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Shiv Manas Pooja

Shiv Manas Pooja, Lyrirics of Shiv Manas pooja, Shiv Manas Pooja in Sanskrit, Real Shiv Manas Pooja, Power of Shiv Manas Pooja, Meaning of Shiv Manas pooja in English, Video of Shiv Manas Pooja.
shiv manas puja with meaning in english, way to worship shiva in silent
Shiv Manas Pooja Online

The Shiv manas pooja is written by aadi shankaracharya. It's a unique and divine prayer of lord shiva. This esoteric shloka of this pooja reveal the truth that the whole world is shiva. What ever we do is the prayer of lord shiva. 
This shiva manas pooja shows us the way to pray lord shiva mentally. This shows that shiva accept the mental prayer too. 

If anyone really want to understand shiva, shiva manas pooja is the best way. 
If anyone want to please shiva then this is the best way. If any one recite this by understanding the meaning in mind then no doubt with in some time one can feel the power of great lord shiva. 

Rathnai Kalpitham asanam, Himajalai snanam cha divyambaram,
Naana rathna vibhushitham mruga mada modankitam Chandanam,
Jati champaka bilwa patra rachitham, pushpam cha dhupam Tatha,
Deepam deva dayanidhe pashupate, hrut kalpitam guhyataam.
English Meaning: 
God! you are sea of mercy. I have made a throne of different types of precious stones. I have arranged the holy water of different holy rivers like Ganga and others. I have made divine cloths for you which are also decorated with different types of precious stones. Paste of sandal, Kasturi is prepared for you to use. I am offering Jasmine flowers, Leaves of belwa tree, dhoop, deepak etc. please do accept this mental worship of mine.
Souvarne navaratnakhanda Rachite, patre Grutham Payasam,
Bakshyam pancha vidam Payo dadhiyutham, rambha phalam paanakam,
Saaka namayutam jalam ruchikaram, karpoora khandojwalam,
Taamboolam manasa maya virachitam Bhaktya prabho sweekuru
English Meaning: 
I have arranged Ghee, 5 types of food made by milk and curd, banana etc for you. Also different types of green vegetables are kept for you, holy and fresh water is also present for you. Dear god I have put all these items for you to eat with great devotion, please do accept.


Shiv Manas Pooja, Lyrirics of Shiv Manas pooja, Shiv Manas Pooja in Sanskrit, Real Shiv Manas Pooja, Power of Shiv Manas Pooja, Meaning of Shiv Manas pooja in English, Video of Shiv Manas Pooja.

Chatram Chamaryoryugam vyajanakam, chaa darshakam nirmalam,
Veena bheri mrudanga kaahalakala geetam cha nrutyam thatha,
Saastaangam pranthi sthuthir bahuvidha, hyetat samastham maya,
Sankalpena samarpitam thava vibho , poojam gruhana prabho.
English Meaning: 
Dear god, i offer you chatra(parasol), I also provide you the fan made with 2 chanwar. I have brought a clean mirror for you, i have also arranged the musical and dance programme for you. I prostrate before you and Apotheosis(Gungaan) with divine shloks. God, i worshiping you mentally  do accept and bless me.

Aatma twam Girija Mathih sahacharaa, pranah shariram gruham,
Pooja the vishayopa bhoga rachana, nidra samaadhi sthithi,
Sanchaarah padayoh pradakshina vidhih, , strotrani sarva giro,
Yadyat karma karomi tata dakhilam, shambho thavaradhanam.
English Meaning: 
Dear God, you are my soul and mother Parwati is my mind, Gan which wanders with you are my Life or Pran, My body is temple. Whatever things I use with my senses is the worship of you. My Sleep is my state of samadhi. Where ever I go with my feet is your Parikrama. Whatever I speak is your praise. Dear god, whatever I perform is your worship.

Kara charanam krutam vaakkayajam karmajam waa,
Shravana nayanajam waa maanasam waa paradham,
Vihithamavihitham waa sarva methath Kshamaswa,
Jaya Jaya karunabdhe sri Mahadeva Shambhoo.
Jaya Jaya karunabdhe sri Mahadeva Shambhoo.
English Meaning: 
God, if by any way any sin is done or will happen by my hands, words, body, ears, eyes, mind, knowingly or unknowingly then do forgive me. Dear Shambho you are the sea of mercy, sympathy. I am in your shelter.

Recite shiva manas pooja to get the blessings of lord shiva, chant this daily morning and evening to understand the power of mental worship. Get the way of success through the shiv manas pooja. Enter in deep meditation with this spells. Om Namah Shivay.

Video Of Shiv Manas Pooja:
I am providing the Video of Shiv Manas Pooja which will help to understand the pronunciation. It is said that the mental worship is superior among all types of worships ways. So do this to attain the ultimate goal of life.

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Shiv Manas Pooja, Lyrirics of Shiv Manas pooja, Shiv Manas Pooja in Sanskrit, Real Shiv Manas Pooja, Power of Shiv Manas Pooja, Meaning of Shiv Manas pooja in English, Video of Shiv Manas Pooja.


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