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108 Names Of Goddess Durga

108 names of goddess durga, power of durga maa, blessings of goddess durga, Recite the names of maa durga with meanings.

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Names of godess durga
with meanings
Durga is the main power of shiva, Every activity in this universe is going on due to the power of goddess durga. Here i am providing the 108 names of goddess durga which will help to understand the power of durga in a better way.

Durga means The Inaccessible
Devi means The Diety
Tribhuvaneshwari means Goddess of The Three Worlds
Yashodagarba Sambhoota means Emerging From Yashoda's Womb
Narayanavarapriya means Fond of Narayana's Boons
Nandagopakulajata means Daughter Of The Nandagopa Race
Mangalya means Auspicious
Kulavardhini means Developer Of The Race
Kamsavidravanakari means Threatened Kamsa
Asurakshayamkari means Reducer Of The Number Of Demons
Shilathata Vinikshibda means At Birth,Slammed By Kamsa
Akashagamini means Fly In The Sky
Vasudevabhagini means Sister Of Vasudeva
Divamalya Vibhooshita means Adorned With Beautiful Garlands
Divyambaradhara means Beautifully Robed
Khadag Dharini means Holder Of Sword And Shield
Shiva means Part of lord Shiv
Papadharini means Bearer Of Others' Sins
Varada means Granter Of Boons
Krishna means Sister Of Krishna
Kumari means Young Girl
Brahmacharini means Seeker Of Brahman
Balarkasadrushakara means Like The Rising Sun
Purnachandra means Beautiful Like The Full Moon
Chaturbhuja means Four-Armed
Chaturvakttra means Four-Faced
Peenashroni Payodhara means Large Bosomed
Mayoora Pichhavalaya means Wearer Of Peacock-Feathered Bangles
Keyurangadadharini means Bejewelled With Armlets And Bracelets
Krishnachhavisama means Like Krishna's Radiance
Krishna means dark Complexioned
Sankarshanasamanana means Equal To Sankarshana
Indradhwaja Samabahudharini means With Shoulders Like Indra's Flag
Patradharini means Vessel-Holder
Pankajadharini means Lotus-Holder
Kanttadhara means Holder of Shiva's Neck
Pashadharini means Holder Of Rope
Dhanurdharini means Holder Of Bow
Mahachakradharini means Holder Of Chakra
Vividayudhadhara means Bearer Of Various Weapons
Kundalapurnakarna Vibhooshita means Wearer Of Earrings Covering The Ears
Chandravispardimukha means Beautiful Like The Moon
Mukutavirajita means Shining With Crown Adorned
Shikhipichhadwaja Virajita means Having Peacock-Feathered Flag
Kaumaravratadhara means Observer Of Fasts Like Young Girls Do
Tridivabhavayirtri means Goddess Of The Three Worlds
Tridashapujita means The Goddess Of The Celestials
Trailokyarakshini means Protector Of The Three Worlds
Mahishasuranashini means Destroyer Of Mahisha
Prasanna means Cheerful
Surashreshtta means Supreme Among The Celestials
Shiva means Shiva's Half
Jaya means Victorious
Vijaya means Conqueror
Sangramajayaprada means Granter Of Victory In The War
Varada means Bestower
Vindhyavasini means Resident Of The Vindhyas
Kali means Dark-Complexioned

108 names of goddess durga, power of durga maa, blessings of goddess durga, Recite the names of maa durga with meanings.
Kali Goddess Of Death
Mahakali means Wife Of Mahakala
Seedupriya means Fond Of Drinks
Mamsapriya means Fond Of Flesh
Pashupriya means Fond Of All Beings
Bhootanushruta means Well-Wisher Of Bhootaganas
Kamacharini means Acting On One's Own Accord
Papaharini means Destroyer Of Sins
Kirti means Famed
Shree means Auspicious
Dhruti means Valiant
Siddhi means Successful
Hri means Holy Chant Of Hymns
Vidhya means Wisdom
Santati means Granter Of Issues
Mati means Wise
Sandhya means Twilight
Ratri means Night
Prabha means Dawn
Nitya means Eternal
Jyotsana means Radiant Like Flames
Kantha means Radiant
Khama means Embodiment Of Forgiveness
Daya means Compassionate
Bandhananashini means Detacher Of Attachments
Mohanashini means Destroyer Of Desires
Putrapamrityunashini means Sustainer Of Son's Untimely Death
Dhanakshayanashini means Controller Of Wealth Decrease
Vyadhinashini means Vanquisher Of Ailments
Mruthyunashini means Destroyer Of Death
Bhayanashini means Remover Of Fear
Padmapatrakshi means Eyes Like The Lotus Leaf
Durga means Remover Of Distress
Sharanya means Granter Of Refuge
Bhaktavatsala means Lover Of Devotees
Saukhyada means Bestower Of Well-Being
Arogyada means Granter Of Good Health
Rajyada means Bestower Of Kingdom
Ayurda means Granter Of Longevity
Vapurda means Granter Of Beautiful Appearance
Sutada means Granter Of Issues
Pravasarakshika means Protector Of Travellers
Nagararakshika means Protector Of Land
Sangramarakshika means Protector Of Wars
Shatrusankata Rakshika means Protector From Distress Caused By Foes
Ataviduhkhandhara Rakshika means Protector From Ignorance And Distress
Sagaragirirakshika means Protector Of Seas And Hills
Sarvakaryasiddhi Pradayika means Granter Of Success In All Attempts
Durga means Deity Durga

so these are the auspicious name of Goddess durga. It shows the importance of maa durga, it shows the power of goddess durga. By reading this we get the reasons to worship Goddess durga.
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Powerful Names of Maa Durga

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108 names of goddess durga, power of durga maa, blessings of goddess durga, Recite the names of maa durga with meanings.


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