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Game of Ready Made Virtue(Punya) !

Ready made virtue(Punya), Game of virtue(Punya), How to get ready made virtue, Reality of ready made virtue, Power of Ready made virtue(Punya), What to do to get ready made virtue(Punya), Spiritual Thought. 
Ready made virtue(Punya), Game of virtue(Punya), How to get ready made virtue, Reality of ready made virtue, Power of Ready made virtue(Punya), What to do to get ready made virtue(Punya), Spiritual Thought.
Game of Ready Made Virtue(Punya) !
A totally new word but every one is ready to grasp the ready made virtue all the time. This ready made virtue is also known as 'punya' in India. This is the most easiest way to take the virtue of any other one in our pocket.
If you are unable to perform complicated karm kanda, if you are unable to perform any saadhna, if you are unable to work hard to accumulate punya then just feed to the person who is doing the above things for his or her upliftment and you will get the virtue of him or her easily. 

A spiritual game in a very minded way. This is a bitter truth that no one in this world help other with out any reason. So if you are doing any spiritual practice and want to get success really then don't allow any one to help you. Do work hard and do our own practice. Other wise it may be possible that you will take some more time to enter in the real world. 
In this world every one try to get the virtue by providing food, cloths, shelter etc. This is not bad thing because at least by this a human learn to give something to others. But this is not the way to achieve the real success called salvation. This is a karma which will provide you good things in your future life. But if you really want to uplift your self then do enter in the world of hard practice without depending upon any one. Do earn and do practice your self.

Ready made virtue(Punya), Game of virtue(Punya), How to get ready made virtue, Reality of ready made virtue, Power of Ready made virtue(Punya), What to do to get ready made virtue(Punya), Spiritual Thought. 

Selfless offering is done by a few people otherwise every one is trying to accumulate punya in this other so that to earn more and more in this life.
As per bhagwat geeta no karma will go empty in this life. So if you are doing any work i.e. good or bad, it will make your destiny. And therefore if you are offering any thing to any one then don't worry you will be accumulating something in your pocket which will become your destiny in future.
  • If you are giving cloths to poor people.
  • If you are giving food to the empty stomach.
  • If you are feeding the children.
  • If you are providing shelters to the poor then don't worry you are doing something better for you. This is not a ready made punya but 
  • If you are giving any thing to the spiritual practitioner.
  • If you are feeding to the persons who are visiting the tirth places of India by chanting spells or mantras then you are taking ready made virtue or punya.
  • If you are feeding to brahmins then also you are taking step to get readymade punya. 
  • If you are giving financial supports to any brahmins, spiritual practitioner then also you are accumulating the ready made punya.
But let me clear you that these works are again generating new karmas for which you will get good life but not salvation.
These work will give you peace for some time but not provide you the real peace the eternal peace, the salvation. 
If you want to move as per Bhagwat geeta then be a karma yogi. Do Work hard and also do the spiritual practice. Activate your third eye to know the reality of this world.
If you want to be a real person, if you want to be the real ideal for some one then do practice hard, Move in the right direction, understand your own power and activate them by your hard practice and then nothing will be impossible for you. The world will follow you, the world will make you ideal.
Don't worry if you are not getting proper response in this world, Don't worry if no one is hearing you, don't worry if you are unable to understand anything. Just continue to talk to the supreme power and you will find definitely something better in this life. 
And if you think you are unable to perform any spiritual task easily then don't shy to enter in the world where easily you can accumulate the ready made virtue or punya just by offering food, shelters, cloths etc to the people who are practising to achieve salvation or the people who are doing good works for their upliftment.
Hope this article will work as an eye opener.

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Ready made virtue(Punya), Game of virtue(Punya), How to get ready made virtue, Reality of ready made virtue, Power of Ready made virtue(Punya), What to do to get ready made virtue(Punya), Spiritual Thought. 


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