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Astrology Ways For Better Life Partner

Astrology for better life partner, what to do to get life partner as per our wish, how astrology helps to make our married life successful, Totkays to get better life partner.

A very important part of life is marriage. The incident which change our life completely. It is said that if a person get good partner life become heaven but in case it not happen life become curse, hell. 
So every one try to get best partner in life who can make his or her life beautiful, smooth and easy going. Some times in spite of making effort person is unable to find good partner. Here in this article i am going to clear why person faces problems in finding life partner, how to get good partner, how to make marriage life successful?
horoscope reading for life partner in astrology
Astrology Ways For Better Life Partner

Marriage Place in Horoscope:

In our kundli or horoscope or birth chart 7th house is the marriage place. The study of this house clear that what type of partner we will get, how will be our married life, Is there any chance of divorce etc. 
But wait only study of this house is not sufficient, while studying the horoscope for marriage we will also check the power of moon, Jupiter, Venus. It is also checked that how the 7th house is seen by other planets. 

Some Reasons of not finding good life partner:

  1. If 7th house is affected by any malefic planet then person faces problem in finding right life partner.   
  2. If any neech grah or planet is present in 7th house then also it is not good for the marriage life. 
  3. 3. If venus is not supporting the person then also it is seen that person is not getting the satisfaction in personal life. 
  4. Some times because of malefic jupiter female suffers in personal life. 
  5. Some times due to malefic effects of mars or mangal problems arises in marriage life or there is delay in marriage. 
  6. Some times due to grahan yoga in 7th place or happiness place also create problem in finding good life partner. 

Happiness Place and impact on life partner or marriage life:

The study of happiness place is also very necessary while analyzing about the life partner or married life. 4th place is the happiness place and if it is powerful then person get all the happiness in life. But in absence of good power in 4th house of horoscope it is found that person faces problem in finding good partner and also some times even after getting good partner dissatisfaction arises in married life. 
So if this place is affected badly then it is good to take remedial action to make our marriage life smooth and sound. 

Lagna and impact on life partner or marriage life:

Lagna i.e. first house of birth chart or kundli or horoscope is very important. If this house is powerful that also it is very good for the person. Planet in this house see the 7th house directly and that's why if this house has good planetary power then it makes the 7th house strong and thus increase the chance to get good life partner in life. if 7th house is affected by malefic or negative planet then by taking good remedial action we can easily get good result in personal life.

What To Do To Get Better Life Partner:

If the person's kundli or birth chart is good then there is no doubt that he or she will get good life partner. But if some rituals, totkay, pooja will be done properly then it makes our life heaven, smooth and easy going. The couple will enjoy every moment of life together. 
Anusthaan are a way to attract the divine graces to make our life smooth. 
It is said that:
"Problems are given by God to Change our Mind but Prayers are the way to change the God Minds"
So don't worry if you are not getting life partner, don't worry if you are having problem in your marriage, don't worry if you are in search of best astrology consultancy to get better life partner. In astroshree you will get the best consultancy to make your life bright. You can get the real ways to get success in personal life. One consultancy will change your mind and life too.

There are many ways through which we can make our planets powerful to get good life partner:

  • Through special pooja, anusthaans we can make our life better. Here Shanti pooja or prayers to attract blessings of certain god or goddess is done to fulfill wishes.
  • By wearing proper Gems stone we can make our married life better. 
  • By shukra prayog we can get power of venus. 
  • Some times by using marriage totkay we can open the way of our marriage. 
  • There are yantra which can if installed in house and rituals are done before them can open the way of success. 
But the main thing is that if you take proper consultancy then definitely you will get success. By doing process by just reading the process in not good. As there are many secrets of doing some totkay or pooja. 
So don't worry consult now To Get Good life Partner in Life..........

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Astrology for better life partner, what to do to get life partner as per our wish, how astrology helps to make our married life successful, Totkays to get better life partner.


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