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Habbits Which Creates Misfortunes

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Misfortune is not a general word, it is a curse which creates our life full of hazards. We generally fear from our misfortune. When misfortune period starts in our life then it makes our life like hell.Person is unable to sleep, person is unable to eat smoothly, person in unable to wander fearlessly, person is unable to enjoy any moments in life. In real means person see the hell in this physical world at the time of misfortune.

It is very unfortunate that we are our self responsible for every misfortune which we face in life. Whatever we sow we get, this is a fact. Here in this article I am going to clear some habits which makes our life problematic. I believe that if we take care of the following things then we will be able to make our life smooth at very level. 
misfortune and responsible habits and remedies
Habits Which Creates Misfortunes

Some Common Habits Which Creates Misfortune:

  1. Early to bed and early to rise is the key point to get a healthy and wealthy life. If you are not doing this then this may affect the life negatively.
  2. If any one try to exploit any one in terms of money, physically or mentally then be sure that the person is sowing seeds of misfortune.
  3. The habit of leaving the utensils after meal for hours is the main cause of generating negative energies in the house. So wash it soon after having the meal.
  4. Not giving honor to the elders, saints,siddhas also a cause of misfortune.
  5. Not respecting parents will sure create misfortune in life.
  6. Doing sexual activities on full moon night and no moon night must be avoided to stop misfortune.
  7. Misbehavior like abusing, fighting with life partner will sure make life hell. Gradually the prosperity will go down.
  8. Feeling of jealousy is a very important reason of life full of tension. So just try to be happy with the others growth to live a peaceful life.
  9. Not doing proper tarpan on Amavasya or no moon day will also create problem.
  10. Taking any action to harm other will definitely make your life hell because "Every Action Has An Equal And Opposite Reaction".

Some Vastu Arrangements Which Creates Misfortune:

  • If you are placing worshiping place in kitchen then this will create misfortune.
  • If you are not cleaning the house or office early and daily, this will create misfortune. 
  • Not adopting proper measures to stop the negative energies from the negative energies directions like as South, West etc. 
  • Not keeping the corners of vastu ok will also bring misfortune.
  • Not wearing clean cloths will also make you dull and poor.
  • Keeping the North To East area of plot higher than the other direction will definitely make the life problematic.

Some More Habits Which Creates Problems In Life:

  1. Not doing proper exercise daily will make you unhealthy. So do exercise daily for a healthy body and mind.
  2. If you are not using proper yoga exercise daily then also you are lacking some where so Use yoga also to boost up your internal power like pranayam, some asans etc.
  3. Not taking massage once in a week is also a problem as massage opens the channels which is necessary for the smooth flow of blood and other energies in body. So try to take massage on regular interval to get a healthy life. 
  4. Not going for change also create problems in life. It is good if once in a month you visit some where else for a picnic for a change.
  5. Stick with the routine life is a very dangerous thing. It dominate the creativity within. So sometimes it is better to live life beyond our routine life.
  6. Not having any aim in life also makes our life like a kite without thread. So be a ambitious person. It will make the life interesting. It will full the life with positive energies to do something special in life. 
  7. Always think for the well being of every one. 
So above i have cleared some important things which makes our present and future problematic. It is my belief that if we keep in mind the above things and take proper remedies to remove the hurdles then definitely we will be able to live a healthy, wealthy and energetic life.

There is a solution of every problem in astrology and occult sciences but it is very necessary to perform deep analysis of problem through astrology and other ways. So if you want any solutions through an astrologer then do contact without any hesitation. 

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Habits which creates fortune, behavior which are responsible for problematic present and future, reasons of malefic planets in horoscope, tips to make our future hurdle free, astrologer views for powerful and smooth life, Astrologer for the remedies of different types of health problems, astrologer for wealth problems, astrologer for social problems.


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