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Fast For Planetary Peace

Fast for planetary peace, fasting to remove planetary problems, how to do fast, Facts of fast, spell in fast, right way to do fast, science of fast, 9 types of fast for planetary peace.
Fast for planetary peace, fasting to remove planetary problems, how to do fast, Facts of fast, spell in fast, right way to do fast, science of fast, 9 types of fast for planetary peace.
Fast For Planetary Peace
In India Every one is familiar with fast. In every Indian family we can find one person who is engage in doing fast of different kinds and for different purpose. Fast is a type of tapa in which a person keeps himself or herself hungry for the whole day and worship the related god for the happiness.

Do you know that?

  • A wrong fast may lead to health problems.
  • A wrong fast may increase the malefic effects of planet.
  • A wrong fast may become a reason of your failure.
A stunning truth but you can't ignore this concept. Let me clear you all this concept through an example. Suppose if Sun is good in your horoscope and if you are doing the fast of sun then it means you want to cool down the planet so it will ruin your life.
In Vedic astrology fast is suggested by astrologers and scholars so as to minimise the impacts of malefic planets but people use to do this just because of traditions which may lead to many types of problems in family and life.
There are so many cases i have solved in which i have denied the person to do a particular fast.

Let me provide you a case study:

A lady came to me to know the reasons of daily quarrelling and specially on Monday when she does fast. I ask her to provide the birth details and on analysis i have found that Moon is the master of her marriage place and was very positive. She was doing the fast of Monday which is the day of moon. Because of this she was in problem. I suggested her to stop the fast of Monday but she was saying that she is doing fast for the years for lord shiva. I request her to stop for some weeks and then see the result.
She came after a month and said that now the environment has changed. Every things is in her favour  So this is the power of fast.

Importance of Fast:

Fast is done for different types of purposes like as-
  1. In ayurveda treatment fast is done to detoxify the body.
  2. In astrology it is also used to save the person from the malefic effects of planets. 
  3. It is used to heal the digestive system.
  4. Devotees do fast to engage themselves in chanting the spells continuously without any hurdles.

How To Do Fast:

It's a request that before starting any fast it is good to consult any astrologer and if you are doing any fast without any consultancy then also it is good to consult any scholar for confirmation that you are doing right or wrong.

Here i am providing the easy way to do any fast for planetary peace:

  1. On the day when you are going to do the fast. Get up early in the morning. Get fresh and now come in the worship room.
  2. Now light the lamp of ghee or oil as per the availability.
  3. Take vow that why you are doing the fast and pray for the success.
  4. Now keep the things of the planets too and then chant the mantras as told by the astrologer or scholar.
  5. Now go and donate the things in temple, brahmin, needy etc.
  6. Try to chant the spell whole the day and think that you are doing the process to minimize the negative impacts of planet.
  7. You can take the fruits but not the fruits which are related with the planet for which you are fasting.
  8. In the evening after praying you can take light Snacks or fruits.

Do's and Don't During Fasting:

  • It is good to keep ourself cool during fasting day.
  • Don't use the abusive language on that day.
  • Try to take blessings of elders, brahmins.
  • Try to donate the things related to planets.
  • During any illness it is good to avoid fast.
  • Heart patients, diabetics are also recommend to not do the fast.

How To Do Fast For The Peace of Different Planets?

1. Fast To Minimize the afflictions of Sun:

The fast to cool down the malefic effects of sun is done on Sunday. It is good to donate the things of sun after spelling the mantra of Sun. Sun shows the negative impacts when it sits with the enemy zodiac signs. The fast must be start from the Ist Sunday of Shukla paksh i.e. Ist sunday of Bright Days.
Spell of Sun: "Om Ghrini Suryy Namah"

2. Fast To Minimize the afflictions of Moon:

The day of moon is Monday and therefore the fast of Monday is done to cool down the Moon. The fast for 16 Monday is generally done for better result. On this day it is good to donate the things of moon i.e. white things. The fast should be start from Ist Monday of Shukla paksha i.e. First Monday of Bright Days.
Spell of Moon: "Om som somaay Namah"

3. Fast To Minimize the afflictions of Mars:

Tuesday fast is done to minimize the problems arises through Mars. This fast must be start from the first Tuesday of shukla paksha. Donation of Mars things i.e. red things is better.
Spell of Mars: "Om Angaarkaay Namah"

4. Fast To Minimize the afflictions of Mercury:

The fast to cool down the negative impacts of Mercury is done on Wednesday. The things of Mercury must be donated after chanting the mantra or spell of Mercury to poor people, brahmin etc. The fast must be start from Ist Wednesday of Shukla paksha.
Spell of Mercury: "Om Bum Budhay Namah"

5. Fast To Minimize the afflictions of Jupiter:

Thursday is the day for Jupiter and if any one do fast on this day then good results are gained. Yellow things are donated on this day. Fast should be start from Ist Thursday of Bright days.
Spell of Jupiter : "om brim brihaspatay namah"

6. Fast To Minimize the afflictions of Venus:

Friday Fast is done to minimize the malefic effects of Venus and the fast is start from Ist Friday of Shukla paksh. Donate white things on this day after chanting the spell of Venus.
Spell of Shukra or Venus: "Om Shum Shukraay Namah"

7. Fast To Minimize the afflictions of Saturn:

If Saturn is generating malefic effects then it is good to start the fast of Saturday and to donate the things of shani deva. 
Spell of Saturn : "Om sham Shanescharaay namah"

8. Fast To Minimize the afflictions of Rahu and Ketu:

For this fast should be also done on Saturday. The donation of things of Rahu and ketu will also help to minimize the impacts of these planets in life.
Spell of Rahu : " Om Ram Rahwe Namah"
Spell of Ketu : " Om ketawe namah "
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Fast for planetary peace, fasting to remove planetary problems, how to do fast, Facts of fast, spell in fast, right way to do fast, science of fast, 9 types of fast for planetary peace.


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