6. If angarak dosha form in lagna/ascendant then it makes the person quarrelsome.
  7. Some time it is also seen that problem in marriage life come.
  8. Student some times unable to concentrate his or her mind in studies.
  9. Medicines doesn't work on persons.
  10. Person become depressed, short tempered, cantankerous or spiky.
  11. Angarak dosha if form in 7th house, it may be responsible for the divorce.
  12. In 8th house angarak dosha may result to death due to accident or major health issues. 

Remedies of Angarak Yoga:

If we talk about the remedies of angarak yoga i want to say that before going for remedies it is better to analyze the horoscope. Because only by minute analysis it is possible to find the right solutions. For e.g. suppose if the person is suffering form the negative energy then at that time remedies through tantra will be required. If the person is suffering from health problem then also it is necessary to find the exact reason.
Some astrologer direct do the rahu shanti or mangal shanti but this is also not good. Because it is also necessary to check the position of that planet before doing the shanti process.

But some common remedies are:

  1. Mangalanist prayoga which is generally used to cool down the malefic effects of mangal.
  2. Some time rahu shanti is necessary.
  3. There are special kawach which are necessary to protect the person from negative impact of angarak yoga.
  4. There is a special angarak shanti pooja in which special measures are used to cool down the malefic planets.
  5. Worship Lord Ganesha to minimize the malefic effects of angarak yoga.
  6. Sometimes it is very necessary to perform both rahu and mangal shanti puja to save person from the bad effects of angarak dosha.
  7. Do bring sindoor of hanumanji and keep it in a tabij and wear it. 
  8. Feeding sweet chapati to dogs is also good in case of angark dosha in horoscope. 
  9. Donating honey and taking honey is also a good way, offering and donating depends upon the state of mars in kundli.

Best Remedies or Best Solution of Angarak Yoga:

If you really want to know that is there any angarak yoga in your horoscope or kundli or not. If you are suffering from the problem of angarak dosha then get the best remedies by proper analysis of your birth chart. Powerful solution of angarak yoga by best angarak yoga remedial expert.

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What is Angarak yoga, know the effects and remedies, Vedic solution of angarak dosha, best astrologer to read kundli, best ways and totke to remove this problem , Powerful ways of astrology and occult sciences to minimize angarak dosha in horoscope.

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