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How To Win Fear To Live A Rocking Life?

How to conquer fear to live a successful life?,  astrological reasons for fear, motivate yourself, tips to overcome fear.

Fear is the feeling of losing something just as one is afraid of losing one's social status, someone is afraid of losing one's beloved, someone does not want to lose one's dear things, someone does not want to lose wealth, opulence, some Don't want to lose friends etc.

How To Win Fear To Live A Rocking Life?
tips to To Win Fear To Live A Rocking Life?

The main thing is that fear is an emotion that makes a person a beggar. In this state of mind, the person is forced to live life with compromises, this also prevent the person from attaining his supreme, prevents life from living freely. This type of person starts living like a slave because of of his own ideology and fear, which is nothing less than a hell.

Fear is a curse that has the power to ruin a person's present and future. Therefore it is very important to end this destructive feeling.

If you want to live a successful life, then you have to come out of fear which is also preventing you from achieving the right things.

There is a saying - "Worry is equal to a pyre", so be careful if fear surrounds you.

Let's See How Phobia Arise In Our Mind:

  1. When an educated person does not get the desired job even after doing his best efforts, fear starts forming in his or her mind. Gradually, he starts losing his own knowledge.
  2. When a person is unable to find a desired life partner, fear begins to arise in the mind.
  3. When there is no growth in business, then the person starts thinking in the negative direction.
  4. Some people get terrorized when someone speak loudly in front of them.
  5. Some people get very scared when the power is cut off.
  6. A newly married bride is afraid of the new environment.
  7. Some individuals face problems facing every new person in life.
  8. Some are afraid to travel.
  9. Fear also arises when the boss targets Junior.
  10. Fear arises when no interview call comes even after much waiting.
  11. Some people suffer from such a disease that they think what will happen if people know and due to this fear, they leave meeting people.

So fear can arise in anyone's mind at any time. This fear has tremendous power to eliminate a person, it has the power to destroy life. If it is not handled at the right time, then it has the ability to destroy the whole life.

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Let us now know what are the results of fear:

  • Depression arises in the mind due to fear for a long time and this depression prevents the mind from thinking in positive direction.
  • Due to fear, a person tries to keep himself separate from the world and starts living a single life.
  • Due to fear, the person starts having terrible dreams.
  • Fear causes the person to enter the dark zone of failure.
  • The individual's life, working life, social life, all begin to be affected.
  • There are many types of mental diseases and physical problems due to fear problem.
  • A timid person loses everything before time and despite living he starts living a life like death, without enthusiasm, without thrill.
A person die before time due to terror and fear in mind, So it is necessary to understand the life and to live a bold life. 

Let us understand this with some examples:
  • Some people have sweet voice and sing alone, they are afraid to perform and when others perform, they keep thinking that I sing better.
  • Some people keep acting in private but are afraid to come to the stage, because they are afraid of the humiliation due to mistake.
  • Some people write very well, but they change the name so that if there is any dispute, the finger does not arise on them.
  • Someone love someone very much but afraid to to take initiative because he or she is afraid of denial.
  • Some people do not have confidence in their own qualities, they just spend their entire life in improving it.
  • Some people also hesitate to ask for a job, they think what will happen if the person in front refuses.
  • If we talk about today's digital age, then some people have very good skills, and if they launch their website or youtube channel, then there is a great chance of success but but they are afraid of what will happen if they fail.
  • Some people who are in jobs, they are afraid of taking additional responsibilities, they feel that they will not get anything by doing more work and this is where they miss.
So FEAR deprive a person to get success in personal life, love life and social life. The sooner one gets rid of it, the sooner it will enter the world of success.

Let us now know what can be the astrological reasons behind fear::

If we want to know the reasons through the astrology points of view then following may be the reasons of fear-
  1. If we want to know the reasons from astrological point of view then the following points are there –
  2. When Mahadasha or Antardasha of a bad planet is going on, then negative events happen to the person, then in that case the person starts to suffer from fear.
  3. It has also been seen that those people who have very strong Kalsarpa Yoga in their horoscope suffer from harassment and unnecessary fear.
  4. Due to Grahan yoga in the horoscope, one also has to face the problems of fear.
  5. If the position of the planets in the horoscope is very weak, the person goes through the problem of fear.
  6. Sometimes enemies use black magic, which also causes fear.
  7. Even if the lagna is weak in the horoscope, the person is afraid to take any bold decision in life.
Therefore astrological reasons of fear can be many, but the main thing is that we should treat it as soon as possible to avoid any major problems in life. Otherwise there is loss of health, wealth and peace.

Keep a few things in mind if you want to come out of fear:
  • First of all, love yourself, love your qualities, then the world will also give respect.
  • Failure is the ladder to success, every successful person has failed at some point.
  • The one on whom, world has laughed has created history, so regardless of the world, display your qualities with confidence and you will get your followers and fans.
  • The person who knows to convert the NO To YES can win the world and fulfill desires. So do not panic.
  • If you bow down at the right place, you will get blessings and strength, if you bow down to the wrong you will be exploited, So beware.

What To Do When Fear Arises In Mind:

  1. Try to find the reason of fear, if there is a physical reason, then discuss it with a knowledgeable person, friend, relative etc. and try to remove those reasons patiently. If the reason is not catching, you can also consult astrologer or psychiatrist.
  2. If the planet are creating fear, then there is no need to panic, you can do proper rituals or get it done by consulting astrologer.
  3. You can use the appropriate gems to strengthen your self-confidence according to your horoscope.
  4. You can also chant the appropriate spell/mantra to make yourself powerful.
  5. The use of self-hypnosis (special meditation process) to treat fear is also a very effective remedy.
  6. Keep in mind that there is no use to living life like a coward.
  7. Everyone has certain powers and when one becomes aware of powers, success starts to enter in life, so start recognizing your strengths.
  8. Take all steps to make yourself mentally and physically healthy.
  9. Remember one thing that no one knows you better than yourself, so introspect.
  10. There is a great power in you, know about it and include yourself in the category of successful people.
Remember nothing is impossible just take one step and you will be out. It is also said that "the best way to come out of any problem is to face that problem".

FinallyI will say a saying by Tulsidas ji - 
"Tulsi Bharose ram ke nirbhay hoke soy, ahohoni honi nahi, honi hai so hoy"

Meaning - trust that supreme power and keep growing, what is written will be there, so why to be afraid, Do your work freely and confidently.

Don't be a part of "MOB Mentality". Show your best performance and shine like a sun. 


How to win fear to live a successful life?, astrology reasons of fear, डर को कैसे जीते, self motivating quotes, tips to over come from fear.


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