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What Is Pret Yoni | Impacts of Pret And Easy Solutions

What is Pret Yoni, How a soul enter in pret yoni, How pret are dangerous for people, how to get rid of pret dosha, horoscope and pret dosha, Best tips to over come from pret dosha.

No matter a person is a theist or atheist, no matter a person believe in ghosts or souls, there are different types of world for the souls in which souls enters after leaving the body. Pret yoni is a different world of souls who have left the bodies with lots and lots of desires in early age.
pret yoni meaning and solutions
What Is Pret Yoni 
It is not a superstitions to believe on souls. There are many people in my contacts who has seen ghosts even they have talked to them many times.

You might have heard many times that a person is suffering from ghost somewhere and now they are searching for good tantrik or ojha etc.

You might have seen during special occasions that some ladies start dancing in some horrifying manners. On talking to them we found that some one else is present in that body.

Now the main question is that what are pret?, how they form?

So as per my knowledge i just want to say that pret are the dissatisfied souls who left the body with many wishes in early age. This types of souls become pret and wander here and there in search of peace and to fulfill the desire. And also they have the power to enter in any specific body.
Generally as per astrology the person having "rakshas gan" can easily trapped by pret or ghosts.
So the main reason of becoming pret is having too much desires and to die in younger age.

Let's see what type of souls become Pret:

  • The person who die in early age with too many desires.
  • The souls who left the bodies in any accidents.
  • The souls who left the body during suicide attempts.
  • People who are murdered also become pret.

Are Pret Dangerous?

Yes, of course they are dangerous because they are unsatisfied, tortured souls and having lots of desires with them. They are  wandering to fulfill their wishes. In reality they need peace and for that they wanders here and there. So if any one come on the way they just try to capture the body or they make environment fearful.

What Type Of People Affected From Pret Dosha Easily?

  1. The people who has rakshas gan easily gets affected and these types of people also has ability to see the ghosts or pret.
  2. Persons with weak will power also suffers from pret.
  3. Those people who has grahan yoga in their kundli or horoscope or birth chart also suffers from pret dosha.
  4. There are some special totkays which are done for pret or ghosts, when general people come in that aura then also they may suffers from this problem.
  5. Negative places, cremation ground, graveyard, etc also are the places where a person gets in touch with pret. 
  6. Due to the curse given by saints, holy people, good people also souls enter in this pret yoni. 

Impact of Pret Dosha:

  • If a person is affected then abnormal behavior is found.
  • If a place is affected by any pret then that place become haunted and living in that place is not fruitful. Always an environment of fear is felt.
  • Business in any haunted place is also lead to loss.
  • Misfortune starts when a person enter in pret affected area.

What To Do To Protect Us From Pret?

  1. Always keep our self clean and pure.
  2. Always take bath when come from any negative places. 
  3. Don't torture any one or don't create problem in any one's life. 
  4. If the planetary powers are not good then it is good to wear kawach to protect our self. 
  5. If any one is suffering from pret dosha then proper rituals must be done in guidance of an experienced person, astrologer or scholar.

Easy Way To Free Any Pret From This Pret Yoni:

It is a work of virtue if we free any soul from pret yoni. For that i am providing some simple ways which if you perform timely then you can get blessings from the pret also.
  1. On no moon day do tarpan for the unsatisfied souls which are near by you.
  2. Read the geeta and leave the virtue for the welfare of dissatisfied souls near by.
  3. Chanting "Om Namah Shivay" mantra and to pray for the upliftment of pret will also give relief to the souls. 
  4. Always try to remain in good state means think positive, chant some spells, think for the welfare of every one. This will make your aura positive and automatically your presence will give peace to the dissatisfied souls too.
If there is a pret dosha in your kundli or horoscope and if you want proper remedies then do contact one of the best astrologer Astroshree.

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What is Pret Yoni, How a soul enter in pret yoni, How pret are dangerous for people, how to get rid of pret dosha, horoscope and pret dosha, Best tips to over come from pret dosha.


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