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Planets and Relationships

Relationship determination as per planets in horoscope, Which planet represent which relation, how relationships are checked as per astrology?, Astrologer For relationship problems.
Relationship determination as per planets in horoscope, Which planet represent which relation, how relationships are checked as per astrology?, Astrologer For relationship problems.
Planets and Relationships
Many times questions are asked for the relationships. In this article i am going to reveal the relationships mystery as per astrology. Here i am going to tell you that which planet will represent which type of relation. By studying the planets we will be able to know that how we are benefited by relationships and why as per astrology. The study of planets minutely also clears that why we are with some relationship for long and why we quarrels with some one. Why a person attracts us so much and why a person make us feel uncomfortable, why a person is loved by parents and other is having problem. All this questions are answered just by studying the planets in horoscope. 
Also if any one in family is facing problem then some times it may be because of the partner or any other family member planetary positions too. So in critical matter it is good to study the horoscope of related members and then to take proper remedies. 9 Planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu represent specific relations and puts impacts in life also. So if any relation is not good in our life then by studying the planets and taking proper measures we will be able to make relationships better. 

Now see below which planets represent which relation in real life:

  1. SUN- Father
  2. MOON- Mother
  3. MARS- Brother, Male Friends
  4. MERCURY- Sisters
  5. JUPITER- Husband, Teacher, Master or Guru, Counsellor, Advisor, Brahmin.
  6. VENUS- Females except Mother and Sisters
  7. SATURN- Maternal Uncle, Maternal Aunts, Servants.
  8. RAHU- In-Laws
  9. KETU- Son And Daughter

Now let's see that how these planets affects the relationships-

Suppose if in horoscope sun is generating malefic effects then there is a very chance that the person may have problem with father or the father will suffer from health point of view.
If the Moon is negative in horoscope then it affect the relation with mother or health of mother.
If any person is not getting support from females then there is chance that Venus is not supporting in horoscope or kundli. 

Is It Possible To Make Relationships Better?

Yes, it is possible to develop a good relation just by using the astrology ways. But for that it is necessary that you should consult any experienced astrologer. By wearing proper gems stones and by using rituals it is possible to make our life better.
So don't worry about your relationships, if you are not satisfied with your any relationship then do contact for minute study of your horoscope from one of the best astrologer of India and to get the perfect solutions of your problems.

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Relationship determination as per planets in horoscope, Which planet represent which relation, how relationships are checked as per astrology?, Astrologer For relationship problems.


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