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108 Names Of Goddess Laxmi

108 names of goddess Laxmi, power of Laxmi maa, blessings of goddess Laxmi, powers of goddess laxmi.

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Names of Laxmiji With
Laxmi is the main power of Shree Vishnu. Here i am providing the 108 names of goddess Laxmi which will help to understand the power of Laxmi in a better way.

Divine Names of Maa Laxmi:

Prakruti shows Nature
Vikruti shows Multi-Faceted Nature
Vidya shows  Wisdom
Sarvabhootahitaprada shows Granter of Universal Niceties
Shraddha shows Devoted
Vibhuti shows Wealth
Surabhi shows Celestial Being
Paramatmika shows Omnipresence
Vachi shows Nectar-Like Speech
Padmalaya shows Residing On The Lotus
Padma shows Lotus
Shuchi shows Embodiment of Purity
Swaha shows Shape of Swahadevi(Auspicious)
Swadha shows Shape of Swadhadevi
Sudha shows Nectar
Dhanya shows Personification of Gratitude
Hiranmayi shows Golden Appearance
Lakshmi shows Goddess of Wealth
NityaPushta shows Gaining strength Day By Day
Vibha shows Radiant
Kantha shows Consort of Vishnu
Kamakshi shows One with Attractive Eyes
Kamalasambhava shows Emanating from the Lotus
Anugrahaprada shows Granter of Good Wishes
Buddhi shows Wisdom
Anagha shows Sinless
Harivallabhi shows Consort of Lord Hari
Ashoka shows Dispeller of Sorrows
Amrutha shows Nectar
Deepa shows Radiant
Lakashokavinashini shows Remover of Universal Agonies
Dharmanilaya shows Establisher of Eternal Law
Karuna shows Compassionate
Lokamatri shows Mother of the Universe
Padmapriya shows Lover of Lotus
Padmahasta shows Having Lotus-Like Hands
Padmakshya shows Lotus-eyed
Padmasundari shows Beautiful Like the Lotus
Padmodbhava shows one Who Emerged Out of the Lotus
Padmamukhi shows Lotus-Faced
Padmanabhapriya shows Beloved of Padmanabha
Ramaa shows Pleaser of the Lord
Padmamaladhara shows Wearer of Lotus Garland
Devi shows Goddess
Padmini shows otus

108 names of goddess Laxmi, power of Laxmi maa, blessings of goddess Laxmi, powers of goddess laxmi.
Padmagandhini shows having the Fragrance of Lotus
Punyagandha shows Having Divine Perfume
Suprasanna shows Ever Cheerful and Beaming
Prasadabhimukhi shows Emerging to Grant Boons
Prabha shows adiant Like the Sun
Chandravadana shows Moon-Faced 
Chanda shows ool Like the moon
Chandrasahodari shows Sister of the Moon
Chaturbhuja shows with four arms
Chandrarupa shows  Moon-Faced
Indira shows adiant like the Sun
Indusheetala shows Cool like the Moon
Ahladajanani shows Source of Happiness
Pushti shows Healthy
Shiva shows Auspicious
Shivakari shows Source of Auspicious Things
Satya shows All Truth
Vimala shows  Pure
Vishwajanani shows Mother of the Universe
Pushti shows Possessor of All Wealth
Daridriyanashini shows Remover of Poverty
Preeta Pushkarini shows One with Pleasing Eyes
Shanta shows Full with peace or Calm
Shuklamalambara shows Wearer of White Garland and Attire
Bhaskari shows Radiant like the Sun
Bilvanilaya shows resider Under Bilva Tree
Vararoha shows Ready to Offer Boons
Yashaswini shows Reputed
Vasundhara shows Daughter of the Earth
Udaranga shows Endowed with a Beautiful Body
Harini shows Deer-Like
Hemamalini shows Having Golden Garlands
Dhanadhanyaki shows Bestower of Wealth and Foodgrains
Siddhi shows Ever Ready to Protect Straina
Soumya shows Showering Goodness on Women
Shubhaprada shows Granter of Auspicious Things
Nrupaveshvagathananda shows Loves to Live in Palaces
Varalakshmi shows Granter of Bounty
Vasuprada shows Bestower of Wealth
Shubha shows auspicious
Hiranyapraka shows Amidst Gold
Samudratanaya shows Beloved Daughter of the Ocean of Milk
Jaya shows Goddess of Victory
Mangala shows  Most Auspicious
Devi shows The Deity
Vishnuvakshah shows residing in Vishnu's Chect
Vishnupatni shows Consort of Vishnu
Prasannakshi shows Lively-Eyed
Narayana Samashrita shows Sought Refuge in Narayana
Daridriya Dhwamsini shows Destroyer of Poverty
Devi shows Goddess
Sarvapadravanivarini shows Dispeller of all Distresses
Mahakali shows A Form of Kali
Brahma-Vishnu-Shivatmika shows Trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva
Trikala shows dnyanasampanna
Bhuvaneshwarya shows Supreme Deity

so these are the auspicious name of Goddess Laxmi. It shows the importance of maa Laxmi, it shows the power of goddess Laxmi. By reading this we get the reasons to worship Goddess Laxmi.
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