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Astrology Guidance For Development of Children

Astrology for Children, kids, guidance for better future of child, lucky gems stone, totkay for the success of children,  Zodiac signs and child astrology.
child astrology by astrologer
Astrology Guidance For Development of Children

Parents are very sensitive for their children even i am myself very attached with my daughter. Children gives a reason to live. Their smile, mischief, naughtiness makes our life cheerful. Attachment with children makes us to think about their real development.

In this article i am focusing mainly on the over all development of a child or kids through astrology ways. If think that astrology can help you a lot to develop your children then this article will help you. If you think that any occult science will help you to make the life of your child better than this article will help you, If you are in search of a astrologer who can guide you better for kids development then you are at right place.

Read about how to control children behavior through astrology?

Through astrology you are able to know everything about your child like as education, marriage life, career field, interest, financial positions, health etc. Not only this you can easily know the hurdles present in the development of your child and then we can easily find the solutions too with astrology and occult sciences.

Astrology has proved its power in solving many kids cases. If this subject or lore is used properly then no doubt we can secure your kids future, we can make bright future of our children.

Know about Progeny Problems and Solutions in astrology.

People generally used astrology when they grow up but here i want to suggest that if the proper ways are used right from birth then it is easy to root out the major problem of life. Intelligent parents take care of their child right from the birth.

Remember one thing that if the crops are nurtured well right from the sowing time then they provide ripe fruits in abundance, in the same way if the children are nurtured properly then you are able to develop their physical power, mental power, spiritual power in a good way.

In this competitive age it is not easy to survive so we have to work in a smart way to develop our children. So work smartly to make child strong and smarter. Being a good parents it is your duty to show right path to your children so that they will get over all success in life.

Astrology helps to develop talents of kids, astrology helps to develop the physical power, astrology helps to enhance the personality, it helps to increase the power of mind, astrology helps to make your child smarter.

Planets and Child Astrology:

  1. The Sun and Child astrology: It is the identity of father, soul, master, authority. The study of sun in child horoscope reveal the perception of kid for the given subjects. It also shows the leadership quality, the imagination power, dynamic personality.
  2. The Moon and kid astrology: It represent the mother and by study of moon in horoscope or birth chart we are able to know the childhood life, relationship with mother, any blessings from home goddess, etc.
  3. The Mars and Child astrology: It shows the energy of the child, it shows the anger, thinking, mood, sports,etc. A positive mars is able to give a good power in child while a negative mars may generate many problems in life. 
  4. The Mercury and Kids astrology: It shows the mental power of a person, the cleverness, relation with brother and sisters. Mercury put impacts in thoughts, ideas, mental process, communication, presentation way etc. 
  5. The Jupiter and Kids astrology: it represent the philosophy, religion, education, grace, ethics etc. It shows that how the child will make relations with the  masters. How the child will get knowledge and of what level.
  6. The Venus and Child astrology: This planet shows the personal life and the way child enjoy his life, the life with opposite sex etc. The study of this planet shows the way of love, values in life, caring nature etc. Over power of Venus makes the child pompous. But the good Venus makes a person passionate about love, beauty, group activity, enjoying life. 
  7. The Saturn and Child astrology: It is related with laws, rules, materialistic world, behavior  property, services or business etc. A great changes a child faces at the time of Saturn Mahadasha or antardasha.
  8. The Rahu, Ketu and Kids astrology: If we want to know about the invention, innovation, insight, divine powers then the study of rahu and ketu is very helpful. 

The Zodiac Signs and Child Astrology:

Zodiac signs in chart makes a very great impact in personality of a child. Lets see some of the impacts of zodiac signs in kids life. 

  1. Aries is the sign of the pioneer and leader. Aries tends to provoke a response from the surroundings, from others. The house with the Aries cusp shows you in what area of life your child is most apt to be assertive, and even a bit impulsive. It also affect the following characteristics anger, aggression, conceit, ego.
  2. Taurus energy is stable. Here is where your child is likely to be resourceful, where talent may lie! She could perhaps make money from the issues related to this house. Taurus is the way we "have" things, how we possess and acquire things. The house cusp can tell you where the child might need to learn the lessons of obedience or non-attachment.
  3. Gemini is concerned with connections and communication of all kinds; letters, wires, telephones, voice, thoughts, writing, and mental processes in general. 
  4. Cancer in kundli is the mother of the zodiac, always making a home, protecting and providing for others. The house with Cancer on the cusp is where your child is likely to look for security. The child could be particularly sensitive to the issues of that house.
  5. Leo energy is good for creativity, expressions, arts etc.
  6. Virgo in child birth chart is precise, always separating what is worthwhile and worth. These type of child are very intelligent and know how to get the work done. 
  7. Libra in kids horoscope is always facilitating and responsive, assuming the appropriate reaction or response to any question or statement. This is certainly the social sign, par excellence. Libra can tie in the theme of beauty and diplomacy into the affairs of the house whose cusp it is on.
  8. Scorpio in child horoscope is the most dynamically creative sign.  Intense, passionate, and very personal, Scorpio rushes past superficiality and right to the heart of any matter. Scorpio realitis related to sex, death, regeneration and resources we share with others. 
  9. Sagittarius in horoscope is associated with religion, philosophy and travel. 
  10. Capricorn in kundli is the business energy of the zodiac. These children are  clear-headed and have practical insight, this sign takes a distanced perspective, a cool appraisal.
  11. Aquarius in child birth chart is the sign of brotherly love. Aquarius child's are futuristic, prophetic, communal. The focus is on the goal, and the goal is for the many, not the few. This sign tends toward independence. 
  12. In the horoscope of a child Pisces is said to be related to the past, to memories and to karma. Pisces pertains to "hidden enemies" and also to illumination. The affairs of the house with Pisces on the cusp may signal an area of vulnerability in the chart, where your child could be subject to illusion, or where she could be particularly sensitive, intuitive and image (i.e. Pisces on the 7th house cusp could indicate disappointments in relationships, perhaps due to a tendency to attract unstable partners. 
Contact Now For Details analysis of Your Kid -

So child astrology is very important from the point of view of complete development of a child or kid. So if you want to know complete details about your child then do contact through email and know the following important things of your child:
  • Destiny of child or kid.
  • Problematic planets in child horoscope.
  • Remedies of problems
  • Effective spell for development.
  • Career Way.
  • How to develop real personality of child through astrology.
  • Some totkay to protect from Evil eye effects.
Astrology for Children, kids, guidance for better future of child, lucky gems stone, totkay for the success of children,  Zodiac signs and child astrology.


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