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108 Names Of Lord Shiva

108 names of shiva in english, rare names lord shiva in sanskrit, Benefits of reciting 108 names of shiva in Shravan Month, points to keep in mind while reciting shiv names.

shiva is the main creator of this universe  As per kashmir shaivaism the whole universe is the manifestation of lord shiva. If any one get the blessings of lord shiva then success comes from every direction. 
108 names of shiva in english, rare names lord shiva in sanskrit, Benefits of reciting 108 names of shiva in Shravan Month, points to keep in mind
108 Names Of  Lord Shiva

Benefits of Reciting 108 Names of Shiva:

The 108 names of Lord Shiva are a powerful mantra that is said to have many benefits. Some of the most common benefits include:
  1. Purification and cleansing: Chanting the 108 names of Shiva is said to cleanse the mind and body of negative energy and impurities.
  2. Protection: The mantras are also said to provide protection from harm and danger.
  3. Inner peace and tranquility: Chanting the mantras can help to calm the mind and bring inner peace and tranquility.
  4. Wisdom and knowledge: The mantras are said to promote wisdom and knowledge, and help to open the mind to new insights.
  5. Success and prosperity: Chanting the mantras are said to attract success and prosperity into one's life.
  6. Blessings from Lord Shiva: The most important benefit of chanting the 108 names of Shiva is said to be the blessings of Lord Shiva himself. By chanting the mantra with devotion and concentration, one can earn the favor of Lord Shiva and receive his blessings.

Of course, the benefits of chanting the 108 names of Shiva will vary from person to person. However, if you are looking for a powerful mantra that can help you to achieve inner peace, purification, protection, and success, then this is a mantra that you may want to consider.

Here are some tips for chanting the 108 names of Shiva:

  • Chant the mantra with devotion and concentration: The more focused you are when you chant the mantra, the more powerful the benefits will be.
  • Chant the mantra in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed: This will help you to focus on the mantra and avoid distractions.
  • Chant the mantra for at least 108 times each day: This is the traditional number of times that the mantra is chanted.
  • You can chant the mantra aloud or silently: Whichever way you choose, make sure that you are able to pronounce the words correctly.
If you are new to chanting mantras, you may want to start by chanting the mantra for a shorter period of time, such as 10-15 minutes. As you become more comfortable with the mantra, you can gradually increase the amount of time that you chant.

Chanting the 108 names of Shiva is a powerful practice that can bring many benefits to our life. If you are looking for a way to improve your spiritual life, then these are the divine mantras which anyone can use.

Here are Divine 108 Names of Lord Shiva:

