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Secret of Breathing | A Perfect of Of Living a Healthy Life

Secret of Breathing, What is pran shakti, How the real energy work in body?, How to empower our body with breathing technique?, Benefits of Focusing on Breathing or deep breathing, Some important questions and answers related to Deep breathing, Scientific approach.
What is Pran shakti, secretes of breathing, success through breathing in a specific way
Breathing Technique

Do You think you breathe, Do you think you live life? Do you think you are empowering yourself?, Do you think you are moving towards a healthy life?

If your answer is 'NO' then you should read this article for your betterment and to know the reality of our life. And if you think that your answer is in 'YES' then i definitely recommend you to read this article. Actually i am not writing this article, i am trying to show some realities of life with this medium of digital age. 

Here i am revealing the power of breathing, here i am revealing the ways to live a healthy life. You don't have to pay a penny to know this technique. Everything is within you. If you are committed to give your self best then you will definitely get success. 

A secret:
If i tell you that until you are aware about your breathing you are really not taking the breathe then what is your reply. 

Definitely you will say 'this is a nonsense', see i am breathing and i am alive, i am living life. 

But Wait !
Do this for a while -
Focus on your breathe for a while and see what changes you find. Let me make you more clear. When we focus on our own way i.e. when we try to see our own inhaling and exhaling process then automatically our breathe gets deeper and that is complete breathe. 
It means that generally we don't take complete breathe and this is the main reason of dullness, inactive mind, tiredness soon. 

Only a attention on your breathe will make you healthy. Isn't it a very easy way to be healthy? but no it seems easy but it is the most difficult practice because our mind wonder here and there so it is not possible to keep focus on breathe so easily. 

Now if i ask you a very important question that-
Do you want to over come from tension, anxiety, Worries?
Do you want to over come from any chronic health problems?
Do you want to increase your own power?
Do you want to over come from depression?
Fear an insecurity comes around you easily and you want to control over this. 
Do you want to over come from frustration and anger?
Do you want to develop your personality?

And also -
If you want to develop spiritual powers.
If you want third eye activation. 
If you want to active your sixth sense. 
If you want Kundalini jagran. 
If you want to develop hypnotic power within you. 

And if your answer is 'YES' then my dear you must follow this breathing secret. You have to focus on your breathing. But the question is how.

Secret of Breathing, What is pran shakti, How the real energy work in body?, How to empower our body with breathing technique?, Benefits of Focusing on Breathing or deep breathing, Some important questions and answers related to Deep breathing, Scientific approach.

Let me tell you some easy way to do so:

1. Start with 5 minutes daily 2 times morning and evening. Sit for 5 minutes alone and keep focus on your breathe.
2. Gradually you will your self increase the time of your sitting when you find some special changes in your mental power. 
3. Do another practice to take deep breathe before you sleep on bed. 
4. One more try when you take your lunch or dinner or snacks try to focus on your breathe. 
5. When ever you get time or break in your daily routing you can focus on your breathe. 
6. If you are having coffee break, if you are going for toilet, if you are going for mouth wash try to focus on your breathe. 
Make this your habit to focus on your breathe. Gradually you will find that you will aware about your breathing all the time and that will open a new world for you. 
After some time you will find a refreshing energy always with you. You will find your increasing mind power, you will find your increasing stamina of doing work. 

What happens when we focus on breathe:
Actually common person doesn't know one thing that we are alive because of 'Pran shakti' this is a special purified form of energy which runs our body and lack of 'pran shakti' is responsible for the health problems and failure in life.
Now when we take deep breathe then we intake more air and thus we also give more pranshakti to our body. This pran shakti when starts increasing in body enters in our every nerves and make them active. So more pran shakti more power to live a healthy life. 

Benefits of Focusing on Breathing or deep breathing:
You will be amazed to know that only by focusing on breathing a person is able to get tremendous power in this physical life like as-
1. We can make our body complete healthy.
2. We can active our spiritual energy i.e. kundalini shakti.
3. We can active our third eye easily. 
4. We can do much more work than ever before. 
5. We can increase our beauty and smartness through deep breathing. 
6. We can over come from many chronic diseases just by using breathing secrets. 
7. We can develop our super intelligence through breathing exercises. 
8. Hypnotic power can be developed by proper breathing. 
9. Even divine powers can be developed in the body.
10. The practice of deep breathing helps to increase the memory power.
11. Due to this a person can keep the tension away and also able to live in peace.
12. Deep breathing habit helps to control the blood pressure.
13. Patience increases gradually which helps to get success in life.

Remember Pranayam is the way to keep the lungs healthy, pure the blood and body and also active the organs of the body. So deep breathing is the best way to live a disease free life and life full of energy. 

Now Some important Questions Related To Breathing Exercises:

1. Who can do this exercise?
Answer: Any one can do this because it is a natural breathe and every one has this. Here only focus is needed so any one can start this practice. Child, young boy or girl, adolescence, aged, persons having problems of different kind etc. 

2. What is the best time to start this Breathing exercise?
Answer: Every time is best, start from right now. 

3. Do i need to change my meal hours?
Answer: No just follow your daily routine life as it is just take out some time to start this where ever you are and what ever you are doing. 

4. How breathing exercise helps in spiritual energy awakening and third eye activation?
Answer: At advance level every thing is possible for that you have to give more time to this practice and you also need proper guidance. For that you can join my special course on Self-Hypnosis.

5. Do i need to sit on any special asan or woolen cloth etc?
Answer: No absolutely no extra things are needed to start this practice. You can do this practice while sitting any where, while walking, while doing work etc. 

6. Do i need to use any deepak or fragrance stick to start this process?
Answer: No, not at all needed these thing. This is a process to know our own self, this is a process to use our own energy to know our own self. so no extra things are needed to do this process. 

I have cleared here many things regarding breathing secretes and i hope you will definitely get advantage from this article. 
I wish you for your better health and energetic life. 

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Secret of Breathing, What is pran shakti, How the real energy work in body?, How to empower our body with breathing technique?, Benefits of Focusing on Breathing or deep breathing, Some important questions and answers related to Deep breathing, Scientific approach.


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