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Hypnosis Wikipedia

Hypnosis Wikipedia, Power of sammohan or vashikaran,know the Science.

As per the research i can say that hypnosis is a specific state of a person in which concentration is done on specific thing. In hypnotism instructions are given by a master and with these instruction the person is able to focus on only an specific target subject.
what is hypnosis in medical world
Hypnosis Wikipedia

There are many benefits of Hypnosis as per Wikipedia too :

  1. It is a way to get complete relaxation.
  2. it is also used in entertainment by magicians.
  3. Through hypnotism a person is able to focus on a specific subject deeply. 
  4. It is used in medical field and many types of problem are minimized with Hypnosis like as anxiety, abnormal behavior, negative behavior, lack of confidence etc.
  5. In psychotherapy it is used with the name hypnotherapy.
  6. National Institutes of health has declared in 1996 that Hypnosis is very effective in reducing pain in cancer patients.

Let's Understand some Terms of Hypnosis:

A) Self Hypnosis-
It means to hypnotize our self with the help of auto suggestions. In this process a person give self suggestions to make change in the sub conscious mind which makes changes physically in long run. It is helpful in diet management,quitting bad habits, stress management etc. It is a best way for self motivation and miraculous changes seen on the practitioner.
B) Stage Hypnosis-
It is done by showmen or magician on stage. This is mainly used for entertainment purpose. Tricks also used with this stage hypnosis.

My personal Experiences With Hypnosis Science:

During my researches on hypnosis i have find many interesting things which i want to share with my readers. As I use this science to motivate and to make positive aura all around. While practicing hypnosis principles i have found that -
  • Positive thinking is the main core principle to practice this lore.
  • When i started thinking positive for every incident after some time i have found changes that every person is getting peace with me. Any one who came to me or talk to me he become positive.
  • During practice i am also analyzing some important changes in my words that no negativity is touching me and because of this my whole life is getting changed. I am able to live my life more comfortably.
  • hat i think gets completed in time. Some times surprisingly.
  • By using the auto suggestions during meditation i have found that it really works. I have filled my many loop wholes like fear, unwanted desires, unusual thinking etc.
  • It helps me to concentrate in my works and because of this my clients get benefit very much. I am able to understand the problem of my clients minutely. Some times i see the things which is beyond imaginations.
  • My words are become powerful. What i say touch the heart of person.

Science of Hypnosis,Vashikaran or Sammohan:

It is a process of changing the over all personality of a person. One e.g. will clear you every thing what happen if we rub a rope in a stone continuously? It will make sign on stone. That happens in hypnosis but in different way.
Hypnotist give instruction continuously to a person and he started reacting as per the instruction. But it is the main thing that the patient must have full confidence on the hypnotist otherwise the instruction won't work.
  1. Tantra Vashikaran or Hypnosis or sammohan:In India Hypnosis is done with the special type of spells known as vashikarna spells in which when a scholar recite the mantra with special imagination to attract any one then the deity of spell or mantra do the work to attract that person. But here also full concentration is needed. Both the power of deity and person attract the person. This is known as tantra vashikaran and it is also a scientific vashikaran. Very hard practice is needed to do this.
  2. Product Hypnosis:There are two type of product hypnosis or vashikaran or sammohan- Ist is Hypnosis through Product and 2nd is Hypnosis to have some product in life.
  3. Hypnosis through Meditation:
In this special type of suggestions are given to a person whom we want to attract. There is no need to gather any thing to do this. But high meditation is needed. Again a very hard practice is needed to do this type of hypnosis or vashikaran or sammohan.
In India there are many persons who are masters of this divine lore and use this power to understand the subtle world. I must say that if a person do the practice of hypnosis then his or her life will become full of positive powers. He or she is able to get any thing in this life. But only thing is that practice under keen guidance of a competent person and with positive attitude.

A very Good Thought For Self Motivation:


"Don't be a part of Mob if you want to do some thing special. Just be a LION and make your own way. Don't wait for the opportunities just take a step to create opportunities."

Since Wikipedia doesn't say any thing about tantra hypnosis or vashikaran but here i have given some little bit information for the knowledge seekers.

Hypnosis Wikipedia  ,Power of sammohan or vashikaran,know the Science.


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