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Vastu And Black Magic Effects

Vastu And Black magic effects, what are the effects of negative energies on vastu, how a thriving business falls down suddenly?, how to protect business from black magic?, How to protect our home, industry, factory or business premises from black magic?, Ways To Protect Vastu From Black Magic or evil eye effects.

Many times i got mail from the big industrialists that their business growth has stagnated, some says that suddenly downfall started in spite of having sound resources and working efficiency, some says that unexpected happenings are going on in business premises, what to do?
Vastu And Black magic effects remedies
Vastu And Black Magic Effects

Actually when any negative incidents happens then it is very difficult to predict why it is happening, is it the effect of planetary changes or it is because of any negative energy or it is because of evil eye effect or because of any black magic done by any rival.

It is very unfortunate that people also uses the negative energies to defeat others and thus create an evil atmosphere around the competitor.

When any business or industry or factory affected by any negative energies that means that the vastu energy is getting disturbed over there.

You can feel this by observing carefully in the vastu or business premises:

I am providing you some symptoms if this is happening then there is a vary chance that your vastu is under the impact of any type of negative energies or evil energies or black magic.
  1. If you are finding bones in your business premises then it may be possible that some one has tried to dominate your business.
  2. Lemon is also used for doing negative totkay so if you are finding this then also beware of misshapen in your factory, industry or business premises.
  3. Rai aur any type of doll or polluted unidentified things if you find then it may be possible that you are going to trapped by any negativity.
  4. If the machinery is giving problem regularly then it may be possible that your vastu is affected by any evil energy.
  5. If accidents are happening regularly then also it may be possible that there is a black magic done on your business or vastu. 
  6. If the desired products are not forming from the production department in spite of having all the resources then also it may be possible that the vastu is in impact of any negative energy.
  7. If the sales has fall down suddenly and not booming then also it may be due to the impact of any negativity.
  8. If the clients are not responding properly in spite of having every thing good then also it may be possible that there problem in vastu energy.
Vastu is a place from where we perform our operations so it is very necessary to keep it safe and secure from any type of negativity. Now the question is that what to do to keep our vastu safe and secure, how to protect our vastu from evil energies or black magic?

Ways To Protect Vastu From Black Magic or evil eye effects:

If there is a disease then there is a medicine, and it is also said that it is better to take precautions to keep our vastu safe and to live life properly.
Here i am providing some tips to keep your vastu safe and secure-
  • Always perform utara with the lemon, rai, salt in your premises time to time. What is the best time of utara is decided after proper analysis which you can get by consulting experienced astrologer.
  • Install siddha yantra on entrance to prohibit negativity to enter in your premises. Which yantra is best is also depend upon circumstances, types of industry or business. You can consult to know about best yantra for you.
  • Install powerful kawach just under the main gate and other entrance of the business premises.
  • Time to time proper hawan will also maintain the energy in the vastu.
So there are various ways to protect the vastu from negative energies or black magic but the main thing is that we have to believe in occult sciences and take right step to enjoy this life smoothly.
If you think your vastu is affected badly by negative energies then do contact through email and send your complete details to get best and powerful remedies to increase your business.

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Vastu And Black magic effects, what are the effects of negative energies on vastu, how a thriving business falls down suddenly?, how to protect business from black magic?, How to protect our home, industry, factory or business premises from black magic?, Ways To Protect Vastu From Black Magic or evil eye effects.Vastu for health, vastu for wealth, vastu for success, vastu for money, vastu for smooth life.


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