  1. Om Shivaya Namah।
  2. Om Shankaraya Namah।
  3. Om Bhavaya Namah।
  4. Om Sharvaya Namah।
  5. Om Trilokeshaya Namah।
  6. Om Shitikanthaya Namah।
  7. Om Shiva Priyaya Namah।
  8. Om Ugraya Namah।
  9. Om Maheshwaraya Namah।
  10. Om Shambhave Namah।
  11. Om Pinakine Namah।
  12. Om Shashishekharaya Namah।
  13. Om Vamadevaya Namah।
  14. Om Virupakshaya Namah।
  15. Om Kapardine Namah।
  16. Om Nilalohitaya Namah।
  17. Om Shulapanaye Namah।
  18. Om Khatvangine Namah।
  19. Om Vishnuvallabhaya Namah।
  20. Om Shipivishtaya Namah।
  21. Om Ambikanathaya Namah।
  22. Om Shrikanthaya Namah।
  23. Om Bhaktavatsalaya Namah।
  24. Om Kapaline Namah।
  25. Om Kamaraye Namah।
  26. Om Andhakasurasudanaya Namah।
  27. Om Gangadharaya Namah।
  28. Om Lalatakshaya Namah।
  29. Om Kalakalaya Namah।
  30. Om Kripanidhaye Namah।
  31. Om Bhimaya Namah।
  32. Om Parashuhastaya Namah।
  33. Om Mrigapanaye Namah।
  34. Om Jatadharaya Namah।
  35. Om Kailashavasine Namah।
  36. Om Kawachine Namah।
  37. Om Kathoraya Namah।
  38. Om Tripurantakaya Namah।
  39. Om Vrishankaya Namah।
  40. Om Vrishabharudhaya Namah।
  41. Om Bhasmodhulitavigrahaya Namah।
  42. Om Samapriyaya Namah।
  43. Om Swaramayaya Namah।
  44. Om Trayimurtaye Namah।
  45. Om Anishwaraya Namah।
  46. Om Sarvajnaya Namah।
  47. Om Paramatmane Namah।
  48. Om Somasuryagnilochanaya Namah।
  49. Om Havishe Namah।
  50. Om Yajnamayaya Namah।
  51. Om Somaya Namah।
  52. Om Panchavaktraya Namah।
  53. Om Sadashivaya Namah।
  54. Om Vishveshwaraya Namah।
  55. Om Virabhadraya Namah।
  56. Om Gananathaya Namah।
  57. Om Prajapataye Namah।
  58. Om Hiranyaretase Namah।
  59. Om Durdharshaya Namah।
  60. Om Girishaya Namah।
  61. Om Girishaya Namah।
  62. Om Anaghaya Namah।
  63. Om Bujangabhushanaya Namah।
  64. Om Bhargaya Namah।
  65. Om Giridhanvane Namah।
  66. Om Giripriyaya Namah।
  67. Om krittivasase Namah।
  68. Om Purarataye Namah।
  69. Om Bhagawate Namah।
  70. Om Pramathadhipaya Namah।
  71. Om Mrityunjayaya Namah।
  72. Om Pushadantabhide Namah।
  73. Om Avyagraya Namah।
  74. Om Sahasrakshaya Namah।
  75. Om Sahasrapade Namah।
  76. Om Apavargapradaya Namah।
  77. Om Anantaya Namah।
  78. Om Tarakaya Namah।
  79. Om Parameshwaraya Namah।
  80. Om Sukshmatanave Namah।
  81. Om Jagadvyapine Namah।
  82. Om Jagadguruve Namah।
  83. Guru Of All The Worlds
  84. Om Vyomakeshaya Namah।
  85. Om Mahasenajanakaya Namah।
  86. Om Charuvikramaya Namah।
  87. Om Rudraya Namah।
  88. Om Bhutapataye Namah।
  89. Om Sthanave Namah।
  90. Om Ahirbudhnyaya Namah।
  91. Om Digambaraya Namah।
  92. Om Ashtamurtaye Namah।
  93. Om Anekatmane Namah।
  94. Om Satvikaya Namah।
  95. Om Shuddhavigrahaya Namah।
  96. Om Shashvataya Namah।
  97. Om Khandaparashave Namah।
  98. Om Ajaya Namah।
  99. Om Pashavimochakaya Namah।
  100. Om Mridaya Namah।
  101. Om Pashupataye Namah।
  102. Om Devaya Namah।
  103. Om Mahadevaya Namah।
  104. Om Avyayaya Namah।
  105. Om Haraye Namah।
  106. Om Avyaktaya Namah।
  107. Om Dakshadhwaraharaya Namah।
  108. Om Haraya Namah।

Meaning of Different Names of lord shiva :

