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Chanakya Niti For Success

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Chanakya Niti For Success

Who is chanakya?, history of chanakya,  What is Chanakya Niti?, Importance of chankaya Niti, Personality development with chanakya niti, How to make our life successful with chanakya sutra?, Views of astroshree on chanakya niti.

Chanakya was the founder of Naurya empire. He is known for his super intelligence and cleverness.The principles which he has followed has become the milestone for politicians  Chankya has studied the human psychology in very deep that's why chankya has well said on different aspects of life. I must say that if any one follow the principle of chanakya then it is not possible for the person to get defeat in any field. 

Let's see the history of chanakya-

The king of Magadh country was very luxuriant and was habitual of humiliating the maid sons time to time. No body dare to protest him as he was the king. Bt 

Chandragupt maurya who was also a maid son was of something different mentality. He was in the sense of rebellion. 
One day the king nand asked him to bring a brahmin on the occassion of his father shraddha. When chandragupt was crossing the forest he saw a very strange person who is not at all beautiful, blackish colour having a long choti in head. He was pouring Mattha on the root of grasses. When chandragupt asked him about that he said that the thorns of grasses hurt him that's why he is pouring mathha to root out them.

When chandragupt heard this he became happy and thought that this is the right person and if i take this brahmin to the king. If Kind Nand humiliate this brahmin then he will destroy the king and the same thing happened.

When king Nand saw the brahmin, he shouts and said who is this inauspicious person, blackish?, why he came in the darbaar?. The king Nand looking at him with hatred. 

He ordered him to get out of his palace. By this behaviour of king Chanaky became full of anger and open his choti and took a vow that until i take down you from your 

power, i will not tie my choti. This brahmin will destroy the whole Nand race completely.

And he did this with his cleverness and passion. He destroyed the Nand vansh and founded the empire of maurya. After fulfilling his vow Chanakya went to forest to spend the left life in praying. 

Chanakya has written many epics but the Chanakya niti is the most popular book of his in which he has described the practical principles on the basis of his experience. He has given his view on every aspect of life.

Any one can get the key to success by reading the chanakya niti.

As per my view chanakya niti is a really awesome. When you read the principles of chanakya you will be compelled to agree. Because they are based on real human life psychology.
 No matter who you are, no matter what you are doing, no matter how you are doing. If you want success then this article will help you a lot. The thoughts of chanakya is quite motivational. The real knowledge doesn't see the color or caste but it thrives in the mind of person who really seeks.

Chanakya Niti With Astroshree:

Originlly Chanakya niti was written in Sanskrit but here i am providing the explanation in English.
 I providing some principles which i liked very much and hope that it will be helpful for you too.

What Chnakya said about Ideal Wife?
A wife makes the home but it is necessary that she must be sacred, smart and have proper knowledge to take care of home and family. Only being a female is not enough. 

How to get work done from people?
control the greedy person by giving temptation  satisfy the conceit of obstinate person if you want to control him, understand the need of fool person and fulfil it to control a fool and if you want to please a scholar then just say the truth. 

Greedy person is hungry of money. No body can predict the mind of a fool person and intelligent person pleased with truth. It is a fact.

How To Practice Different lores:
If you want to do tap then do it alone, if you want to study then do it with some one(2 can do better study), 3 are good to practice any song, For Journey group of 4 person is good, to sow a field 5 persons are ok and for a battle many are needed.

Some Points To Remember:
Don't discuss on any epic or shastra if you are not practising it, neither intake food nor go to any party if your digestion is not good and don't make relation with young female if you are old.

Medium of happiness:
People with grief are able to get peace only at three place- Women, Children and with good people.
It is a fact that the interaction with devoted wife, good children and good people or sages always give peace. 

Universal Truth:
Protection of religion through Money power, Protection of lore through continuous practice, protection of politics through kind behaviour and protection of home is through a sacred lady. 
It means that in the absence of money it is not possible to perform the religious work, without practice it is not able to remember the lores, if the king do hard behaviour then the people do not give honour and if the wife is not supporting or good then no good persons enter in house.

How To Choose Place To Live:
Don't live on the place where you are not getting the honour  medium of livelihood, relatives and where there is no medium of gaining knowledge.

To Be Continued....................

Chanakya Niti is one of the best book which shows the path to success. 

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Who is chanakya?, history of chanakya,  What is Chanakya Niti?, Importance of chankaya Niti, Personality development with chanakya niti, How to make our life successful with chanakya sutra?, Views of astroshree on chanakya niti.


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