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Vastu Remedies For Enemies Protection

Vastu Remedies for Enemies, Types of enemies and solutions through vastu tips, Powerful ways to overcome from vastu defects, How to rectify vastu to protect from enemies?, How vastu defects arise enemies?, Best Vastu Expert for Solutions of Vastu problems Online.

Enemy problem is a very dangerous problem in this digital age. If the enemy is powerful then definitely it is a matter of fear, it is a matter of disturbance in life, It will make our life hell, Always a fear surrounds us. Due to these our health suffers a lot and it is said that health is wealth.
If without any specific reason enemies are increasing in life, if without any reason life is suffering badly then it is necessary to take the corrective measures as soon as possible.

vastu remedies for enemies, how to protect home or shop from enemies attack
Vastu Remedies For Enemies Protection
Some times due to vastu defects it is also possible that enemies increases in our life but we are unaware of this. So this article will clear you about the vastu defects which are creating problems in our life.

If you are suffering from enemies the this article is for you, If you are unknown about the vastu defects then this article is for you, If you want to over come from vastu defects to protect your self and your family then this article is for you. 

Types of enemies or foe in Life:

  1. Ist type of enemy is any person who want to destroy us. 
  2. 2nd type of enemy are the negative energies which came in our vastu due to wrong structural design.
  3. 3rd type of enemy reside in our body in form of germs which leads to chronic diseases.
  4. 4th type of enemy is generated by black magicians which is actually used by our rivals.
  5. Next is the hidden enemies which are near by physically and some times in the form of some specific energy which are ready to harm us.
So there are many types enemies and as per the types problems are also different. Here we are talking about only vastu problems which gives arise to enemies of different types. 

Vastu Defects which causes Enemies:

As i told you earlier that vastu problems also boost enemies power. Here i am going to clear the vastu defects which helps to increase enemies in life.
  • If the South-West corner is defected then be sure to suffer from the hidden enemies, ancestors problems, chronic diseases, money loss etc. Because this is the corner of ancestors so it is very necessary to keep this side clean and upto date always. 
  • If the South-East Corner is defected then your energy point is affected. This corner is known as the 'aagney corner', the corner of energy, fire. so any defects will generate impacts in the members health. This problem generally affect the health of ladies and due to this all the members gets suffered.
  • If there is a blockage in North-East Corner then you have blocked the positive energy ways due to which it is possible that you will not thrive as per the qualities you have.
  • If the North-West side of your vastu is defected then the person will have problem in savings.
  • If the main gate or entrance is present in wrong direction then it will also generate enemies of different types.
  • If you have not kept the proper elevations in your vastu then also you are generating enemies in life.
  • If you are running industry, factory or any type of small production house and if you have not kept proper attention in installing the machines then you will face loss and working problem, Labor maintenance problems etc.
  • South and West side defects also arise the legal problem in life. 
  • If you are not keeping your vastu clean then also be sure that you are suffering from any problems and it may be possible that you will pay something bigger in future.
Vastu Remedies for Enemies, Types of enemies and solutions through vastu tips, Powerful ways to overcome from vastu defects, How to rectify vastu to protect from enemies?, How vastu defects arise enemies?, Best Vastu Expert for Soltutions of Vastu problems Online.

Remedies of Vastu Defects To Keep ourselves from Enemies:

Before going for any remedies it is first of all necessary to have a proper analysis of the vastu and to find the defects or vastu doshas then it is possible to find the right remedies. There are different remedies for different types of problems. So be sure to know about the problems.
If you are consulting through online then it is good to show the map of your vastu as it is so that to get the proper guidance.
There are various ways of rectifying the vastu defects so that to protect us from enemies like as-
  1. If there is negative energy in the vastu then it is better to do proper utara by asking experienced consultant.
  2. After Utara it is recommended to install siddha yantras to protect our vastu from negative energies or eveil eye effects. 
  3. If any corner is defected then it can be rectified as soon as possible by cleaning that place or by building right structure there. There are some yantras which if installed there after charging it properly then it energies the vastu.
  4. Some times vastu purush yantra, shukra yantra, mahakali yantra, durga yantra, mangal yantra, shani yantra are used in specific way to remove the vastu defects. 
  5. There are some yagya if done properly time to time in vastu then it keeps our vastu energized and protect us from different types of enemies.
  6. There are some special things which if accumulated on auspicious time and charged with specific mantras and buried under the main door then it attract the prosperity.
  7. Installation of Siddha vastu kalash is also a good way to protect our house from vastu dosha and to attract prosperity. 
 If you are having any vastu problems then take our Online Consultancy For Prosperity and Protection against Enemies-
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Vastu Remedies for Enemies, Types of enemies and solutions through vastu tips, Powerful ways to overcome from vastu defects, How to rectify vastu to protect from enemies?, How vastu defects arise enemies?, Best Vastu Expert for Soltutions of Vastu problems Online. Vastu for health, vastu for wealth, vastu for success, vastu for money, vastu for smooth life.


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