Bholenath means who is very innocent and think good for every one.
Shrikantha Of Glorious Neck
Shrutiprakasha Illuminator Of The Vedas
Shuddhavigraha One Who Has A Pure Body
skandaguru Preceptor Of Skanda
Someshwara Lord Of All Gods
Sukhada Bestower Of Happiness
Suprita Well Pleased
Suragana Having Gods As Attendants
Sureshwara Lord Of All Gods
Swayambhu Self-Manifested
Tejaswani One Who Spreads Illumination
Trilochana Three-Eyed Lord
Trilokpati Master Of All The Three Worlds
Tripurari Enemy Of Tripura
Trishoolin One Who Has A Trident In His Hands
Umapati husband Of Uma
Vachaspati Lord Of Speech
Vajrahasta One Who Has A Thunderbolt In His Hands
Aashutosh means One Who Fulfills Wishes Instantly
Aja means Unborn
Akshayaguna means God With Limitless Attributes
Anagha means Without Any Fault
Anantadrishti means Of Infinite Vision
Augadh means One Who Revels All The Time
Avyayaprabhu means Imperishable Lord
Kailas means One Who Bestows Peace
Kailashadhipati means Lord Of Mount Kailash
Kailashnath means Master Of Mount Kailash
Kamalakshana means Lotus-Eyed Lord
Kantha means Ever-Radiant
Kapalin means One Wears A Necklace Of Skulls
Khatvangin means One Who Has The Missile Khatvangin In His Hand
Kundalin means One Who Wears Earrings
Lalataksha means One Who Has An Eye In The Forehead
Lingadhyaksha means Lord Of The Lingas
Lingaraja means Lord Of The Lingas
Lokankara means Creator Of The Three Worlds
Lokapal means One Who Takes Care Of The World
Mahabuddhi means Extremely Intelligent
Mahadeva means Greatest God
Mahakala means lord Of All Times
Mahamaya means Of Great Illusions
Mahamrityunjaya means Great Victor Of Death
Mahanidhi means Great Storehouse
Mahashaktimaya means One Who Has Boundless Energies
Mahayogi means Greatest Of All Gods
Mahesha Supreme Lord
Maheshwara Lord Of Gods
Nagabhushana One Who Has Serpents As Ornaments
Nataraja King Of The Art Of Dancing
Nilakantha Blue Necked Lord
Nityasundara Ever Beautiful
Nrityapriya Lover Of Dance
Omkara Creator Of OM
Palanhaar One Who Protects Everyone
Parameshwara First Among All Gods
Paramjyoti Greatest Splendour
Pashupati Lord Of All Living Beings

108 names of lord shiva, power of lord shiva, blessings of shiva, Recite the names of shiva with meanings.

Pinakin One Who Has A Bow In His Hand
Pranava Originator Of The Syllable Of OM
Priyabhakta Favourite Of The Devotees
Priyadarshana Of Loving Vision
Pushkara One Who Gives Nourishment
Pushpalochana One Who Has Eyes Like Flowers
Ravilochana Having Sun As The Eye
Rudra The Terrible
Rudraksha One Who Has Eyes Like Rudra
Sadashiva Eternal God
Sanatana Eternal Lord
Sarvacharya Preceptor Of All
Sarvashiva Always Pure
Sarvatapana Scorcher Of All
Sarvayoni Source Of Everything
Sarveshwara Lord Of All Gods
Shambhu One Who Bestows Prosperity
Shankara One Who Gives Happiness
Shiva Always Pure
Shoolin One Who Has A Trident
Varada Granter Of Boons
Vedakarta Originator Of The Vedas
Veerabhadra Supreme Lord Of The Nether World
Vishalaksha Wide-Eyed Lord
Vishveshwara Lord Of The Universe
Vrishavahana One Who Has Bull As His Vehicle
Bhairav means Lord Of Terror
Bhalanetra means One Who Has An Eye In The Forehead
Bholenath means Kind Hearted Lord
Bhooteshwara means Lord Of Ghosts And Evil Beings
Bhudeva means Lord Of The Earth
Bhutapala means Protector Of The Ghosts
Chandrapal means Master Of The Moon
Chandraprakash means One Who Has Moon As A Crest
Dayalu means Compassionate
Devadeva means Lord Of The Lords
Dhanadeepa means Lord Of Wealth
Dhyanadeep means Icon Of Meditation And Concentration
Dhyutidhara means Lord Of Brilliance
Digambara means Ascetic Without Any Clothes
Durjaneeya means Difficult To Be Known
Durjaya means Unvanquished
Gangadhara means Lord Of River Ganga
Girijapati means Consort Of Girija
Gunagrahin means Acceptor Of Gunas
Gurudeva means Master Of All
Hara means Remover Of Sins
Jagadisha means Master Of The Universe
Jaradhishamana means Redeemer From Afflictions
Jatin means One Who Has Matted Hair
So these are the auspicious name of lord Shiva. It shows the importance of shiva, it shows the power of lord shiva. By reading this we get the reasons to worship lord shiva.
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108 names of lord shiva, power of lord shiva, blessings of shiva, Recite the names of shiva with meanings.


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